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Goodbye, productivity.

Wolfenstein 3D is being released as a free in-browser game by Bethesda Software to mark the 20th anniversary of the game’s release.

Wolfenstein 3D is considered one of the earliest first-person shooters, and the game that made the genre popular on PC.
In honor of Wolfenstein 3D's 20th anniversary, the game will be released for free to play in browser today.
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Goodbye productivity indeed. Can I unsee this article?
Still better than most fps's out today
Wow this makes me feel old...what a classic though!
Wolfenstein was the game of my youth. I lost many nights to play! Very good game.
Played it for the first time in 1981 on an Apple ][ and loved it then and can't wait to play this one.
"Sorry, your IP address shows you are coming from a country that requires us to block access to this particular site." #Germany
And will lose many more nights sleep thanks to the new release!
I can't believe it's been 20 years already!
awesome tried it for a few minutes, brings back memories of high school
I had it on my iPhone, needless to say there was some serious battery draining going on. I used to stay up till 6am w/ my friend and play this on the PC in middle school. It created a FPS fetish that never stopped haunting me. lol
The forerunner of Doom. Fantastic news.
yahhh!!!! REALY here is our memories of our past that's why we can't ignore it
This means that soon we'll have our web browsers… doomed. Cool! I'm gonna start collecting plasma cells for my BFG9000.
It's weird; when I was a kid and play this in my old 486 pc I remember the graphics much more amazing than how look now. Guess my imagination then was more intense or something.
I worked for an id Software call center in college and gave unlock codes to this game well into 2002. Happy anniversary!
my first 3D game........ \m/
Wolfenstein 3D.... teaching a whole new generation to kill nazis and bleed from their eyes!
i love that game. one of my first games too!
Ahhhh...I remember this game (along with Quake) residing in a company's production server. We would play all the time without anyone's knowledge during working hours. Great help-desk years.
I hate this game Call Duty is so much better
20 years!!! OMG!!! I remember when it came out!!!
Castle Wolfenstien was the best early 3d game. I can recall getting it on a floppy with an old computer magazine. But first had to get a sound card and learn about the config file. What a pain getting the soundcard to work. It was worth it.
It was 20 years. OMG!!! This game was number one game in all arcade computer centers in Vietnam in early 90'
Thanks a lot, I just got yelled at by my boss for playing this all morning
Dan O
Doom was and is better!
I spent a good amount of time on this game when I was a teenager...
it would be nice to be integrated more fps in browser; such as Doom, Heretic, Quake
anyone remember carmaggedon!!
I used to be a boss at this game... After installing from I believe it was eight 3 1/2 floppies.
How much longer will it be before we see a browser-based Crysis?
yes!!!!! I'm not ashamed to say that I was an adult when this came out and we played it quite a bit :-)
+sefro jones mine was testing distance and accuracy of different paintball gun barrels. lol that was fun too.
Say goodbye to productivity.. your friends will point out that you have no life. You'll then reactively blurt out, "Mein Leiben!!!"
Is Phosphor still up? That ran in a browser, and is more modern than W3D. 
cool wish i had a PLAYSTATION to enjoy it on
Already blocked by the webfilter where I work...damn
This is awesome! Goodbye productivity is right!
this will def degrade my interest in doing anything remotely productive!! thank you Bethesda!!
Sorry, your IP address shows you are coming from a country that requires us to block access to this particular site.
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This is great! What a great game :)
Awesome game. The reason I joined the SS.
the last time i played was for the super ninetendo
Whole day at work down the drain. Set Productivity to ZERO!
It isn't the game that "sucks now". It's the new audience. Amazing games never cease to be amazing.
Oh no! I just managed to stop slamming into walls looking for secret passages a year ago. Please, not again.
Anyone remember the Apple II krack Castle Smurfenstein? It Copied Right 1981...
Hard to believe I was 10 playing this game. I still have my install floppies.
It seems that sounds are not from original game.
I have Dos Box installed on my Android so I can play this game
My productivity was already gone.
Not really able to work the game on my xoom.
I remember my dad playing this game for HOURS! and I use to sit and watch him I was like IDK 5-7 y/o at the time. I loved when he would run the walls looking for secret walls.
This posting just stole the last 3 hours of my life.
Oh man! Those controls were second nature when I was twelve. Now my hands and brain can't communicate without a mouse and strafe.
I give it 1 week and my work will block
Wow, that goes back a few years<G>
This game blew my mind. I cant wait to try and find time to waste playing it again!
It was the start of something amazing,

(wolfenstein 2009)
I remember upgrading to a trident video card just to play this game. And it was an ISA slot I believe.
Like i need any help with being nonproductive.
People still play this game? There are better games out there.
I remember playing this game non stop as a kid, had in on a diskette which I probably still have in the attic somewhere...
Well, I just spent the past 30 minutes playing this. Now I must force myself to finish this final. Argh.
Aah geeez, 20 years !! I feel old!
No headphones means no volume at work. And it's not worth it if I can't hear the sweet "AY" of death xD Gotta wait til I get home. Such memoriessssss! Thanks for sharing!
I remember having my German teacher translate the Nazis speech
please my sisters and brothers we need your prayer in nigeria especially in borno state 
20 years already, cant believe it. I loved this game as kid.
placed in bookmarks as important! goodbye productivity, welcome procastination
Used to love playing this on my mates 486 when I was a kid. I've got it on the iPhone but it's just not the same.
Happy birthday old friend
I'm just guessing it's a good game. I LOVE VGS!!!!!!!!!!
By the way that means video games
I wish I still had all of those level maps I drew in middle school. I'd be rolling in ammo & treasure right now. 
Used to play this on my 386sx. I think I still have the ASCII maps to all levels, including all of the hidden stuff.
This game used to make me ill from the swaying and refresh rate as a kid. LOVE to see it in a browser, and that fixed ;-)
Jim Law
Can we still use wold3d.exe -goobers??? :D
For those complaining about it not in Germany, its because there are Nazi symbols in in all of the place and a picture of Hitler. There are laws against Nazism in Germany and so this game and Doom 2 are still banned to this day (Doom 2 had a secret level that was a Wolfenstein level, again Nazi stuff)
I wasted a lot of time playing DOOM, Wolfenstien, Quake, etc. and now it looks like I may do so again. Yeah!
This game makes me nostalgia so hard for my childhood.
I miss those Shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom! they made shooters endless fun and not failing realistic crap like todays!
battle field 3 and call of duty is way much better
You're kidding. This stupid chain post moved to this thread? This is pathetic.
+Sabrina Smith, you are ridiculous and immensely gullible for copying that. Grow up.
Haha David Powell got his knickers in a twist
played Wolfenstien on original xbox it was hard but good probably pretty good on computer and it looks like the first DOOM dun dun dunnn.
That's true you will playing this game so fantastic 
This brings back memories. The days before Doom. The grand-daddy of all FPS games. And still brilliant.
Never played but looks like a classic if someone played it on an Apple II so I'll try it definitely!;)
Toni V
this will be interesting.... add me pplz daily music posting!!
Oh snap... And now I must get back to work before I get distracted!
The best thing I've heard in gaming today :) 
I was the first of my geek friends to have a stereo sound blaster card. Playing wolf3d and hearing the iron doors open left to right made everyone's mouth hang. Seems funny now but it was awesome then.

Played this game at 4am.. almost dead. I come around the wrong corner and the soldier yells out at you. Right then the newspaper boy hit the front door and I almost crapped my pants! Lol
I played this game so much when it was new. And I was an adult then! #old. #MeinLaben!
What an amazing game ... Excellent visualization 
I remember this game being released. Wow did work stop for the week.
Haha, everyone in my office was playing this today. 
First pc game I ever played ,probably in 99
한국어로보네주세요 잉그리쉬모름
I could never play this game for more than a few minutes without getting violently ill.
This game made me throw up 10 minutes into the game, but that MAD DOG at level 10 just had to be finished!!!
Increase procrastination level to full power!!!
I used to play this on a 386sx PC with I cannot remember how little RAM and a tiny HD. I had the disney sound player that plugged into one of the joystick ports. It also made me sick with the spinning around. On that old PC it ran slower than in the browser window - have we come a long long way!
Couldnt get this to load in chrome.
I played this game, in pentium 100mhz XD
I remember playing the original on an Apple Europlus and creating my own levels, memories.
yeah if he had the file sharing site I do he could have just downloaded it for free and then he would have money to eat...he looks starved...go check out my video on file sharing
Ok I was going to get some exercise but I think I'll just do this instead!
When I played it first time, I really got sick. I was not used to play something in fist person ;)
Still remember visiting a classmate and playing this game for the first time - Classic!!
i used to play it for long time ago
The game was great but it used to make me sick!!
Awesome! I have wasted so much time on this game...
OMG. Hell yes. I made my brother-in-law buy this on PSN just to teach him about real games... not that final fantasy crud but games that will truly devour your soul and ruin your life. Wolf 3d led to a long term FPS addiction that i refuse to give up.
When will Blake Stone be free to play? I still have .wad files for all of Doom, Heritic, and Hexen.
I got queezy playing this time around too. I think its a combination of the graphics rendering and obsolete movement controls that keep making me make erratic corrections. I can't for instance aim worth a damn and I play BF3 on PC all the time.
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