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These posters were spotted in Facebook HQ urging employees to switch from iPhone to Android -  #Android  
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Niyas C
hmm, we all know that Android is way much much better than ios
I heard about their dog-fooding project a while ago and I'm still waiting for a usable Android client.

How many thousands of engineers and how many billions of dollars do they have and here we are years after the first Android client still waiting...
We are now at android's era.
The technologie market is the one and only that no one can be a monopoly. The better wins
We all know which is better but facebook needs to fix the Facebook app on Androids before they try an tell anyone anything. 
The one on the left is not a good one.
There are so many phones on Android compared to the one iPhone
PS. I believe this is not telling them to switch to an Android phone, it is telling them to use Facebook on Android.  Initially this project was intended to teach them how bad their current client was, now I rather suspect they have an internal beta that they want people to use.
Pull those posters down immediately. They are taking up valuable wall space :)
Haha classic. Already pretty obvious iOS will be losing a lot of business as android becomes more and more optimized. (4.2 is gorgeous and user friendly) Always offering the most innovative software and the highest spec phones by far. Looks like iOS will end up going the way of Steve Jobs.. too soon?
Email them your iPhone number, model and carrier, and you might get some beta software!
they want the employees to see how bad facebook for android is so they'll fix it
If it was anyone other than Facebook, I'd really like this...
Way dangerous. If they switch to Android, it is a matter of time until they have G+ accounts...
yes, it is very simple for brainless people
Not all android Phone is compatible to all android applications. There is android applications that works perfect to a cheap smartphone but not working 
Without an iDevice how are we to know how bad the FB client for Android is? We just assume that iPhones suffer as we do but with more FB engineers using them their client is boss while Android's is lame. And honestly other than checking in on family or a class reunion why else would we be using FB anyway? Who cares? 
I deleted my Facebook account almost 9 months ago. Haven't looked back since. But they seriously still don't have a good Android app? That's pitiful. 
Continuation... but not working on nice expensive android smartphone.
yo.. no surprise android is already dominating in lots of countries..
reading this on my ipod.

I don't like anything FB does so I obviously have mixed fillings about them embracing Android, especially when it seems like Apple has been doing a lot to integrate FB into iOS.
+Bob Jung , two completely different business models and Apple is alienating everyone (Samsung essentially quitting making everything for the iPhone and iPad, them ditching Intel for their own in house processors) so time will tell if they will be able to continue selling $250 phones for $600 which is why they have such a high profit margin on units sold.
Jia Xu
Go Android!
Lol windows phone sucks got rid of the Nokia lumnia 920 after two days . Dust inside of Ffc camera bad apps are all web site links n not many even there . Android is unstable . I'll stick with my iPhone five 
+Josh Fisher Care to actually show that Apple are ditching Intel? I think you'll find that's called an unsubstantiated rumour.

You'll also note that Google make more money off iOS than Android. A LOT more. It's really not in Google's best interests to make Apple disappear (which they won't anyway).
FB needs to revamp their mobile app, it is miles behind G+
+justin hanck , Android is far from unstable.  Don't know which phone you used but any phone with ICS or Jellybean is extremely stable.
Will you people grow up and be happy with your choice and stop having a go at people that choose something else! I take it you have all left school?
iPhone is one type of smartphone, Android is on many different smartphones. That graph is completely misleading. If it was fair, that graph would have to include all iPod and iPad shipments
Iphone is better but android is catching up apple better do something
yea but take a look at the graph again.. i think android is a lot better because it has far less limitations than ios, but the bottom line on that chart represents one company, and the space thats left up to the top line probably represents about 50 companies. I wonder which company makes more money... apple probably aren't concerned.
android is cheaper thats right dumbass android
I like both android, and iOS, thinking about getting a transformer t300. I like iOS for my phone since I had problems android phones in the past, but android on my tablets since they are more powerful on tablets than iPad.
I have got like 33 nota facations in the past 15 seconds
+Tim Dehring That line of argument is convenient but very odd. The iPhone decimated dozens of makers of Windows Mobile and Symbian phones. Did the same argument hold then?
Steve jobbs once said ios was five years ahead of its time.... that was five years ago. 
+Art Silva No, you just see Apple suing everyone that might pose a threat to their market share for retarded patents (e.g., "rectangle with rounded corners") because they know that they don't have any real superiority, while simultaneously ripping off android at every chance (e.g., notification panel) and leveraging their entire platform on the work of others (e.g., their actual connectivity protocols). 
Great plan.  Apple integrates Facebook support in iOS and OS X and they go and push the guys with the competing social network site. 
I am not sure I understand this comment. I am not having a go at anyone nor
do I think the vast majority of people contributing to this thread are.
These are both public companies and innovators of technology. If you feel
bullied in anyway I am certain that opinion is self inflicted. Our freedom
of expression, opinion, and interest does not force you to change anything
you are doing.
Interesting that Facebook saw the need to favor one technology over the other when Mac users are so active in Facebook.
Android ships more units at the cost of fragmentation.  How many people are still waiting for their Jellybean update?
Windows phone 1/2 of iPhone.  Apple wins hands down to me in all business and function applications
Android is quickly loosing its cool for me ever since everyone started using it. Its becoming even more annoying then FB with those obnoxious Samsung adds. The whole reason I started using Android on G1 was that it was brand new and nobody had an idea what the heck it was. Now Android is the old news. Probably going back to iOS :(. Plus the stupid open source anarchists and pirates all went android. 
+Terrance Taylor That's the idea. By actually using Android, the developers should come to understand what an Android app should look like and how it should behave.

Or they could just force the developers to read the Android Design site, but that would be too easy.
^So you're a hipster then, only doing things "no one else knows about"?
Since FaceBook had been treating Android as a second class citizen, I've decided to do the same to FaceBook, and switch to Google plus. The Facebook Android application is a disaster.
+Alexandre Andrianov You certainly should, if the only appeal things have to you is the fact that they're new and make you feel special, or somehow superior to those around you -you are definitely an apple fan.
+António Pedro Neves Google + is available on iOS as well.

Glad to see FB is wising up and realizing how big of a contender Android really is.
Ryan Ng
Android is the one with the fastest development, Apple is losing customers in its litany of homogeneous iOS releases.

Translation: Apple is an expert at sameness
Android is much better once rooted a a custom ROM on your phone without all the hardware maker and carrier bloatware, especially if your tech savy.  iOS has just stayed the same to me for the most part and if that's your thing then more power to you, it's just not mine.  +Chip Evans , you actually tried a Windows 8 phone in a business environment?  I haven't but one thing MS has always made seamless is if you have an exchange server and one of their devices (or Outlook).  If not then not really worth it and Office with be out on both Android and iOS early next year for those who really need it.
+Frederick Suleiman No I just hate to follow the crowd even if its moving in the "right" direction. Always root for an underdog too in all the sports.
+Ben Davis Not everybody needs the latest OS update. How many iOS users are still running iOS5? I bet there's a lot. ICS will suffice for most Android users. Not me. But most.
Here's why.  Android phones cost as low as $50 to $60.  New iPhones cost about $600 to $700.  Do the math.
I switched to Android in the days of 2.1 and the HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) and I liked it. I'd come from Windows Mobile 6. The limited hardware (~400MB of memory/storage) and cheap feel turned me off.  So I tried the iPhone 4.  I like the Android interface better, but I like the apps on IOS better (even where I bought the same exact app for both.)  I don't have near the problems on IOS that I did on Android with forced closes, etc.  Today, I have an iPhone 5 and a Nexus 7.   Both are good platforms, but even with Jelly Bean 4.2, Android just seems clunky and quirky.
Not suprised, iv'e had android for years. I'm happy with it. But not everybody likes change so don't think everybody will go Android but they should do it's cool.
Android is way better then the iphone hands down
This isn't about which OS is better. It's about how much Facebook sucks on Android, and making that one app better.
+Justin Barnby , i agree on the fragmentation part but most people don't need the latest and greatest.  How many times have you been eligible or a free iPhone with a 2 year commitment compared to a free Android phone with the same commitment?  Those are not flagship Android phones and you can't get an iPhone for $99 or less like you can some lower end phones.
Make decent hardware for Android and I will switch.
People like their iPhones so much the need to almost beg people to switch so they can internally test their app
i love how so many people are saying that the graph is misleading... Facebook does not care which company is making more money. It doesn't care that there are several companies on the left and 1 on the right, it cares about USERS. If anyone can seriously argue that the users on the right are worth more than the users on the left then fine, but just sheer number there ARE more android devices being used by more people then iOS. They seriously should fix the android app, because i know loads of android users who can't stand/ don't use it because how bad it is.
All this thread did was spark fanboy laden comments. Good job mashable. Who the fuck cares what anyone uses? If you like it, then its the best, for you!
Of course Android is a big Ads market.
All this proves are there are more Android phone models been sold, where as there are less IOS devices, so considering there are less iphones than all the phones running android, its hard to say Android or Google are doing better, at least overall.
Android devices seem to have taken the idiom "to give the benefit of the doubt" to a whole new level...
Ryan R.
Get an Xperia phone so Facebook users who love to take and upload pictures will be satisfied with the pic quality. :)
Hi every one, i'm new here I don't now how to use my account can you help me?

iOS all the way. Switched not to long ago and loving it
there will always be the 47 percent that use iphones :)
Ah ha. Android rocks and the iSheep are sad.
+Josh Fisher They are clumsy. Name one decent phone with size of iPhone4s. I like Android. I don't like those plastic soap boxes it runs on.
I love these kinds of threads for the comedy value of the arguments for ios vs Android. Carry on people. ;-)
If its on Facebook, it must be true ;)
I hope updates come soon. The tablet version is especially infuriating.
Who cares! Do you care what OS is in your TV or car - nope. You just want a car that works & a TV that delivers.
Anybody who wanted an argument against Android, here it is, gift-wrapped...
Aviso 9
I'm lost. Upgrading from gnex to what?
Ah, just tossed my Evo in the trash now that I got my new iPhone. Lovin it. You can keep Android. 
If you care about long term device support and don't want a new phone every six months, there is only one choice.... Let me help you: it's not Linux based...
M Mosel
That chart on the right is a beautiful sight.
The Apple Vs. Android fanboy war is ridiculous. Anyone who is a fan in general of technology knows that both are pretty awesome.

All you iPhone fans need Android to keep Apple on their competitive toes, and all you Android fans need iPhones to keep Google (and the hundreds of Android based phone manufactures) on their toes.

Without both Android (Google) AND iPhone your respective "team" would turn to shit though lack of competition. So if your one of those people with illogically placed "corporate spirit" be happy you have a team to play against. In so that you should quit feeding into this awkward fanboy battle hype because I'd bet my battery if you gave your perceived nemesis an honest'd like it too.

Apple Make same phone over and over just the difference look. No new innovations. Droid took that bite out of apple.

Google followed Windows model by making the OS and letting others make the hardware and we know Windows dominated the Desktop
I love the comments like "look in the real world and you'll see how many more iPhones are out there". As if the 1000 people you pass at the mall is a better sample size than actual worldwide sales data, which shows Android dominating.
+Brandon Wann : I have no idea what you mean " life expectancy of iPhone Vs. Android. Your statement makes zero sense. Are you talking about the companies in general or about a specific phone since...... There are many Andriod phones made my several manufacturers but only one iPhone made by one company. So please clarify. 
I still don't get this debate. Friends who like blondies don't blame me for liking brunettes and I don't do it neither. ;-)
ok. this is stupid. why are you posting this if its not interesting?!?
Big Apple fan but I have also been a part of the Android lift off 
These posters are put up because they want the FB employees to actually use the Android FB app, so they realize how bad it sucks. That may give them a kick in the ass to make a better app.

Not that I care, because I wouldn't use FB if they paid me...
+Brandon Wann: Also Android IS one company, it's called Google. However different manufactures produce phones that use Google's Android operating system. Ya know just to make sure we're both "facing facts".
Anderoid is soo much better, just a few bugs on some apps
+Aaron Britt Have you been under a rock for the past 14 months since Jobs died? Have you missed the chaos that has gone on with Apple on Tim Cook's watch?
+Caleb Spendlove That actually makes a lot of sense then. The posters are campaigning to get more Facebook employees using Android and thus the Android app. If they are using it, the assumption is that they'll have a better understanding of how to make it better.
I had three iPhones and one Sansung Galaxy Note with Ice CreamSandwich Android I see that as the flagship of all phone OS's. I can't wait for the future Android phones to come out. BTY I no longer own any Apple products that includes my iPad I sold it earlier this year.. Now if Apple would drop their prices on their 17" MacbookPro I will indeed buy another Apple product but till then Oh well!!!
Most people are commenting and turning this in another Apple/Google argument... 

Honestly we should look at this as positive since it means that FB wants more focus put on their Android offering and not so much attention paid simply to Apple. Better all around for us consumers, no?
Human can be cruel &this just over brand name it all does the same thing. Play games.
+Siewert Damien Apple has been extinct they just keep giving it a digital infusion to make people think it is alive!
I dont get why people dont switch to android. Androids dont break when you drop them 2 inches but iPhones do
Hopefully Facebook employees well switch to Android and realize how much ass their Android app sucks and be motivated to fix it. Or maybe they already have fixed it and just need more people to test it.
+Brandon Wann: Now that I understand, and I hope MS is successful so that the bar is pushed even higher for consumers. 
Do u know is every thing about money they both come from USA

Check your crash report on your iphone or ipad,
I have tons of apps which have crash,
Go into Settings,
Then Go into General,
Tap on About,
Bottom of the page Tap on Diagnostic & Usage,
Finally tap on Diagnostic & Usage Data,
There's all your crash report....

I really don't get all the tears and fears over Android. What kind of phones y'all buy? I have had numerous phones since Droids came out and very few if any issues!
I wish more people used G+. I love the G+ app but have only like 10 people in my circles. I have Facebook and have about 300. Practically nobody (that I know) uses G+. 
It kinda reminds me why I don't take Public transportation, if i go downtown. I can not get use to touching and sitting in seats that may be filled with germs and also its so slow and crowded. I like My android products so much I have invested nearly $1,000,000 into their stock. I tried Apple and suck so much and if  they would drop their prices then maybe I could go back but I doubt it.
The android app needs improvements especially in the pictures area. Some of
my pics take forever to load!
sigh that chart on the right is just sad. what source did they get that info from?
No mention of how terrible eclipse is?

Google needs to develop their own IDE. every single day I deal with eclipse problems. My iOS workmate has no such issues with xcode. THAT is a key problem factor with the android app ecosystem. IMO java > objective C but eclipse is far from the developer friendly level of xcode
I came from using the original droid from Verizon then I went to the droid 2 global and my final experience with android was the droid Razr maxx. Too many force closes and freezes and rebooting my phone was a normal experience with android. The iPhone 5 was my first experience with iOS. Ahhhh much better. The phone is mostly seamless Because of Apple's integration of their hardware and software interface. I know that android users are sick and tired of iPhone users saying "it just works ". In my experience with iPhone 5 after two months is just that, it just works! Even with android flagship phones posting better numbers on their hardware specs you still have iPhone 5 beating it in benchmark tests again because of the seamlessness. Once android matches this experience I may again take a look at the androids. It just all comes down to which phone is going to have the better overall experience no matter which company makes it
True glass on iPhone tend to break easily on. This happen a lot with friends phone.I drop my Samsung 5×…not a scratch. >O)
I Say The Same Thing.
But that's an excellent point. iOS simply just works. Never freezes, never
crashes, much better battery life with a smaller battery, and it's super
fast with no lag. I have both iOS and android and I like iOS better

Sent from my iPhone
It's sad that people have to beg and plead to get people to switch to android. Is that how the completion is playing out these days.. #sad 
ever since steve jobs died apples can't come up with ideas anymore.
does iphone 5 have a hologram
Apple is out, Google is in, You wanna make money, Spend Spend Spend, Android OS will surely win. Invest now, the Future is here don't end up thinking like Edison who thought Tesla was his Subordinate.
They were posted in order to get more employees on Android to aid in product development and testing...the dev teams are struggling to keep android dev moving at a consistent pace doe to fragmentation and overall platform issues.
Android is great but there still aren't the devices to make it as sexy as the iPhone in engineering terms. Having said that I'm still on an HTC. Sent this from the iPad though.:)
Apple + Edison = DC Power         Tesla + Google = AC Power      If Edison had it his way we would have a DC power station every three blocks. If Tesla had not been restricted not only would we have AC power which is what we currently have but, we would also have Wireless Power which will be coming in the future eventually.
Apple you don't have to change for us because Google has already done that, so when you finally go belly up can and to your grave you can tell Edison that you rode his coat-tails all the way to the end.
People continue to miss the point and argue about stupid stuff.
Wow, I'm using iPhone to post it.
Perhaps they could see fit to make a decent Android app then? No?
At least the recognize that Android has superior market share. Now if only Facebook would actually release a native Android client...
The great thing about iPhone is that all the other phones have to mimic it by clubbing together and using Android. iPhone is iPhone, android is used by every other phone so it's bound to be used more. It's not as sexy tho. But that's just my opinion. 
I have always looked before leeping .but I am sure that it is( because every one was jumping off a cliff )sorry but that is how I see it..most people want what every else hawith know thought just blind iv 
haha, well the samsung s3 actully has a good chunk of the androids beat and its selling the most, near iphone
I have had an iPhone from the beginning. I just switched two weeks ago to Android HTC X+ and am happy I made the leap. I ALWAYS jailbroke my iPhone cause Apple charges you for everything. With Android, 1,700 video wallpapers, 610,000 ringtone, etc. ALL FREE. Later Apple. It's been fun, but now it's FREE fun.
Android is always better I think terms of productivity. 
ive always been more android, but now teh next round of droids are out, and they totally pone the iphone, nfc, removable battery, micro sd and jellybean, its just more apealling to me
It would be interesting to understand the access to Facebook from the Android eco-system. Device shipments does not equal sales or usage. 
This is fake, I mean if it were true then why does android have a crappy app as compared to an iphone's or ipad's? 
Another social network, believe it or not, they are worse than G+ even though they have more users. :o
Circles are missing in Facebook, that's y Google+ became easier and more useful than Facebook 
Yea switch to Android and use our horrendous mobile client.
Wait, didn't Facebook force its workers to switch to Android so they could find out first hand how shitty the Facebook app on android was?
iPhone is not the latest thing it's the genuine thing 
but it's not an iPhone :/
-- posted from iphone5 :)
here's hoping that all of your phones die a horrible death!!  The cell phone is destroying my faith in humans.
+Ben Powell +Daniel Steck +eugene yoon That's the reason they're doing it. The Facebook app for Android sucks, but if they're forced to use it the developers will realize how much it sucks and make it better. It's not about which OS is better, as many people seem to think. It's about making their own app better.
I switched from an Iphone to a android device about 1.5 year ago... MUCH happier.. and love the phone way more.. 
I have an android and a windows
Someone shoud analyze the G+ comments and try to measure the level of fanboyism. Hint: it's probably over 9000.
Let's see now:  Better camera, better white balance, better audio, and holds its value MUCH better. My 2 year old S1 is worth $30.  My wife's 2 year old iPhone 4 is worth $130+.  Nobody seems to want to talk about retained value.  I fear  I am going over to the dark side.
Yes, I like the idea of Circles better than just plain 'friends.' Easier to separate family, cousins, gaming buddies, news pages, etc...
+Sa'ad Suleman Because the employees who should be using Android aren't. If they use it, they should understand why it sucks and fix it. That is the point of Facebook's propaganda campaign.
Clearly only people with their heads in sand will say fragmandroid is easier to use than iOS.
Android now holds 75% share of the smartphone market, according to new numbers from IDC, while Apple in the most recent quarter had 15% share. That means Android is outselling Apple five to one. Last quarter Android was outselling Apple only (only!) four-to-one, when they had 68% and 17% share, respectively
So what version of Android are you running?
The same can be said for Google plus vs Facebook
Richard August that's the dumbest thing I read so far how bout lg optimus g gs3 and nexus 4 all have better specs than iPhone 5 and much more features too

+Siewert Damien They have to switch in order to understand how Android works and improve the app accordingly.

Look up dogfooding, which the first poster is a reference to. That should make it clear that it's about their own app.
I don't care what anyone says my nexus 4 is way better then the iphone 5 my wife has. Jellybean 4.2 is the shit
iOS and Android are both the same just different companies now STOP FIGHTING
Wouldn't it make more sense for their staff to switch to WindowsPhone considering how integrated their platform is with the phone OS?
What !!  U can't compare is like comparing Nissan & TOYOTA.
Mi Samsun es exelente pero ?++++++ por sus resultados.y el soporte de Los instrutores due el grasias
Too bad the graph is misleading.   The only real android phones come with Android 4.1 or 4.2  anything else is out of date and should not be counted.  Really low quality phones that upset the user should never be counted....   I just wish Google would force companies to not be allowed to use Android branding if they are not using the latest OS version on a phone.
iPhone is way cooler than droid anyway. Everyone knows it has better graphics and nicer features
Soon one other with Google+ and Facebook !!
It's because they need there employees to test the android app in real life. They have a function in it called rage shake. By shaking the phone if there is an error the error gets uploaded to the software engineers. So they can fix it. 
Android 2.3 has been working flawlessly for me. Motorola Photon. That'd be kinda like saying iOS versions that aren't 6 are all crap. 
again comparing one company's sales to the OS of several companies combined 
Cool but iPhone is a lot nicer I'm saying
FB Still sucks.
+Tim Gray Google can't force them, that's why they created Nexus line. BTW I'm running Gingerbread and it's still better than iOS
IPhone vs Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony. One phone against 4 biggest tech names and still solid. That's why people respect IPhone.

Ps. I'm Android fan BTW
BTW This because there Android Facebook app is not as good as the iPhone Facebook app. 
Can I install iOS on an Android?
Who cares about "devices shipped"? There's way more Accords shipped than Bugatti Veyrons, but I'll give you one guess which I'd rather have.

Meaningless metric.
I chose an Android over I phone, after reviewing both operating systems I felt Android, in the long run would surpass Apple due to affordability and a more wide access to applications with out modification.
I've driven both and to be honest you are being pitiful if you think Android comes close to to Apple IOS. I admit IOS 6 is a step backwards but Android is so far behind and clunky it's laughable. I hope it catches up as I like choice and at this moment in time there is no contest.
I left ios and have never regretted it
For everyone's sake android and it's competitors like Apple need to stay competitive because nobody wants any one company to hold a monopoly because that will negate future choices.
it's laughable that you think iOS is a stronger platform.
David Wint, are you using android 4.2 on a nexus device? It's way ahead of IOS right now in terms of features. At this point, IOS is ahead of android only in app quality from what i've seen.
I don't think so. But my question was really why would Facebook care?
Android is just cheaper if you can afford iOS it is clearly superior. But that's just an opinion and I also love google products. 
First of all android is inferior only cuz it's a copy of iPhone 
Just get a android and get better software urself D.I.Y dude.
Bad enough you paying big bucks for an apple that has a bite out of it.
Just get a android and get better software urself D.I.Y dude.
Bad enough you paying big bucks for an apple that has a bite out of it.
+Noah Hetrick right.. a copy of iPhone that went back in time and shipped most of the features of iOS 5.. 2 years before iOS 5 existed.....
+David Wint the iOS is a great o/s for people who are not tech savvy, who want an easy to learn and easy to use interface. For example young kids or old people. However, for people who love technology, Android is far more interesting. It is not behind time. It is ahead of its time, which is why there are bugs. When you are moving ahead at breakneck speed there are going to be some bugs, which are generally minor annoyances. What is laughable is your comment that Android is backward and has to catch up.
Play store is an apple follower. Google Play is an iTunes follower. Etc etc. apple innovates. Droid copies. 
Android offers far more customizability and power, where iOS' only advantage is its' ease of use. Facebook, if anything, would want people using an open platform that gives them more options for capturing the mobile space they're so rabidly slobbering over.
+Tim Gray They can unify the interface across all versions using the support library and ActionBarSherlock. Newer versions of Android do have other new features, but Facebook wouldn't need most of them. If they're needed they can be enabled conditionally while remaining backward compatible. Facebook supports devices back to API level 8 currently, and they can still support those versions while also adding features for newer versions.
+Derek Balling It isn't a meaningless metric to companies like FB.  Notice 'Droidfood' - that's a play on the developer's term 'Dogfood' as in "Eat your own dogfood".  More devices shipped means more people accessing FB using Android.  So they want more employees using Android to spot issues internally before they get out.

I would, and have, chosen Android over iOS.  They're both fine platforms, I just think Android is better - for me.  If you want to use iOS, that's fine.  But for providers like FB they need to respond to the market.  And if more people are using Android than iOS, then they need to put more resources into supporting Android than iOS to keep the majority of the market happy.

That's where a feedback loop can happen.  As Android becomes the dominant player in the user base, providers like FB and all the others will need to focus on Android to keep the majority of users happy.  That could mean pulling resources away from iOS, or making iOS a second class citizen - as Android has been, though decreasingly so.  

Since iOS had a head start, even after Android took first place in device shipments iOS held onto the lead total installed base.  So many developers and providers continued, and continue, to develop for iOS first, Android second.  But as Android steadily overtakes iOS in the installed base we've seen a shift to more simultaneous releases for both platforms, and eventually the roles may reverse - with Android versions coming first, followed by iOS.  There have been some examples of this already, but they're still the exception.

It isn't a religious issue or one platform being better than the other, it is just business and targeting the biggest market first for rapid initial return.  As an Android user I've been OK with that for years, it is just how business works.

Now, as for your illogical comparison of an Android device vs. a Bugatti Veyron - I'd take the Android.  It is much more practical.  I have a great job but I doubt I could afford to insure a Veyron, let alone get the service it requires, quench its massive thirst for fuel, etc.  And where would I ever get to really open it up?  Without killing myself?  Plus I'm 6'6", I'm not sure I'd even fit in it.  My Dodge Charger R/T Daytona may not come close to the limits of a Veyron, but it provides enough fun for my level of skill and the local roads.  And it will do 150mph if given room to run... not that I'd ever do that.  Again. ;-)
+Shawn Bailey You just sound mad that android gives you a hard time. If the patent system wasn't so flawed and inefficient it wouldn't be so very challenging to use. 
Look at all these negative comments. Stop behaving like little babies. Before you call me a fanboy, I love both Android and iOS
+Drew Edwards since you clealy like iOS more than Android, I'm sure you know them well enough to compare them side by side. Please list 5 features of the O/S where iOS is better than Android.
In addition to Android tablets being both more customizable and more powerful... ever try to attach anyting like a USB drive to an iPad without having to dig out the Apple proprietary 30 pin connector? ... Yeah, I didn't think so. How about an HDMI cable? Hmmm? ... Still not happening.

Is Apple in the business of selling devices that do neat stuff or are they just interested in letting you use base functionality and requiring you to use a special adapter on a limited number of ports to do what you really want?
I got some great responses in seconds on a Sunday how sad are you twerps? Get a life. I'm sitting here, having spent the formative years of GOOGLES life, in IT, drinking a glass of really nice wine thinking to myself how many sad bastards are going to reply to my jibe. Welcome to the sad world of geekdom.
Linux? Been there done that and still playing. I can only hope but I know it won't take over the world
Microsoft? Been there done that, an insecure, has been rip off of early Apple. Spent more time sorting their problems out than anything else during my IT years.
Apple? Up its own arse but still ahead of the game. Others will catch up now that Jobs has gone but only because the future is not bright under the current regime.
Google/Android? I welcome their input but they are still like toddlers in an adult world. I do hope they grow up soon as we need competition to encourage invention. The only other alternative would be war.
+Derek Balling Meaningless comment. Android devices shipped are devices that could run the Facebook app. The point is to improve said app, which is currently garbage.

Facebook doesn't care which OS is better or which one its users prefer, they just want people to use the Facebook app.
As long as we can Jailbreak the ios android will never make it because there is nothing you can't do jailbroke and I mean nothing! From free apps to free thethering to every feature I have ever seen on any other device. Cydia is y the iPhone is still number 1 and apple knows it.
I like the android logo but Imma stick with my 4S :D 
Android Facebook ap is kind of weak... I like Friendcaster better.
iPhone.. lol. I don't care how smooth it is or "easy" to use it is. (Which in reality, it isn't.) I want functionality. And Android gives you so much more functionality than an iPhone ever will. As an ex iPhone owner, I know this first hand and it is fact. In order to even get the iPhone to be half as functional as Android you need to jailbreak. And with Apple constantly updating iOS to shut out Jailbreakers it became a real pain. Now don't get me wrong. Pick your Android handset with a keen eye because more than half of the Android devices out there are pure trash. 
The Friendcaster AND Facebook apps are both terrible. 
I keep getting stuck with an android phone, hate my phone a lot, i want an iphone for a stable OS, quality apps, and to sync everything 
I would have thought they'd get free androids anyway... Maybe it's just moral-boosting 'This is the winning side' style poster... Anyway, if I worked at android, I'd want a free phone! Surely it's a perk of the job!
Androids SHOULD sell more. they have like 50+ phones a year. compared to 1 iPhone. 
Android is better I have to say but iPhone is a good feel...
+Jason Manall +Andrew Caul  or running stock for that matter, an apple user has to Jailbreak their phone to do the things you can do on a stock Android phone. I can install free apps on Android by selecting "allow unknown sources" without rooting. I can tether without rooting as well. 
nice one, shifted from ip4 to GS3 and now have an GT2 7.0 next to my iPAD3, time to move on it is.......
Ur initial to ur own,opinion. !!
It should said "" not, because Android is own by Google. 
^ Keep telling yourself that ;)
Maybe then we can get a better fb tablet app
Which one is better Google Now or Apple Siri, and why?
i dont have a slower crappier running app on my android phone than facebook. maybe the rumors are wrong but i heard its much faster and more stable on iOS
Siri is not the same as NOW, NOW thinks ahead and SIRI is reactive .....
i think the only reason there are more android shipments is because they keep breaking and people need replacements.
yea its so much better than a iPhone, iPhone's are a waste of people's money
I have a galaxy note 2 and it's operation is very smooth.I think the Android Market is very good and the ios cannot be compared to the the android technology.
I would rather buy a droid than the new iPhone 5(for price reasons). Not saying the iPhone is bad but they need to cut the price a lot apple.
I'm staying at the iPhone, sorry!😏
Jonathan, I have the GS3 and I would not want an iphone5 even if it was free.... I used to love my old iphone4 but man Samsung SG3 and Android wow ....
It is quite obvious that the Apple empire is based on making as much money as possible out of their consumers by excluding choice. They have a fair product but completely overpriced. The only way to sell an overpriced product is to create the impression that it is hip or cool. That coolness is now evaporating fast with better Android and even Windows phones. Now is a good time to sell your Apple shares while you can make a profit.
+Siewert Damien haha that's funny. It's true too. 
I have a note 2 but I think thats stupid. Iphone and android are both good phones.
Oh yeah, would be awesome to have a better facebook experience.
Look at google. from browser to great phone in debatable 4 years. Now look at apple. From computer to never evolving phone in around 20 years. 
i dont care about eather one sorry
There's a kid in my office who runs around saying, and I paraphrase, "The iPhone is made for idiots like me.  It has just one button.  I like to keep it simple."  The other guy and myself are Android users.  We just look at each other and shake our heads.  
It's okay everyone. We all have our own opinions and its okay to like something more than the other. I like most things.that get the job done, are fast with using, and that are not overpriced. 
IPhone is yesterdays news right along with BlackBerry
Love this I too am converting IPhone users to Android especially the Galaxy version with have a large verity of custom roms. Phone are very awesome especially with custom ROM 
No! Why would they do that? WTF! Maybe FB pays for the iPhones and Androids are cheaper?
The iPhone is a great device. But you're stuck with what they give you. I like the freedom of android and also the huge screen. Made the switch a few months back and will NOT go back to IOS
My X husband worked for Apple in 90 before Steve Jobs and the crew took it to Mexico.   Ive always disliked Apple for taking good America jobs away from people in Fresno.   Im AN #ANDROID GIRL FOR LIFE!
Apple is shaking from within..
Google did not make these posters. Facebook made these poster for Facebook employees to see. It could all be hogwash. The point that we Android users are happy about is that we have been dealing with the same crappy app for for years because it seems like their developers seem to think we aren't out there. But we are. And we want better.
lol. i feel the same way about iOS as i do about IE6.... which is to say... sorry... not supported. 
Sales determine the best product?  I guess Justin Bieber makes the best music...
Nez Nez
Android is OS, not a phone like iPhone. of cource its larger quantity - just because it can be installed everywhere, but quantity does not means  quality)
My "beef" with the Android OS isn't with the OS, but the lack of app support from vendors. For instance, on the iOS platform you can post Instagram photos pages you manage, not so on the Android OS. Another example, where is the Facebook Page Manager app for the Android OS? Nowhere...

If the apps were the same I would gladly give up my iOS products. 
I'd say from Windows, iPhone, Blackberry or Android markets...definitely Android

Faceplant can marry iOS as far as I am concerned. The world will be more private (zuckerbook) and affordable. (Apple) if they both disappear. Go Android and g+.
+Christopher Adams you do realize the bitterness of android enthusiasts came from snobby apple fans right?

Android is the most functional OS there is for a smartphone. iOS STILL does not allow you to use a device as mass storage, and that is just ludicrous. And the only malware you get on Android are blatantly shady applications.
Ed Moore
Wife and I both bought new phones. Me an iPhone 5 and she a Galaxy S III. She needs to charge at least 2x a day, I don't. Her phone woke her up at 3:30 am when the Rhapsody app started playing at full volume prompting a reset. Her Waze app GPS screwed up yesterday driving home. Her camera takes awful low light pictures. Touchwiz is an awful abomination of ICS. I could go on, but I don't regret sticking with Apple this time around. 
Ok so basically it means all those who have an Iphone please send it to me and buy an Android phone.
Anyone who does not like iPhone 5 or 4S, send it to me and I promise to send you and international unlocked RAZR.  
What happened to the facebook phone ?
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