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Every other week, it seems a new stat pops up, released to prove that social network X is more popular than social network Y. Whether it’s Facebook dominating the market, Google+ adding users fast, or newcomer Pinterest grabbing 11 million visits in one month, the battle of the social networks shows no sign of letting up. Many ask, “Who will be the ultimate winner?” But perhaps this is the wrong question.

The staying power of social networks — big and small — proves that there needn’t be a “best” social network, or even a “most popular.” Instead, there ought to be a bit more social networking diplomacy. While the public battle for “most liked” social network carries on, trends point to a far more satisfying outcome: diversity of choice.
People aren’t using just one social networking site — they are embracing a dozen. When it comes to making quality connections, more is better.
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Pinterest is just naahh for me
Plenty of room in this world for multiple social networks. Facebook, G+ and more.
I took the Pinterest elliptical orbit challenge. I put my email in for an invite, got it, started to use it, then figured out how toxic the T&C was and promptly undid everything and left the account barren and went right back to where I started, thinking it was a silly Tumblr hack.
I won't mind being the only one using just one social network. I don't and won't use any other like those bored kids who use them all.
Good. And why not. We're not going to one restaurant, only. even one is very good.
+Fábio Pereira I am a proud American. I ignore the EULA wrapper until I see something graphical and shiny and it catches my eye. ;)
I love diversity, my G+ feeds my Twitter which in turn feeds my FB.

I use Hootsuite most of the time to manage my Twitter and FB, and I use Android so G+ is integrated into my mainframe;-)

I like the direction Google is going,G+ isn't being handled as a social network only per se, but rather an integration of your online services coupled with social networking; so needless to say I'm really impressed!!
Nice Reference to the One Ring! "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." just swap "Ring" with "Network" More Choice = Better!
There is absolutely no reason there should be just one. Each one does something different and serves a different purpose in our lives. It's up to you to decide how and if you want to use them.
I'm starting to think that the idea of a single destination Social Network such as Facebook or Twitter or the like is not the future of Social Networking at all. I can't actually DO anything useful on Facebook or Twitter but I can do a whole lot of useful activities in Google's playground and to a lesser extent Apples.

This past weekend I was writing Documents using Google, learning Music Theory, Recording, Mastering on YouTube, writing emails and keeping my accounts organized as well as having a chat.

I know this reads like an obvious contradiction since I am using Google and I will concede that point with a caveat which is this, I don't FEEL like I am logged into anything I just work and fool around in this environment. When I log into Facebook I know at all times exactly where I am. With Google I have to remind myself that yes YouTube is Google, the Android OS running my phone is as well, Angry Birds in my Chrome Browser, and on and on.
I agree with +Robbie Good - each one serves a different purpose for me. And as for Pinterest being only for "chicks", I did read something somewhere that said in Europe, more men used it than women.
If Google+ IS a social network (definitions vary, as does usage), it's the only one I'm associated with. No interest in Facebook, Twitter, et al.
I would love to see more operability between them. We all have different email providers (actually we all have +Gmail ) but they work together. They each may have better features if you use them with users on the same network but basic functionality is available between them. As the web gets more social, social should get more open, like the web.
Rob Go
Regardless, it's still a funny comment. Pinterest is poop! There, I took it to the next level.
theres not social• theres groups • duhhh
So, Mashable now belongs to CNN? Tut.
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Awwe +Greg Rowson dude! am so sorry to hear that! she/hes a pug? how about take mine down and put yours up "( srry dude
I've checked Pinterest, but it failed to pin down my interest.... <moved on>. I've used Facebook, and it failed to sustained my interest.......<moved on>.
I'm only seeing this post on Google+ which has successfully captured my attention without even trying. To me, Google+ has almost pinned down my interest and eliminates the need to use the others.
G+ wins.....
Because of the layout, google+ gets my vote. It's a lot more neatly done. FB interface looks cluttered.
+Lion Fisile Are you a male by chance? If so, you are not the target audience [for Pintrest]. At least that's what I've noticed in my own anecdotal observations... So, don't feel bad :)
pretty sure facebook already does
I wish I could get certain friends to join me in the switch from FB to G+. It's a shame there isn't a better integration between the two for people with both. I get that FB wants page views on their own sites for ad $$ but it's annoying.
The same reason that there will never be one Sport to rule them all. People have different interests, talents and skillz.
why u stupid, never put your self down just look ahead and smile and u will be oky??
Rob Go
My mom is one heck of a social network.
I only have one question, when does it end? I'm on social network overload and just don't want to have to participate in every new "thing" that pops up. On the other hand I also don't want to miss out on an opportunity if I'm not on them either. It's a bit of a conundrum, don't you think?
Is it really better to have multiple--yes if they achieve different purposes and cater to different audiences. Ultimately though, I'd like to think that my desire to share my thoughts and experiences in life with the people I care about or the people that are interested in what I have to say should be consolidated onto one single all-encompassing platform. Why should I have to use a variety of platforms to accomplish basic sharing to, for the most part, the same group of people?
People can argue about which social network is the best one all they want... I'll be on Google+
Competition is always good. Gives all of us a choice to use in social network.
+Mashable if you can see the next core step of the web you can see and the next big innovation. But with a NOT opened-mind there will never be one.
I think too many in this thread are thinking about tech and not about "social networking". I think the usefulness of a service depends a lot on what the people in your life are using. I generally have accounts on social networks so that I can communicate with the important people in my life, if no one I care about uses a certain network it is not useful to me at all.
I agree with +Ross Hunter -- I personally like G+ but all my real friends are on FB so I have to spend time there too, interacting with them. On G+ I have lots of virtual chums but have not persuaded any FB'ers over yet
Each one has a little something different. Variety is good. Competition makes all of them keep improving.
Only use facebook and twitter because most others I interact with do. if/when g+ gains their same level of activity, I'll drop them like old socks. G+ is a vastly superior service.
I plays all the social network and it's like a JOB , but I ve got more girls than ever ... :$. Who doesn't like date & flirt with young hot chicks ?
Yeah variety is the spice of life. I use twitter to see reviews and peoples thoughts certain things, I use fb to see what my friends are yapping about, and I use g+ to entertain myself and actually interact with people online
I've always thought it was stupid to rank social networks against each other. They all do different things - why should they be.compared as if they're the same?
Hey so just a heads up,

K, so the other night I was bored and I saw this infomercial about this site called "Quibids", If you watch late night teletoon or TV tropolis you may have seen it. So anyways I decided to sign up and buy the intro 100 bids for 67 bucks or something like. After bidding on an item for quite a while I got a message saying :you can't bid on this item anymore, you've bidded the cost of the item." WHA??? two bids later someone won.... but the bids I invested are history. What a waste of my money. I contacted customer services and they said that they don't want us to pay more then the item, but you don't get the money back for the bids.... They just keep it. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.
Pat O
+amanda Glesby I could have told you it was a scam. Did you not think to research before spending your hard earned money?
Nice article - there will never be one social network to meet the needs of all. There will always be a place for niche social networks that cater to the special interests of individuals.
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