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Another week, another big Microsoft announcement.

The tech behemoth has scheduled a press event for 3 p.m. ET on Monday featuring CEO Steve Ballmer. A media alert announcing the event was scant on details. However, the smart money is on an Office 15 announcement.
Another week, another big Microsoft announcement. The tech behemoth has scheduled a press event for 3 p.m. ET on Monday featuring CEO Steve Ballmer. The event will be live-streamed here. A me
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Office 15 is usual announcement. not cool, not sexy.
Office has been over-developed into becoming less practical to use since Office 2003.
Havent used ms office products in quite a while. Dont miss it.
Only important news Microsoft could release these days would be regarding Ballmer's resignation.
I don't see reason to be excited about yet another Office.
+Chad McCullough Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 and the coming Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Surface Tablet, and the coming new Xbox which gaming will be only a piece of the variety of functions it'll have. I am not imaginig stuff, I read stuff.
+Brian Anderson excel is really the best spread sheet out there, but other applications are not far behind as you think. Besides ONE app dosent make an office suite.
And for a less complex spreadsheet online solutions are more than enough, i use Google spreadsheet all the time now. and it has some nice advantages.
It be great to be invited and just start a boring chant like at a game. "boooooooooring....booooooooooring.....booooooooooring"
I'd love it if they announced Office 15 PC and Mac versions at once today.
Sid J
Ballmer grows hair back. Introduces Afro 2.0.1
Funny how Microsoft did more to advance personal computing than any other company, yet they're villified. Apple announces a new frangrance for the smell of feces, and they're called geniuses.
Microsoft did start making personal computers more accessible by allowing their software to go on any computer.  Alternatively, Apple only allowed their software to go on their own computers.  Apple almost went bankrupt with this plan and it was actually Microsoft that helped them out when they were in need.  Although, most recently Apple has been the one making mobile computing more accessible and giving a great platform for developers to share their software.  Both companies helping the market at different times.   
As a 6-8 hour/day user of Excel and someone who often uses GoogleDocs and Open Office Calc, I agree with +Brian Anderson  regarding Excel being by far the best.
Apple is an innovative company (knowing the difference between innovation and creativity is important). Apple takes some electronic appliances and makes it better in many ways, and then, other companies learn from it. That's what happened with the iPhone and the iPad. The problem with Apple is that it lets competitors catch-up and surpass them (Android phones are similar and better to iPhone functionalities and hardware in some cases). Apple TV will be the next example. I personally use a Mac because I just think its a better product, not because I am a Apple zombie retard, and I use android because I think it's a better product, not because I am a hater. Microsoft will build better products and will compete against new non-PC computing markets.
I actually like Microsoft products. Just a matter of what you like.
Well, let's be practical here.. no one can deny what Microsoft contributed to the computer industry.. no wonder that it dominates the PC market
+Grey Geek I agree with the comment that Microsoft products aren't necessary in this day and age, but I wish Ballmer would continue to provide leadership lest someone more capable take his place. The open-source world can thank Ballmer for everything he has NOT been able to do.
+Brian Anderson, wouldn't a proper DB (maybe with a nice front end app) be more appropriate to your use case? Is there anything other than inertia keeping you with VB/Excel?

(I'm not being snarky, I'm honestly curious about your situation.)
I recently read that #Apple generates more revenue with ONLY their #iPhone than #Microsoft does with ALL their products.  I think that's tell-tell sign of where things are going.  (I am NOT an iPhone or Mac user...just in case you're wondering)
BREAKING NEWS: Bill Gates returns and punches Steve Ballmer in the face on Live Stream for allowing the company to start declining with stupid ideas like Metro UI and for taking 4 years to release Windows Phone 7 despite having Windows Mobile 6 with lots of applications already out...) < Not Serious, if only ay?
I only care enough to laugh at microsoft and their dwindling marketshare.  I abhor apple but gladly comment on their stupidity daily.
Microsoft finds another Apple product to copy: The Airport Base Station. Now Introducing the Microsoft X-Air ! ^_^
Been using Ubuntu now for a while and can honestly say that 99% of the people I know use office could easily use any other package. Excel may be great. But frankly very few people use that capability. So when people upgrade and realise they can use google docs free I think Microsoft have a big problem.
+Brian Anderson I did read the post. Why would anyone care about what they have to announce? Everyone knows they will discontinue support for it prematurely.
Hmm.. I think we are being a lil too harsh here. True, Microsoft hasn't been as innovative in some areas (read:mobile) as we'd have liked it to be but there's just no taking credit away from Windows and Office. Windows remains "the best" OS out there and it just got better with Windows 8.. and Office suite, especially Excel, is indispensable... I've used Open Office which might be good for basics but can't hold a candle to the superb productivity of MS Office
The majority of work can be done in google docs. Which is why entire countries are switching to google docs
Majority, maybe yes... not all. Google docs still leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to power users.. excel macros, what-if analysis, advanced conditional formatting rules, embedding objects... just some of the things google spreadsheests is still to catch up with. Making a ppt on doc is a nightmare too... something as simple as positioning images on the slide can be a challenge...
I have 30 employees and we switched to google docs 2 years ago and we don't miss a thing. 30% of my companies business is moving orher companies to Gmail and google docs and removing office and outlook. I rarely hear a complaint but rather hear lots of praise due to cost savings and ease of use (just as people we switch from iOS to android experience).
Like I said.. for a lot of SMEs it would be ideal to use online solutions such as docs given the cost saving and basic features but one size doesnt fit all. I work with excel sheets that are hundreds of MBs in size.. need automated macros for number crunching and a single vlookup takes several minutes on excel even when running on multiple processors. I know a whole bunch of other data intensive industries that do similar and more complex analysis that would be next-to-impossible on google spreadsheets in its current form.
If office would disappear today, people would easily find workarounds.  Excel was not designed to be hundreds of megs for one sheet.  You should move that sheet into a database where it belongs then switch to Docs like every one else.  My company can do that for you ;) and you will wonder how you ever lived without Docs and how you became so dependent on proprietary windows crapware.
Really, unless you're using extremely advanced features like generating custom reports from a database, Google Docs is better for personal use. I can't even begin to count the number of over zealous parents buying Office for their kids just enrolling in college.
I agree.. solutions like google docs make complete sense for personal,
student and sme use!
+Brian Anderson So actually You are the one thatt is a complete and utter idiot and a troll. We all Noted it. I have been in IT for 25 years and run an IT company fixing the problems you noted of "600 pages of code" for an excel sheet.  Only a complete moron would use excel in such a manner.  I have unfortunately run into several such idiots and my company had to come in and fix it for them.  I even found people using Win98, dos, manual cash registers and some old proprietary DB2 database to run a multi-million dollar food chain.  Our company was brought in, updated them to Linux, MySQL, Linux POS systems in their 200 restaurants and the old VP of IT was fired as a result for putting their company at risk by using such outdated technology and for not using it for what it was intended.  You need to have someone come in like my company to get you away from Excel as you are not using it correctly nor are you using the right product for the job.  This is coming from a 25 year veteran of fixing problems from people like you who just make excuses of "that is just how it has to be done".  What pure bullshit.  Either you need to be fired or your IT department needs fired for being so ignorant.
+Brian Anderson I will bet you my job that a MySQL backend with a PHP/flex/Ajax front end will do everything you currently use your excel sheet for but it will be faster, easier and with the added bonus of backing up your old data.  Like I said, I do this for a living so I dare you to take me up on this bet.
Give me a chromebook and google apps anyday over apple and Microsoft. Don't get me wrong they are both great companies that must fall. Destructive creativity is always good for progress.
+Rodney Thomas Microsoft brought the vilification on themselves by being a bully and trying stifle competition such as the browser wars. (IE vs. Netscape.) They've done other shady things such making it harder for other softwafe to run if it competed with MS. (The early days of Google Docs and Chrome.)
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