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RIM revealed that its share of the global smartphone market had dropped by half in the first quarter. As a result, sales were down a stunning 43% on the previous quarter — a loss per share of 28 cents.

How bad is that? Analysts, prepared by abstract warnings of bad news from CEO Thorston Heins, had been predicting dire outcomes, but few had gone higher than a 14 cent per share loss. The average was a 3-cent loss. (The company halted trading Wednesday afternoon, after shares had slid 18%.)
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everybody i know that had a BB bar one has got an android now.
This comes as no surpirse, I love my Blackberry but in comparison with other smart phones, Android or iPhone blackberry is boring, no where near the same amount of stuff available, plus service plans are expensive in comparison.
I agree +Howard Bloom I use my Blackberry for email mainly , no other handset comes close. Be nice to see more applications for it though.
I wonder if Google would like to buy RIM and keep it as a pet project....
How did investors NOT see this coming?  Do they all use Blackberries?  Have they never heard of Android? iPhone? :)
+Howard Bloom it's the same frustration I feel each time I try to make my washer act like my blender which it cannot do in total :/ To clean all the mess after that is the worst of all :@
 this could be a steal for zuckerberg and co to swoop in and buy for their fb phone
+Howard Bloom not sure what it is a bb can do that an android can't other than use bbm.  Feel free to elaborate though.
Can't wait until this happens to apple.  So many people will be rejoicing.
+Sean J Connolly I'm yet to understand what's so great about BB email that beats Android?
I do think that RIM lost it by stubbornly sticking with its fixed hw keyboard, when the world has moved on.
+Merle Reine are you kidding me? the world as we know would cease to exist because who will be left to INNOVATE? and come up w/ inventions like the PHONE or a TABLET or even better slide to unlock.  I dont know about you but I dont want to world to end so we need Apple to be around...just maybe a bit more humble
+Howard Bloom should have gone for One X or even Galaxy Nexus, which will net you a Jelly Bean in a month or so.
It's the beginning of the END of Blackberrys. RIP RIM. You were innovative once upon a time - but every dog has it's day.
I've personally stopped using BB, I used to stand up for them religiously but things went terribly down hill when they started to diverge from their market into the iphone / android market. The new OS7 phones were appalling in their build quality and stability. I sent 3 broken ones back within days of getting them and with a less than 3 hour battery life I was always hunting for the next power socket...hardly to be considered a mobile device. My old Storm2 is still going strong, as is my Torch 9800, but the 9860 was shockingly bad and is with a repair company yet again now. I guess they've been cost cutting... A friend of mine convinced me to try Android much against my will and I've had to make a few compromises (you could argue changes) to how I use my phone but it's a lot more versatile and I don't think I could go back. I really do miss BBM though, nothing beats that... 
Sad stuff...  Certainly, it's RIM's former management's fault for not targeting the consumer market as well as the secure business market when the smartphone explosion began.  Now that the new management finally understands this crucial strategy, the wheels look like they're coming off too soon for the latter to save the company.  Sucks, too, since I'm a huge fan of their secure data model - STILL unmatched - but just not sexy enough to compete.  

The chances of them recovering from this blow are slim to none.  Most likely, what remains is simply watching where the dominoes fall and whom, if anyone, is interested in the secure model.  It's doubtful that anyone is, since most consumers are clueless - and Apple, Google and Facebook know this all too well.

What I look for is an eventual fire sale for patents that will sail (sale) off into oblivion...  <sniff>
+Duan Dao Doh!  I forgot that apple invented the internet, created the universe and designed God.  What was I thinking!  Regardless, the world will be better off without them.
+Howard Bloom  I prefer the email on ICS, I opted for the Galaxy S3 and set up all my emails to go through the Gmail Client with labels for each 'inbox' and it works really well for me, it's pretty much the same format as my Blackberry inbox was except it 'looks pretty'. The thing with Android is there are a variety of different makes you can choose from, therefore just because a HTC model bricks itself it doesn't mean a Samsung model will, this variety is what makes the Android phones so good, you can have what you want! Also, I said to my friend +Adrian Chapmanlaw  I want my phone to do x, just like my Blackberry did - he said, ok, do this... So far there hasn't been a 'no, you can't do that' reply to my questioning - how many other operating systems give you the option to do things your way? I urge you to look into the tweaks and different apps that are around, there's something for everyone... I was once cynical about Android, but no more...
+Howard Bloom I have had every make of phone under the sun and none compare to Android.  Android has the best messaging of any phone.  Please explain your "unify messaging" comment.  Android blows away BB, Iphone, etc in just about every way imaginable especially messaging.
+Howard Bloom That is exactly what I do on my S3 (and did do on my Torch) - perhaps Samsung's Touchwiz interface has enabled this over stock Android? I miss the keyboard, but on my Torch 9860 there was no keyboard anyway. The S3 has a nice haptic feedback option with makes the keyboard feel more like a refined version of the Storm keyboard (this can be turned on or off). So I feel all of your concerns are covered by what is to offer in Android, albeit maybe something to do with the Touchwiz enhancements (I don't know this for sure). I'm not saying you are right or wrong, these are only opinions we are debating here so there can be no one of us can be categorically  'correct'.
+Howard Bloom I email and message people while talking to them or others all the time. I also use Swype technology to text and blog, and I just use my right thumb to do it.

*Edit: Motorola Atrix II on Gingerbread.
+Amy Morales Ditto on the swype tech, it's really good and gets better the more you use it...
+Trev Burley Isn't it great? I had a Samsung Captivate before, so I can pretty much Swype without looking. Love it! Though with #JellyBean  released, I'd like to upgrade. :D
+Howard Bloom would you then care to explain the mass exodus your beloved BlackBerry is facing?

Also if you try make a horse act like a donkey... it ain't happening bro...
+Amy Morales It's a lot quicker (with practice) than normal typing and Jellybean looks promising, just as Android gets good, it goes and gets better
Put a fork in it. They're through. I don't have anything against RIM, but by this time next year, they will be OOB or they will have completely reinvented themselves. I'm guessing OOB.
+Amy Morales +Trev Burley Swype is the greatest of all... you don't even have to look at the screen and can type with one hand... the prediction feature in the latest Swype is promising too...
tony d
Bb is done.
May be they should come out with a android phone?
Consumer handsets are dead. Enterprise is still killing it. They stuck behind BES and the world is still behind them. Read the REAL numbers.
+Howard Bloom An android can do all things you describe and then some.  Sorry by Swyping is faster than typing with two thumbs.
+Howard Bloom well I can text, email, call all my contacts from one app and it is a system app call Contacts. As for bricking your HTC I have a feeling it was committing suicide due to the pressure to be an inferior phone such as a BB. RIM has a future in the door stop market.
That's what you get for releasing the storm and storm 2, karma came back to bite you in the ass.
Actually a month or so ago bb reportedly put the idea to windows ( Microsoft) and Samsung. They both refused.
tony d
Bb has to come out with something real good before it is too late. Bb has a "strong" presence in the international market like Nextel. Bb has a chance to survive but they need react now...i mean...yesterday.
There is only room for 3 Eco systems..
+Mark Jonel Corpuz 3 app Eco, android, and Microsoft . No one cares about BB.. It's too late for them.
Blackberry sucks old pda did more Rooted Android now.
BlackBerry just can't hang with Android or IOS anymore!
+Howard Bloom what you describe for unified messaging is indeed possible on just about every Android UI. Tap the person's profile pic from the call and you have options to send Email, SMS, Google Talk, etc. Or when at a home screen hold down your search button and tell your phone to send a text or email to anyone in your address book with the text content. You can use the same voice search to call local places that aren't even in your address book. The adoption problem with BB users to Android along with non techie people is they don't know how much their phone can do so they think it's limited when it's that their knowledge on how to is limited. Not hating, just saying this is common.
Whether you like BB or not (my sister loves 'em), the keyboard is what killed them. They were so in love with their damn keyboard (which actually is pretty awesome), that's all they could think to pitch. Even when they announced they came out with a touch screen model, they did nothing to let people know what else was great about it. Everyone by that time already had touch screens. Since then every year for the past 5 years or so (including very recently) all they ever have to say is "our keyboards can type out emails way faster than any touchscreen!"

Whether this is tue or not, it shouldn't have taken so long to hear potential customers saying "yeah, yeah. That's great. What else ya got?" if there was anything else, BB certainly didn't let any of us know.
+Howard Bloom you've explained more interesting things about the BB in this thread than the company itself has to the public. There are people out there like yourself that love the product. If you rely on that group to sell their product for you, this is what happens. I had a BB for a whole BB for a while because my sister recommended it. BB seems unable to do that themselves.
What does BB offer that other OSs/platforms don't offer? In my opinion BB failed to capitalize/reposition their brand. They kept on focusing a niche market that became crowded with the advent of iPhone and Samsung galaxies.
tony d
The stores are also responsible for selling devices that they want to promote. Verizon is promoting Galaxy phones because they compatible with their LTE network. Verizon spent million of dollars and they are going to make sure their customers are using it.

When I got my iphone at Sprint, Sprint offered me an Android phone first and the iphone next. Nextel and Windows phones were shown to me after asking for a 3rd option. But they mentioned to me that they were not the best.

There is room for Bb but they have to show something unique id they want to have a real chance to survive.
tony d
They can get a new job with the competition.
I don't understand why RIM couldn't go with the flow? Take Android, develop phone with keyboard around Android OS and offer BBM app on Google Play for those who want it. Users can do business and have fun too.

They could've called it Blackdroid, Andberry or Blackberdroid.
Had a BB before I got my Droid-- Droid is way faster w/none of the hassles I had w/the BB. RIM's going down & has been for quite some time!
tony d
How difficult would it be to write apps for the new Bb OS? It is all about the apps now.
BB was never a product for standard consumers, lets clarify that before I continue my tirade. Ask anyone that has managed thousands of phones for large enterprises, "which platform is the easiest to manage?" Android - maybe 20 offshoots of different versions and limitations, needs third party software to manage many devices. IOS - All iphones act the same, but, you need third party products to manage them and these systems are add-ons to the OS itself and can be defeated. BB - Many different styles, screen sizes and physical keyboards for those that still like them, easily managed via policy, easily bricked if lost or stolen and a perpetual VPN connection to the office. These features and many more are built into every BB right out of the box. Any of these devices are capable of these features now, but, dont forget what BB did for our phone generation. They will get bought for their infrastructure and patents and I simply hope that it is Google or Microsoft and not the children at FB. Enterprise level devices are still needed in an enterprise environment, simple as that. +Tierre Nash BB is not meant to be an Android device, a dump truck is not a Mustang GT with a sound system and an in-dash DVD player. I have also never had a BB try to rape or otherwise suck on my anus :). +Manny Ameng BB does not need an eco system or Apps other than what is pre-loaded. If you want a toy get an Iphone or Android device. +Kenneth Bishop An android can simply not do all the things a BB can. Where is the policy management, remote destruction, auditing, device lock, hardware level device encryption, message encryption through a NOC (that even countries have issues hacking) and an always active private tunnel to your company network. Active sync and versions of SE-Android are coming along, but are not there yet. Personally, I love android and own several models, but I still use my two day battery life Blackberry for work. With all that said, yes, RIM messed up and they are doomed.     
On a serious note I said this a long time ago as I knew BB were slowly going down hill due to stiff competition from Android and iOS but they should of slowly switched over to Android
Blackberry ten may not save rim but i am still looking forward to seeing it.
The final nail in the coffin?
tony d
Bb should offer a Bb suit app for androids, iphones and windows phones featuring all the technology that Bb has to offer...this way bb can stay in business but Bb would have to stop producing their own hardwarw. Bb would become something like Atari or Sega which are still in business with positive numbers.
+Howard Bloom what you are describing can be done with software and hardware if there was a need for it. Long time ago there was a need for horse carriages, floppy disks and modems, then people moved on.

If BB wanted be relevant they should've gotten off their high horse and did something. Instead they are offering outdated product that many people do not want in its current form.

You either progress or stay behind.
Blackberry needs to produce a product that people want.
They are so wrapped up in selling to the business world, but there are millions that want business and entertainment in one place.
They are collapsing because they are not inventing anything.
+Howard Bloom let's not talk about who shaped what or we can start thanking caveman for carving a rectangle out of rock and thus creating a phone and tablet form factor.
Blackberry is a great company but there phones are getting outdated they need to bring a new launch of phones and maybe consider a blackberry on android os because android as a bigger audience and android phones and iPhones are cooler
This is what happens when you're constantly releasing the same phone over and over. I mean someone was bound to notice.
Same phone over and over?  I know of another company losing mobile market share that has been doing that...
Bb is booming in Nigeria.
Google should buy them and create a enterprise ready Android phone.
BB In my line of work only mean working from home. Im pretty sure that my iPhone will never be traded in. I can't understand why BB hasn't made the necessary changes to sustain the RIM Ecosystem. Security can only carry you for so long before the band wagon is robbed and burned to a crisp.

Expand the UI, OS, & App Store capabilities. Also, the hardware as of late is subpar at best. They need their own SJ to swoop in and save them. 
Maybe Apple should buy them and integrate the security tech into iOS. Just a thought. 
Torontoians LOVE blackberry. 
The Blackberry days are getting blacker and blacker. No way RIM comes back to life. They're dead. Rightfully so.
I think Google should buy RIM and Nokia and run android on it, they can still have the features of BB (minus the BIS) & NOKIA just like HTC with sense and Samsung with touch wizard...
Man,this is getting ugly. What's Hollywood going to do without its Blackberry fix?
Blackberry is the most useless phone on earth, tried it for 3months, no apps, bad OS, rebooting all the time. I'm back to Android now with my HTC One X. You can see a difference from sky to earth, I can feel now what's a smartphone. Blackberry is a shame for smartphones industry.
This is the end of a unusual phone but who wants a blackerry. You pay £150-$230-€200 for a phone that cant do as much things than on an android or a iphone
Its good RIM now knows what we all currently know they are going out of business.
who gonna take over RIM ?  it's really a bargain for this Tech Corp.
The turning point for me was after the London riots in the UK the Blackberry network became as good as useless. You could send a BBM and the recipient would not get it sometimes for hours. This was even with both phones on full signal... The internet operations on the phone became painfully slow and I ended up just giving up on them 6+ months after this all started happening. It wasn't a local network issue either, I travel a lot and it happened everywhere...
They have to change their of thinking the mobiles devices. The physical keyboard are doomed since 2007 when Jobs presented the multitouch keyboard, the world has change.
They'll loose more if they still make shitty devices.
tony d
Blockbuster, Kodak, RIM...they are all in the same boat.
I have a feeling that Nokia are the one's to watch out for... With windows 8, the xbox 720 and windows mobile all being integrated into the same system they have a very strong strategy which will get into our homes and eventually become 'familiar'. I'm no Windows fan, just think that they are carefully planning world domination in the background and using their current footholds to facilitate that.
No surprise at all, however BB still has a very strong hold in the business world.
+Howard Bloom you shouldn't try to use androids as a BlackBerry cause they are made different. And android is supported by Google where everything is in sync all the time.
I wouldn't try to compete against Apple for at least the next 5 years.  RIM (and every other would-be competitor) should save their money, bide their time and try to stage a coup once Apple gets complacent...which they have not.
+Ameer Gittens The issue with Apple products is how they refuse to let the user 'use' the device they've paid good money for. If Apple don't want you to do it, then you can't - I already have a nanny, I don't need one in my pocket too. Essential things like sending files to other non-Apple phones by Bluetooth and even Adobe Flash are missing to name a few. In Steve Job's auto-biography he admits he left Flash out to piss off Adobe since they refused to port Photoshop over to Mac in the early days. Their products are all about forcing you to buy their other products. My Blackberry and Android phones play fairly with everything. To me that shouts out loud and clear that the company is already complacent...
I remember when Blackberrys were Monochrome. Thanks for the memories RIM, but you didn't grow with the technology trend. RIM will be like "bag phones" , a distant memory real soon.
Better yet sell your company to Google before it's too late!
BB did need to wake up with the rising sun and the rays all over the world. I would love to see BB coming back.
+Deepak Kamani I agree, but without some serious re-inventing of the company and it's products, I fear they are doomed to be consigned to the history books.
I have a place in life for both I use BB for what it does best as you mentioned and Android for the other I just really would like bb to have a bigger screen!!!
I have a bb bold 9700 I upgraded for the 9810 and went back to the 9700 lol maybe I'm just not that impressed or something maybe I should of given it time to grow on me...
I feel really bad but I'm really feeling the Android and they keep expanding so many apps are simpler and faster I hardly use my BB ...
So right Apple treats you like they gave you something for free!!
When is the 'FireSale'?  ..."RIM:  Everything Must Go"!!!
Didn't they have a lot of downtime problems or something a couple of years back that really hurt their reputation?
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