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Hearing from a lot of people that Gmail is down. Ours is OK- is yours?
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Down for me in Cincy, OH
Yes...for Google Business Apps and for Gmail!
Working fine here. Not sure where here is. I'm in PHX, but where exactly is my Gmail?
Mine and my clients emails are all down...
Not good in that we are trying out Google Apps, too!
Mine opens fine here in Indonesia.
Up for least in Chrome. What browsers is everyone using? If you say IE, I will ignore your answer. ;-)
they must be adding some more #whitespace . It usually takes a bit longer here in Europe.
Working fine here. - Manila Phils.
Working perfect here at ZAGG HQ
in the same flat, same connection, my mum's down and mine works fine (G-mail, Calendar, G+...)
Down...Server Error Numeric Code: 93...whatever that means
I'm good (Poland)
Working for me, I'm in Toronto, Canada.
Down For Me doesn't work Gmail @From Morocco
Down here in Colombia "Temporary Error 500"
Chat inside of Google+ is showing unavailable, but Gmail is perfectly fine.
Been spotty but currently working. Noticing issues with Google talk some also.
Franz S
down for me :(
My personal one is working but my school one is down.
"We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes."

Ha Ha !! Gmail's down ... Temporary Error (500). Capacity planning needs to add some servers to the cloud? :-) That's so rare, thank you Google for the 9999999999899999999% uptime
Oh no, it's working now. That was a real roller coaster ride of emotions.
Nope. Down here in Arizona.Temporary Error (500). Looks like it's an American thing as Europe and Asia seems to be up and running.
working fine in India, Chandigarh
Andy F
Mines works NJ
we had staff report that 500 & 98 code error - domain gmail account
Spain here, working fine. However- and probably unrelated - mine got locked yesterday because of "Unusual Activity" … really annoying…
Working for me. Hungary, Budapest
rudy s
down for me
Maybe just a USA problem? Mine is still down.
My personal google apps account is down, work apps account and gmail account are up
In NYC Apps mail down for some users in the domain OK for others in same domain.
each country got separate tell your country whether safe or not!
Mine is ok from IMAP.
Heh, #gmail is trending. It's the only thing "up" about Gmail on this screen.
Okay in UK for me. But Docs has been down for over a week
Down for me on 4 Google Apps domains. Personal account is still accessible.
Working here in Australia.
Down in South San Francisco.
IMing with my wife - so working here. San Diego
OK ... one account is down one isn't.
Google is investigating now!
Mine is good to go. Using firefox on a PC with windows 7 in Chicagoland.
I got a new email just 5 minutes ago on my Android smartphone. I'm in Spain.
Google is calling it a "disruption," not an "outage." So far so good here...but I'm scared to sign out.
Still down..and also in the wrong time..ugghhhhhhh
Mine is working fine..
Works on both laptop and Android phone
i seriously hope it's nothing serious like hacked or something ..otherwise i will be screwed big time
Mine's been down for good part of the last hour... =(
This issue is affecting less than 2% of the Google Mail user base. The affected users are unable to access Google Mail. per Google Apps dashboard
Apps is down in Germany, my personal gmail is working fine
Every service like https and pop3 in windows and android for Gmail is fine and work(iran)
Not down. Not even for a minute.
The user who reported a problem is back on line. Google reporting partial resolution, with full restoration contemplated soon.
Welcome back Gmail for iPhone!! 😊
All is right with the world again. Gmail is back.
it was down for a little bit, just completely frozen... but it seems to be back up and running.
Eric B.
Mine is working fine. I never noticed any problems.
It's now working again here in San Francisco.
Mine has been fine all morning. Using Chrome from work in Houston - company runs internet through Dayton, OH.
It wasn't ok a few minutes ago. Now it's working. Malta (southern Europe)
Looks fine here. Maybe a little slow. Safari & Apple Mail, OS X Lion, southern Italy.
A third of our office was down, go figure.
Mine is fine! Good news for working through the night!
Mine was not functioning for around 10 minutes. Now it is good.
It's about time! It's been Years since I've seen it go down! Oh wait- mine's not down. For all you experienceing an outage, when was the last time it happened to you? And how does it compare to other email services? :)
Never happened to me, at least not yet!... :o)
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