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Google+ will now offer profile pages that will include bigger photos and feature a chat list that puts friends front and center on your page.

Instead of static icons at the top, there’s now a ribbon of apps on the left. The ribbon allows users to drag apps up or down to create the order, hover over certain apps to reveal a set of quick actions and show or hide apps by moving them out of the section.

A dedicated Hangouts page has also been added to the site, so people can have quick access to public and On Air video chat hangouts.

For more information, check out the article on +Mashable:

What do you think of the redesign?
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It really does look quite nice in the videos. I am pretty happy with how it is now, but that LOOKS better. I hope function follows form....
Isn't available it seems in Chrome browser yet. Sigh....
Lots of white space on the right >>>>>
Kinda wasted
First impression: Meh... lots of wasted space
Was about to say the same as +Matthew Sammut , it is beautiful, and I'm very happy with it.... but... I feel like I'm constantly looking at the left side of the screen. There is nothing really happening on the right. These boxes could be stretched out more to make the main content area more prominent, it feels like column 2 of a 4 column layout, in which only 3 are really being used!
Hopefully they'll do something about the white space, but overall I love it.
They did an amazing work, it's so easy to use, and looks gorgeous!
Thank you +Google+ !
As many people commented above, there is a loooot of white space on the right.
I agree with +Dean Birkett , I think it looks great, clean and elegant. But the focus is obviously on the left side of the screen. I guess that's better than being too busy though!
+Vishwanath Thota Google is rolling it out slowly (as they do everything). Most likely everyone won't see this for a couple of days or more.....
brian m
This is great. Finally it will lose the Facebook look, the only truly annoying thing about +Google+ .

Now, just get a good multi-player drawing game here (as I suggested BEFORE Zinga bought DrawSomething) and I know I and others could persuade people to move from "the other" F word.
Sounds and seems good but hope the experience will be likewise
Just once, I would like a tech company to release a product demo video that isn't sound tracked by some folksy coffee table music last seen on a mobile network ad in 2005.
nice new layout but on a 27" iMac it's all squeezed on the left with a GIANT white dead zone between Trending and hangout and Chat.
G+ design team, would you please make the Share area larger ?
Me gustan lo cambios, aunque debo decir que quedé desubicada cuando vi todo tan diferente, me costo asimilar que seguia en Google+.
+Philippe Timothee I think that with time there will be some themes available like in Gmail for the smalles and bigger screens where white spaces are a bit larger. At least I hope so.
Looks like Google+ is jumping on Facebook's timeline bandwagon :P
bharat mai rango ka tyohar manaya jaata hai youtube par mere geet sune HOLI SHUBH HO
Love it! Although it's not showing up on all my pages so far...
I love it. I just deleted my facebook account. Google better not f'up this google+.
I like the new redesign, the only thing I hate is that contacts toolbar same as much like facebook.
Not bad. It's just the middle right hand side a little empty and I prefer the older "Circles" icon.
Light gray letters on a white background in post comments are a truly horrible idea, I find myself squinting all the time and I have 20/20 vision. Also I have to go through hoops to access and look at circles I'm most interested in.

I'd strongly suggest this redesign to be redesigned.
I like the new interface. It mimics the mobile in the way of easy circle switching. It's so much easier to manage feeds over facebook and now it's easier to switch views.
Love it. Almost mad I am working on a smaller scaled social network web site with the page selections on the sides fixed and a feed that only scrolls. I thought I would be the first to do it. lol. This design fits the theme of gmail which is good. the grey on grey is fine. Thank you for a new look instead of copying facebook.
Grey on grey and light grey on white is the worst idea ever. It goes against every ergonomic recommendation out there.
now I just need a little box with my gmail so I can reduce 2 tabs to one while browsing at work
Why do photos in portrait orientation have black bars on either side?
I don't really care for the lower density interface.
I am pretty excited for the new UI. From a designer and user experience perspective, I think Google+ has been far, far superior to Facebook. Obviously, though, there is a lot of catching up that G+ has to do but there is no rational reason that G+ can become more dominate in the social user marketplace
+Tim Anderson The only real catching up is in userbase. That's the only reason I'm not on here more is because 80% of my network is still on facebook :-(
New UI looks excellent from UX and design point of view
+Gururaja B Please find me a reference that says that light grey on white is an excellent idea from UX and design point of view.
I like the "wasted" white space as it gives the design a clean and focused look.

If you want to see what happens when your design philosophy is to minimize wasted space go look at facebook. Clutter clutter and more clutter.
The new layout is awesome. Very efficient design. People have been complaining though about the white space on the right. I just learned Vic Gundotra confirmed that the white space on widescreens is NOT for advertisement!! Google has plans for that, but is not giving any details yet!
For those complaining about empty space on the screen... maybe someone can write a chrome extension to place ads there so you can have a pleasingly balanced experience.
Dav Bob
dunno don't have it yet.........
I don't like it. It looks too much like facebook.
i love it! I have it... its an amazing way to share videos and photos and chat to family and friends
Much more to keep users interested. (And more like FB timeline, non?!)
The new G+ does not look like facebook in any shape, way, or form...I just compared the 2.
It has already been rolled out Quoc. Hope you will get your changed profile very soon. I am using my new one.
I hate it. There's less room for posts from people I want to read posts from. Instead I get suggestions of people I 'may know' (but don't) and trending topics a la Twitter.
Please don't try to be like Facebook or Twitter. I joined G+ because it was different and, I hoped, better.
I like the new design. Makes me feel like interacting.
Ficou muito boa esta nova reformulação.... A Google se superando novamente.....
You should give people the option to change. I can't see anything on the sides of the page now. Thanks.
lookin awesome :D
HAH! That's +Kina Grannis ! As soon as I heard the song, I disengaged from the video and just listened. So awesome!
loving it! specially couse I hated the previews design.
Very poor use of the space on the mid-right, especially when you scroll down...
I think it looks good; a bit different from Facebook.
i like i dont have facebook but this is good!??!
facebook is alright but its kind of fun but at first i didnt understand the purpose of it
Enrico did you find friends that you went to school with? And its kind of weird that you cant deativate your account.
Im impressed. Now they need to do something more for brands. I dont want our brands to be branded as G+ I want our brands to be branded as our brands..
The "new" Google+ is the old Facebook. That is all!
A new and improved look , a convincing update Google , keep up the good work . this is certainly better than facebook in terms of user friendliness
I like it. The white space on the right doesn't bother as much like it initially did.
Everyone is right here it's coool !!!
But the white space can be utilizised

These is just a suggestion

TRENDING ON GOOGLE+ , YOU MAY KNOW and YOU MIGHT LIKE can go to the top and the whit space can be utilized so user don't have scroll much :) :)
The white space at the right needs to be adjusted. I think the previous interface was much cooler than this.
I was able to change my screen resolution to 800x600 and all the whitespace went away... Issue resolved! :)
Worst. Redesign. Ever.
They need to change "cover photo" title and use something different.
I love it! Bought time they merged Google Contacts and Hangouts!
I got to agree... The whitespace is pointless.
please g+ please, put some adds in the white space!
dislike the overall design, it now looks really cramped, hate the white space and the chatbar reminds me of facebook :(
We really like it and love the all in one banner image. The new menu system certainly smack of expandability for future functionality, which can be no bad thing.
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