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The #FBI has released a 191-page background check on late #Apple co-founder Steve Jobs that was done in 1991, when Jobs was considered for a post in the George H.W. Bush administration.

Two interesting tidbits:

“Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs’s honesty, stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality to achieve his goals. They also stated that Mr. Jobs was not supportive of [the mother of his child born out of wedlock.]”

“[Blank] characterized Mr. Jobs as a deceptive individual who is not completely forthright and honest.”

The FBI has released a background report from 1991, when Jobs was being considered for a position in George H.W. Bush's administration.
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WOW! I wonder if they did checks like that for all the RIAA Copyright Trolls that Obama hired onto the Department of Justice? Sued 9 year oild kids, Grandmas with no internet or computer, etc. PS: I <3 +Mashable
Regardless of anyone's opinion of Steve Jobs, I feel like reports like this being published are in poor taste. I am not calling out +Mashable, as they are doing a service in reporting what has happened. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel like the FBI should've held onto it until the normal expiration of things under the Freedom for Information Act.

Am I way off base thinking this way?
flamewar in 3,2,1........
What was the impetus in releasing this?
And the FBI won't "twist the truth and distort reality to achieve ... goals"? Just like the FBI isn't "deceptive..." and "completely forthright and honest."
Looking at the report, his SSN is on it too, clearly visible. Sure, there are limits to what it enables you to do since he has passed, but really FBI? really?

Someone wasn't thinking.
Now days, you can't seem to scratch your butt without someone finding it to have, market appeal. Here comes the di$tortion.
Could anyone be the subject of a 191 page background report and not look bad? I expect you could find dirt on Mother Theresa if you looked hard enough.
Sounds like Jobs.

+Andrew Eva Or you aren't. Dude, it's Steve Jobs. If you wanted to abuse his SSN, you'd need to find at least one person in the world who didn't know he was dead. Good luck.
who is steve jobs ? is that a new meme ?
We needed the FBI to figure that out?
Can't we just let people rest in peace these days?
+DJ Nikadeemas It's refreshing we finally get some honesty about him in the media, instead of everyone referring to him as the second coming.
And the Chinese Government conspiracy continues. I better get me an iPad before they screw apple off the globe.
True, though I think they should have published this while he's living not now.
I would wanna see the look on his face. But you know what? May be you're holding the report the wrong way ;-P
Very surprising to read since everything written about Jobs after he passed has been portraying him as a saint.
Its hard to believe that they would even consider high school and college drug use an issue. I guess they need to know though so that someone can't hold that against him or blackmail him or whatever. I guess they just want to know anything and everything. I think its fairly obvious to anyone that he believed every word he said. I think that's the essence of a deceptive or manipulative person... they can put any thought in to their head and convince themselves that they are right, and therefor sell it as the truth no matter how little evidence supports it. Nearly every successful person I've met (no one nearly as successful as Steve of course) has that same ability on some level. They convince themselves first, and convincing others comes naturally.
Saint of what? Being a prick to generally anybody close to him? I will say one thing, he would have made a hell of a politician!
With or without that FBI report, i still love Steve Jobs and the innovations he made. They made life easier and they gave benefit to the users. Yeah, i am that Steve Jobs fan girl ;-) 
This would be interesting to read.
And this is where I tell the FBI: No shit, Sherlock.
Jobs was tossed from Apple originally, started NeXT, ran Pixar.
Apple licenced ROM's. Jobs returned, yanked the ROM licences. That is when I became an Apple expatriate...proprietary, limited options and very expensive. Once Apple owned the best UI on it's simply another one.
From the background check looks v. suitable for George H.W. Bush administration.
Not at all.
This was after all the same man who was kicked out of companies - large companies do not kick employees or founders out for no reason.
This was also the same man who rehashed an mp3 player - put an i in front of it and then declared himself the messiah of technology.
Well - I wouldn't be surprised. At all.
I am not interested in his private life but admire him for his innovation. I think he is the one who put internet in our pocket.RIP Steve.
Wait, what? Put internet in your pocket?!
This is what I hate about Apple and Steve fanboys.
He did nothing in the world of technology. Nothing.
Sounds like the perfect guy to be working with government. Who do you expect them to hire? Someone honest?
Not surprised at all. It is public knowledge, described and confirmed by his close ones and admitted by himself that he had a strong will and is willing to manipulate reality and people to get them to do what he wanted.
Sounds like a human being to me. Interesting details nonetheless.
I think the problem with this is that news like this is received by people as:
- "steve jobs said he couldnt do what he did without LSD, it opened his mind" implying that it's ok to do it. I believe it is a persons choice but i think people who say that, in a weird way, think it will make them a successful person, maybe even a billionaire.

- "you cant always be honest and do the right thing to get where you want to go. look at steve jobs he was well known for being a manipulative person and look where he was." and i find that people who say this tend to be people who are using this to excuse their own similar behavior. whether or not this incites similar behavior im not sure but i wouldnt be surprised
Steve Jobs was a liar. He built Apple in his own image. The belief that Apple products are better than everyone else's is the biggest believed lie in the history of mankind.
@Mike Cherry "dirt on Mother Theresa" .. but of course. she lived in a slump.
Vada A
Who are you guys kidding with this "newly released" article? Everyone who has the slightest interest in the life and work of Steve Jobs knows that he had experimented with drugs and had openly talked about those experiments and their benefits to him. And what's wrong with that? It's a real shame that substances like marijuana and LSD are illegal in the United States while the really dangerous drug - alcohol - is available everywhere.
And I'm not even going to start on the topic of his "Reality Distortion Field" - trying to bend "reality" to his beliefs and conveniences.
We're all humans and we all have flaws. Live with it.
It's all in the biography... a great read by the way and we're all the lucky recipients of his brilliance (without having to withstand his cruelty).
the suprise is he wasn't hired immediatly..
The FBI are scary i dont think MI5 over here are like that with lord alan sugger
Aren't these traits somewhat unavoidable when you're a high flier like he was? I never got the hype for Steve Jobs (he definitely deserves some though), but he sure worked his ass off and that only goes to show he deserved to go this far. Of course you're bound to hurt feelings, upset a few people and come off as deceiving to some others in the process, that's just part of life.
This report would have been 100% understood for ANY other successful dude than him (except maybe Dalai Lama or something...), but because jobs was depicted as a saint, I suppose people feel betrayed.

Now show me a report that proves he was more than a 50% rotten and I'll understand the hate.
I once made a quip on Facebook that if Steve Jobs had bought the presidency would he have been able to save the world. It's a shame for USA that he didn't go to work for The White House. Can you blame him when publications, unusually Mashable here, take such a report and use parts of it entirely out of context. Read the whole FBI report and maybe a biography or two, to understand the man,and his genius. Shame on you Mashable!
+Jennifer Sigman hit the nail on the head, so far I haven't seen anything in the FBI files that wasn't in his bio, and I haven't even finished that yet. Jobs never shied from his past drug use and credited it with improving him. He screwed over Woz once or twice, and didn't do Scully or Amelio any favors.

To say the man did nothing is wrong. Slap on i on an mp3 player, he recreated the business and tied in online digital sales. Made it easy even, which is why Apple was so successful.
Steve Jobs was granted the position and passed the background check... if we did a 3 deep interview check on almost anyone, we would come up negative comments. Why does the FOIA apply to individual background checks? I am troubled that government security clearance records open for public review without cause.
This is the atypical business personality...who doesn't know from nothing
Jonny come lately, not news any more.....!
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