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At seven years old, Zora Ball is the youngest person to ever create a mobile game app, which was unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania's Bootstrap Expo last month.

This could be the beginning of a long career as a programmer and developer for Ball. But first she has to get through first grade!

How cool is this?!
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D Lemons
That picture isn't her. Interesting to say the least
With daddy's help obviously. 
Black girl creates game, use white girl in promotional shots. Post Racial Divide America.
Lol +Rodney Thomas
I wasn't interested in watching the video until your comment. And watching the video only convinces me that +Mashable wasn't really interested in the little girl's identity in the first place. They flashed it momentarily, and that's it, out! Don't blame America for this, though. This is only Mashable. They're probably the racists. I believe that the greater America has outlived most of its racial tendencies.
This is really good!  Hope a lot of kids start learning this skills...
This already makes me feel as dumb as my dad. 
Sandi D
wow that's awesome
Cnt blieve this! Hw is tht even possible! She failed Einstein
thts awesome..i wish im tht smart..btw good job girl
Girl with a boy
A kid would she be considered a dork/ a geek/a nerd something tells me her classmates might see her that way /if it is ive no doubt shell overcome it
Kids are almost infinitely more pure and raw creationwise than hardened close minded adults. A lot of people need to reboot their system so to speak ;) 
this day an age, her classmates might not think she's a dork.  She could say " I made an app".  They would know what she meant.
Who said ? " "Pay no attention to the children, They are too young to understand ! " Hmmm.
Amazing how smart our kids are today!!!
Yes she is awesome but never forget to be a kid and have fun!!  *>)
Such an awesome accomplishment for Zora!

Horribly disappointed in the pic chosen to go along with this post. 
Is her game so stupid that nobody will say the name? Like srsly what is it called
Amazing story makes me evaluate what the fuck I'm doing with my own life!
Holy smokes, that is absolutely outstanding.
Your never too young or to old to do anything ! Nothing is impossible only what you don't try...;)
So glad creativity in the start up years may be nourished.

Reading all this is absolutly ridiculous. That ppl r dobting this young child. She is amazing. My daughter I 6 yrs and I am amazed in how intelligent she is at 4 she could use my smart phone without even knowing how to read. And now she knows more about my phone then I do. Call me stupid but kids are amazing ... don't under estimate them. They r the futer. Lol...
I am 13 and does that mean that I am dumb??? I am just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Mckenzie Pharr she's super intelligent doesn't mean others are don't feel bad sweetheart:) 
Wow!!! So dat is soooo great dat a 7 yr old done something like dat she sounds like shes very smar.. but wht i didnt get is y he used another pic instead of her pic. Has a black woman that just set us bac 1000yrs has black ppl. Please put the 7 yr old gurl dat made the app put her picture up!!!
OMG that is so fricken awesome
Are we seeing a new "Alpha" emerge?
Now, I still don't get what exactly she has coded (is there a demo?), in which language, with what support?
In this age of time, does age matter?
He created the the Hello World app. Isn't that wonderful?
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