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How cool is this? An artist has developed a way to create clouds indoors by carefully regulating the space’s humidity, temperature and light. 

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Rob Go
Visible farts... awesome!
Lately I've been feeling as if I have one of these over my head most of the time . . .
Now this is a true merge of Art, Science, and Nature... love it!
can life be far away?

marfa: alone star
How cool would it be to have your crib decorated with a few clouds floating about.  Like something out of a sci-fi flick!
Great. So for us UK lot, it can rain indoors as well as outdoors.
i believe its real..thats the wonder of science
is that the set of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead?
Do you see any machinery for carefully regulating the space’s humidity, temperature and light in the photo? No. It's also kinda hard to regulate light from huge windows like the ones in the photo with out at the very least old fashion shades. 

oh now we can have rain at any time??....
it says he used a fog machine... so, how is this news? He's making fog machine emissions look like clouds by controlling the lighting. It's not as though he figured out how to manipulate the atmosphere indoors to create real clouds. 
did someone just unlock the smoke monster?
I guess in some way science can be considered art. 
Very cool, couldn't help noticing the image of a woman`s face on upper left side of cloud, beautiful.
Perhaps they learned some of this from the GSA building (that used to make cannons for WWI).  It was so big inside it had its own weather, even rain.  After the war, they converted it to a huge warehouse where US gov surplus is sold ( I used to buy things there) - much of it damaged by rain and bird crap - yes, it has wildlife in it too.
Why a cloud???  a rainbow would have been a kick ass effect...
If only we can create a renewable resources like water to make space exploration and colonization a real possibility/
V. T.
Money well spent!
Isn't the give away in that statement the word "artist" ? Not a scientist then? The word "Photoshop" comes to mind!
I Can See It Now: I Have A Cloud In My House, Then Leave To Go Somewhere. I Come Back, And There's A Freaking 9-Foot Tornado In My House, Fucking Shit Up.

I'll Pass.
For all of you who failed to read the article...he uses a FOG MACHINE to create the "clouds".  Nothing special...
Wow imagine this at the Eden project
this would be a good one for halloween.
When he creates precipitation and tornadoes.....I will be impressed.. 
Il Sus
So Good!! Lovely!!
If I were a millionaire I'd have this artist build a room that'd made clouds & even rain once a week.
I don't believe that is a real clouds hanging in the room.
Great image, is it me but they seems to be a strong light source coming from inside the cloud. If it is not good Photoshop, then light emitting indoor clouds are going to change the world!!
Finally Heavenly Clouds in a church. Right, too bad it's photoshopped. I worship Mercury outdoors. Although here without pews, you might get closer to god playing hoops.
Now it all needs is an indoor RC sailplane to really show its power!
ya just use photoshop lol heck in ten years we wont need actors thank god, nor will we need musicans anymore.....
Way badasss! Want a pic myself.
What if ure making a cup of coffee and get lightning struck
I did dat, dats amazing
Do clouds not cast shadows from the light source within? 
I would !love! to do this at home
That's awesome any methods to spread to the next person I wanna try that too lol
Very similar to the cloud of smoke I had in my place last night

Bg Bg

Very! cool but I wouldn't call it art. Science and some clever engineering maybe, but not art. :-/
Now if we could just find the Doritos
Pretty cool, but one of the Best inventions of the year? I hardly doubt that Time magazine.
Imma get me a pet cloud n name it
And.. next is hurricane in toilet... Cummon ppl... Grow up.. 
Can he make it rain in the shower?
who cares if he didnt create the clouds. lets see if youre smart enough to do what hes done
Hey vishal u know even how its done !!!
If u can't appreciate thn no need to comment upon..Grow up bro
From the article: " This intersection of science and art was recently named one of TIME magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year 2012.” "

I doubt highly that Time Magazine would give it an award if it were just Photoshopped pictures. It's amazing how many people aren't willing to even click the link before declaring their armchair opinions on the subject.
Wow that is soo doez it rilli rain,or doez those clouds move around the room??????????????jst wanna knw
Bring sum ladies ova n make it rain on em!
Black powder will make a cloud, too; but it's a mite hard on windows.
man...f am bein punk'd.dats a gud 1..dis ting is fake
Its not work of an artist but done by some chemist
I wonder if you feel head turbulance if you walk through it.
That's old foreal how you think they control the weather lol
I seem to remember that in the beginning of the space program when the vertical assembly building was built and before air conditioning was operational, it would cloud up inside and even rain.
Love it! but can he make it rain?
Cloud creation in action:
This is a fantastic representation of Hashem (God) mysterious, beyond our knowledge at present, beautiful, as the cloud can be beautiful it can also be destructive. To love one is to except the other! Barruk Hashem for creating such amazing clouds.
You mean my sky-lights will be useless...Augh!
How long will it last. If it can last for longer period, it can be a good idea for business in interior designing.
That explains that little black cloud hovering over my head. Time to turn down the humidity.
Does it rain in that room, also heaven for bid if lightning storms come
Next, a thunder storm and a little lightning bolt. 
this strikes me as a tentative first step towards weather control. totally awesome.
Sure it's nice, but how many gigs of data can I upload to it? :)
That is really great,can you come put one of those in my house.:-D
how did they do that? I cannot see any wires
oh no the church is haunted ha ha.......
Stop it. This can't be possible. This is awesome. 
too cool how about a thunder cloud in the bathroom?
Could be a new special effect method
Lol... This is sorta old news.
Still awesome though.
PhotoShop Master level achieved! <COD level up music> 
Sure. I am selling the sphinx too.
A room that creates weather. Wait till it rains and thunder!
i think clouds should remain in skies nt in the rooms
That is so cool! Probably one of the most creative things I've heard of!
That's amazing! To me it sort of looks like a clump of mashed potatoes, Mashable. LOL :)
"Uses a fog machine and lasts only minutes"
Me and my boys make clouds like that all the time. LOL
i can puff an bigger cloud than  that
Or he just used a fire extinguisher and ran out of the shot.
The article specifically says the artist uses a fog machine and that the clouds last only moments. As it is, I can create a momentary cloud in my house with my fog machine too. I don't see the art or the innovation. A little more information would have been helpful.
That's absolutely ashtonishing.
smoke effect a wind.. :D
Everybody has to do it sometime
whatever. An artist has developed a way to create clouds indoors by using photoshop.
One step towards controlling the weather..... Awesome yet a bit frightening.... 
In the smart world u can take anything from anywhere in the world put it together and make the effects look reel. But that's very good art +4.
This is just amazing!!!!!
Ok that is just cotton wool...and good photography...theres no science in that
Will it RAIN on my Parade though?
come one this is photoshop, but nice anyway.
It looked like it is modified using photoshop for artistic purposes only...i cant see the shadow on the floor...just imo
Lee E
Just turned the smoke machine on
I don't believe it's real, but I hope it is, can they make it rain?
what happens when that cloud turns dark and it starts to rain??
Prove it! Looks like photoshop
Very cool. Only GOD and his earthly creations are awesome people. Such as rainbows, stalagtites, caverns, volcanoes, waterfalls and such. 
Akon speaks yoruba in davido ft akon dami duro remix "e mi gan gan ni olowo".sengal speaks yoruba
What happens next you going to food your
For sure it can bring some health consequences, Creating natural alike elements with chemicals doesn't necessary have great results
iv done that before but on a smoller scale
This was one of Time mag's inventions of the year ( I think it was Time ) ... so, even though it looks like it's b.s.,it's not.  Very cool !
That is the coolest thing I have ever heard of!!! :-D
It would be even cooler if it were a little thunder cloud that followed you around lol but amazing none the less!
What utter rubbish. Clearly photoshopped as you can clearly see the sun shining through. A cloud wouldn't hold it's shape it would disperse straight away. 
haha a thundercloud??? u have a strange little mind...
Okay I had to go look it up.  It's just smoke.  It's not a real water vapor cloud as you may think when reading how humidity, temperature are closely controlled.  But it does appear to be "real" and not a photoshop.
is this areal cloud or it is a human -made cloud.
Just blowing smoke! ( or humid compressed hot air into a cold dry room)
wow, that's a fantastic piece of work!
The city of Phoenix needs to hire this guy, we need rain.
if only he could get it to rain on a single potted plant below :P
Wow, if I look close I can almost see all of my files in there!
Now, make a thunderstorm and harness the electric power.
wow ... just amazing ... pretty soon, they're going to create rain.
this now proves clouds can go though windows! ;)
Max Burns
When I was little, I always wanted to touch a cloud.  I never had flying dreams, but I did once dream that a little, tiny cloud was in our backyard, and I ran out to touch it.  I can't remember if I ever did in my dream, but maybe now I can in real life.
Nice and congratulations to however did this

damn people are sooo STUPID....LOL
Its just Wool lint people...fluffed wool lint and good photography to make it seem like a cloud. 
Very cool, thanks to whom ever took the time too make it.
X simply extraordinaire mahvelous cloud in a room wow.(:-)
Don't care how they did it, even if its trick pic. Very cool.
 clouds with a motor Denis Santachiara))
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