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“We’re trying to build a base of expertise how to help campaigns win online,” says Charles Scrase, who works with elections, campaigns and non-profits that use Google platforms.

“Google’s goal is to make the web work for all political campaigns. What we’re attempting to do is take the insights of presidential and congressional campaigns and get them to folks up and down across the ballot and get those tools in the hands of everyone.”
Google has a new site, "Four Screens to Victory," aiming to show political campaigns how Google products can help win elections.
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C-Span tried that. With Fox covering the eyes and ears of the wastoids, this project has its work cut out.
Comments like those by the clown above, not an insult his profile pic is a clown so he must be one, anyway with those kinds of comments you certainly do have your work cut out for you. Best of success especially if you truly intend to make your services available to ALL political campaigns.
but i really hate corrupt politicians
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