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Ahead of today’s iPhone 5 event, all eyes are on Apple, but Google thought it would be a good time to remind everyone that Android, on the whole, is still bigger than iOS.
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hhahaha quantity cant be compared with quality
It's a fair war! With all the bashing we hear from both side of the fence, it's good to keep in mind both ecosystems are very strong and obviously different.
You got that right. Apple is crap compared to Android!
And an overall better product.
what do you think iphone 5 will bring?
4 in screen
Improved 12MP camera with panorama and burst shot features
Expandable notifications
Improved aluminum back plate
Smaller dock on the bottom of the phone
Head phone jack on the bottom of the phone
Camera moved on top of the speaker grill instead of beside it
NFC capabilities
New A6 chip

and that's about it. If you notice, nothing in here tops the top Android phones out today. They'll always be playing catch up it seems. 
+Burhan Khawaja - Galaxy Nexus, GSIII, Transformer Pad (300, Prime & Infinity) and Nexus7 owners would strongly disagree with your statement regarding supposed lack of quality in android devices.
Oh wow another boring knows how to take money from hipsters.. Lol iphones should come with a scarf .. "think different" or the same for 20 years...silly apple fans
+Nathan Towers - Funny how opinions go.  That is actually one of my favorite features.  I loathe headphone jacks on the tops of devices.  :o)
+Burhan Khawaja : But 500 millions people can't be wrong. If there were 500 million Apple users what would say?

Usually, when something is successful it's because it's good. I don't know a lot of people who get into something when it is not good. If something is good: it sells.

We could argue days and night about how one OS is better than the  other, but this is useless: users are well served with both, it's 2 different experience for 2 different kind of users/customers.
I hate google, love apple and nokia.
Those 500 million users are foolish that they choosed google.
+Raghav Arora google hater talkin @ google+ ... that's funny ;)
+Raghav Arora aside from correcting your grammar ('chose' not 'choosed') I'd have to say your statement is only amplifying the clueless image iPhone users are displaying. Not saying that's who they ARE... but YOU being as vocal as you are will definitely end up representing them as such.
android = 100% more customizable 100% your own phone.

apple = you can have what steve jobs lets you. same stale OS. oooh but you get a bigger screen and one more core. and some dead guy sqeezing your balls from the grave.
I love that LTE is FINALLY coming out for the iPhone though it has been on most android devices for about two years.
Expected to be their patent squirrish design in expanded version
+Nathan Towers - In my case, when I'm using the headphones I like it that the cord trails away from the phone, as opposed to having it sticking above like an antenna and then curving downward.  In the car, it's not really an issue, since the screen can rotate and and since I connect via BT and USB, so the car's systems control most of what I do with the phone while driving anyway.
+Daniel Jay : It's because no one needed LTE before... Like no one needed facetime over 3G, no one needed turn-by-turn and no one needed pull-down notifications before iOS 5.

I'm just trolling!    ;)
Im not surprised, especially since 4.1 is coming out and alot of people are looking forward to it. Plus its really simple and doesnt require you to devote your life to it.
The competition between iOS and Android is really healthy. Its benefits us all.
I love Google and Android so much.
Wow!!!!! That is a lot army's.....keeping boycott apple.....
Android is the best. IOS gets a long time to get its position now, but android is fast and perfect in a short time.
fuck apple and android too
lol I use nokia black and white display phone
It's boost mobile for Cody, huh?
Now that the Windows / Mac thing has died down, another 'war' is here - Android vs iOS. That should keep the headlines going! 

I'm iOS / Apple all the way, I used to love Nokia phones until they lost it a few years back, and my Windows PC experience was awful. I'm not fussed that I can't customise my phone, I'm happy with what it does and I can just use my laptop without constantly defragging / scanning for viruses etc. Windows PC's might have got better, and the new Nokia's might be good - but it's too late as far as I'm concerned!
+Gabriel Walsh : well, those are good devices but i'm not against all the android devices, few are good enough but when they get ban, bcz they infringed apple's patents, thats not good thing, everyone should develop their own ideas - shouldn't copy other's ideas.
+Steve Rodrigue : who says majority is always right? i disagree, even i can be wrong, anyone can be wrong, so the majority... Majority dont wanna spend their money to buy an expensive gadget... Even in my country people prefer cheap devices which looks like apple's and android, they say that Chinese  companies are making a phone with same features then why we need to spend big amount to get the same feature but they forget that those features were stolen... When google+ was launched, facebook copied most of its ideas e.g subscription, favourite friends, acquaintance etc. Which made facebook stable and thats what we call cheating... The time that google spend on developing their new features, to look different from facebook, got wasted. Now talking about majority again, they dont wanna spend just 2 bucks on downloading an app, but they rather choose to a crack app.. That how our majority is hurting and discouraging so many developers for spending their days and nights on developing just one game? 
And lastly, look at htc samsung mobiles before 2007 and look at them, now, they have totally changed, isn't it because of Apple? where were their's so called ideas in 21st century?
It was a strategic move on Google's part, but it might not have been as effective as they wanted it to be. In all fairness, it's pretty hard for anything to compete with an Apple announcement event. Great for Google, though! 500 million is no easy feat.
+Burhan Khawaja : I understand your point and I never said Apple was not good, but denying the fact Android is also good is not fair. Sometime the underdog is better, but sometime the blockbuster is good too!

From what we see in the keynote, Apple does not innovate anymoe, the evolved. From a design standpoint thinner/lighter is great from a technical perspective, but from the user perspective: it's the same thing made thinner.

I would have liked to see something really new/fresh from Apple. Apple used to drive the market to the stratosphere, not true anymore.

At the moment, they start the EarPods presentation....
iPhones can have more attachments, like phone skins, protectors, etc, but android comes out with new phones all the time, so they are updated a lot. Fair war
+Steve Rodrigue : The main problem with android platform is that there are so many different devices... They keep changing theirs screen size, which is big worry for developers. Developers have to spend more time for making an app suitable for all screen size than the on standard size. I didn't like this idea, when i heard that apple is making it 4 inches. Now all the apps need to be revised and to perform better on big screen. This is the thing which i don't like. Apple have more apps on itunes than android bcz its was easy to create one app for 3.5in screen, but in Android, i even don't know how many screen sizes are available, I guess there are too many which is below standard. Now apple has taken a huge step for big display, which is good for people who wanted to see this change. But if they will keep changing their sizes on people's demand, then it will destroy their standards and quality level.. I don't hate android devices, i hate the way they allow different screen sizes, why don't they set a criteria for all the android phones that they should design their screens within recommended sizes..

BTW i like Google's and Motorola devices, but definitely hate HTC, that is a game spoiler for Android.

And i agree with you that apple isn't making new changes but i love one thing about them that they changed the smartphone industry.
I would argue that apple's aggressive defense of what they see as their original hardware styling and UI elements, is making them stand out, while at the same time ossifying them into a design language, leaving little room to  make changes or evolve without being challenged by the competition.  In a way, apple's hardware seems to be turning into the Porsche 911 of the tech world (from a styling POV that is) - great at what they do and readily recognizable, but unable to make any serious changes to it's design theme.  Cutting edge design today, can easily turn into tomorrow's old and stale looks.  By forcing everyone else to explore and patent their own design elements, apple might very well have backed itself into a styling corner from which it will have a hard time getting out of.
HTC One S makes iPhone 5 look crap
+Gabriel Walsh : After all that what you explained, they are still selling in millions, Can any android do such a daring thing? I dont think they can hardly sell half million devices, if they keep the same design and UI, But iPhone can !
+Burhan Khawaja - Lets see, the GSIII is expected to sell 20 million devices this year alone, and the Nexus 7 at least 7 million.  If you're going to troll try not saying stupid shit.
Android doesn't have WOW!! FACTOR.
Apple, nokia have it.
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