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A man created a camera-equipped quadcopter drone, a helicopter with four rotors instead of the usual two, to follow his son to the bus stop. All parts of the drone were bought separately, and he attached a smartphone equipped with a video chat app to use as his camera:

What do you think about this dad's DIY drone project?    
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Clever, but what did the son think about being buzzed all the way to the bus stop? What was dad going to do if there was some sort of trouble? Launch a couple of Hellfire missiles (or whatever they're called)?

A helicopter parent who really is a helicopter.
I wanna smoke the same thing this guy smokes... 
I think it is a creative engineering accomplishment ...hat's off to dad    
I think it is a really good project, something I could enjoy putting together one day. When that day comes, though, I'd like to add both the miniguns and the Hellfire missiles mentioned above.
Paul Sheasby
Gee.that sure looks like an AR drone made by Parrot industry s
Old. nice lighting, but it's a pretty common homebrew project. Still, i like it. :)
Poor he can't kiss his girlfriend (if he had one) lol or skip skool lol
a little too far...does his kid really make him THAT suspicious? I doubt a teenager really needs that much survelance lol
(considering the kid is just going to the bus stop)
What if the neighbors "bang" with the windows open?
pretty clever, coulda just bought a drone for probably cheaper than it took to build it though.

also, impressive flying skills if he actually pulled off the tail.
If people took the time to read the full article before commenting, they will find out that every morning, he walked his elementary age son down the hill to the bus stop. Now, instead of walking down and up the hill, he uses the quadcopter to monitor his son when he walks alone to the bus stop.
good point +Serge Herve Meny. Actually read the article now. While I find the tech and the idea interesting, probably better to get off his fat ass and get some exercise while spending a bit of time with his kid. Just sayin.
exactly, his "copter" is a bit creepy.
The one in the pic is not the one he built. In the article is a link to his build blog and his own creation is pretty basic
Cool idea, reminds me of something out of The Jetsons!
I used to have a beanie with one of these on top.
How bout you just walk your kid to the bus stop!? If something were to happen to him the drone wouldn't be able to step in and protect him.
Umm.. am I wrong or did I see something similar in Ghost Recon Future Soldier?
So how many new UFO videos are going to be on youtube.
Why don't he just walk his son to the bus???
Where's that dad son duo living? Juarez or Bagdad
The only time my dad wanted to know were I was at was to take out his anger 
how can a person be so lazy as to not want to take his son to the busstop. like really?
Nice gadget ! But all in all, I would still take my child to the bus stop
It looks like something off black ops II
Someone Killed Me Earlier In Black Ops 2 With This...
I think the more important question is why was he following his son?
Everyone's dissing the old guy assuming that he's lazy. Maybe he's in a wheelchair or something.
Ryan Ng
That's awesome
um,.. daddy? why do you feel for the safety of your child? is there danger lurking on every corner? hmmmmmmmm.... but good that he gots him some tech n all skills to protect his sons.
if he has time to set that thing up then control it to follow his son while his son goes to the bus stop then control it to return home, why not just go yourself?
Do you mean up to private areas "shame''
This is hilarious. But if I were his kid, I'd be pretty tempted to try to lose that thing. Or knock it out of the sky out of spite. :)
Perhpas he should get up out of his chair and follow his son to the bus stop?
Is that the story of the creator of the AR.Drone Parrot? I actually have one of the original model! My only problem with it is the battery malfunction! So it cant supply flight times anymore! 
What do I think?

I think that kid's got the coolest dad on the planet, and I'm pretty sure his classmates agree.

The ones that aren't complete f&^%ing imbeciles, anyway. I mean, that is pretty damned awesome. 
Looks like the drone in black ops 2 :D
this is an ar parrot drone. 
I saw one of these on a tv show about a week ago.  They are for sale somewhere.  Didn't have the lights but had the camera.
did he just add lights to an AR drone because I have been trying to get an AR drone and they look identical
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