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After weeks of rumors, Google has finally launched its cloud-storage service, Drive.

Like Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive, the service syncs users’ offline files with an online storage space that can be accessed from anywhere.

The biggest difference? Google Drive is like the rest of them -- but with Google Docs functionality.

Will you make the switch?
After weeks of rumors, Google has finally launched its cloud-storage service Drive. Our verdict: it's Dropbox meets Google Docs.
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But for all the celebration there is something missing: a Linux client.
The good news is that Google have made Drive an open-platform, with third party developers free to add additional functionality.
Google say that today marks only the beginning of Drive, and that there are ‘many developments’ yet to come.
But they also jacked up the prices of storage. Earlier you could get 20GB for $5/yr/ Now they offer 25GB for $2.49/month. You're paying $25 extra now.
But doesn't Office Web Apps integrates with SkyDrive?
Wow, talk about being late to the party... and more of the same. Disappointing.
exactly +Hans de Munnik I'd switch if there were a Linux client. Somewhat surprising to release without one.
No thanks, I am quit happy with my Ubuntu One...
Well, I'll use Google Drive as a secondary cloud storage.
I'm sure I'll check it out, but I am already pretty set with Dropbox.
What's up with my "Google Drive" not being ready yet? Do you have to be a gmail ninja or something? I would of made the switch immediately, but I can't even get access?????
I'll still keep my Dropbox account. I just have zero reason to pay for upgraded storage now.
I installed it ... on my phone and laptop!
+Rick Manelius... like say a native Linux client for Google Sketchup? Yep I'm still waiting for that one to roll out. (Never had luck with wine)
wuala works under linux. I'm a devoted Linux Mint user :)
The "we can take anything up put up here and use it as we please" part in the TOS has made me think twice.
I tried it. It doesn't allow offline editing of G Doc formatted files, though it does of MS Office and other file formats. I'll stay with DropBox for now and download my G Docs into it for editing on the go. When it allows offline editing of G Docs, then I'll really be able to use it.
I've been using Google Docs for over, what?, a year. And I always considered an online file dump of sorts.
I've noticed on my phone that the Docs app icon no longer works, but the new Drive app Icon opens what the Docs app icon used to open.
I don't get why Google produces something like this that's, as others noted, 'a little late', without some kind of real innovation to sell it. Gmail had some great capabilities others didn't, Analytics was Free, this doesn't really stand out. It's just 'Me too'.
Another tech giant taking a step towards making the modern filesystem obsolete. Dropbox is great, but they have are a long ways taking over our hard drives.
As I see it (Googlephillia), having the option to use Google's cloud storage just ties in with using all their other products nicely. Integration suits me to a tee.
The killer feature is integration of the many services google has. You can't attach a file from drop box to a web based email, for example. They are building an awesome ecosystem.
Integration of Google services is a good thing. Would be very happy if I could drag and drop all my YouTube content into a Drive folder...
Talking about putting a big ribbon on an "old" product and charging almost three times as much for it! #notimpressed

Price comparison:

Probably has to pay off the extra advertisements and all. Really not happy with this unless they offer a super fast client that works everywhere.

Maybe they will finally fix the bugs in the storage counter: I have the 80GB plan but the counter never reached more than this:
"0.00% used (0 GB)"
Given how connected I am to Google these days, I will probably start using it (but keep my free dropbox account as well).
can anyone comment on the TOS?
What Tim (above) said. :) Will check it out... (thanks Google!).
+Robert Le Blah attaching docs to your email is history now that you can simply share from your docs / drive account?
I've got so much on Dropbox and I'm wondering how it will work on my portable devices. I'm thinking I probably won't switch...despite the fact that I'm a huge Google fan!
One thing Google Drive can really excel over other competitors is the search feature. Not just searchable PDFs and scanned books, but also search within documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Make this possible from within the mobile app, and this will be the killer feature for me.
Funny thing is I've been hooking up to Google Docs with Gladinet for quite a while now, so I've had "Google Drive" already. This just makes it a bit easier. Still not sure if I'll dump SugarSynch, though. It's client is much, much better.
What I wanna know is if Google Drive can give you a direct hot link to your files such as MP3's that way when you post them on websites like Facebook or Google + then a player will pop up so they can hear audio and music files directly from the site which you posted them.
I think I'll give it a shot...already use most of Google's services. But I'll still keep Dropbox as well, just in case.
+Alex Korshunov How did you get 20GB free storage in #dropbox ? Dropbox only offers 2GB space for free and Google's 5GB will be a plus and will make people think to switch. or just keep both :)
+Alex Korshunov +Shahid Vayani Not to forget Dropquest! Which was pretty fun (I cheated), then referrals (Just create a VirtualBox Machine and referer to a different e-mail, install it and repeat until capped) and Android Free Extra Space for Photo Upload.
Whats really irritating is that the web interface does not allow preview of mp3 files. Its strange because you can view videos but not mp3
I think this is attractive, cos, Google should be able to exist for a long time, then my files can be kept for free for a long time, too :)
Very nice.. can't wait to take it for a drive as well! :)
As Thomas said above, cannot wait to take this for a spin. The potential is great! Lets hope the interface is intuitive.
Anyone know: I'm grandfathered in to the $5/year for 20gb of Google Storage on Google Docs, Picassa etc. If I install (i.e. upgrade) the Google drive app and switch my current GDocs over to GDrive, does that also switch me over to the much more expensive $25/year GDrive plan? Can't find answers on the GD pages.. I think they make it vague hoping you accidentally "upgrade" as that changes your pricing plan -- kind of the way cell phone companies change your agreement when u upgrade phones. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
I already use docs a lot. This just adds more functionality for me and for free.
+Shad Khan Thanks for sharing that totally great referral link. Have you got the extra space yet? I signed up for lots of Dropbox accounts using it!
I already have a Google Drive and DropBox. Playing with GD to see how they differ.
+Harrison Harnisch You need to setup dropbox in your computer for me to receive extra space. Thanks a lot for signing up :)
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