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With more than 100 million views in six days, Kony 2012, a 30-minute documentary about Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony, has become the most viral video in history, according to one researcher.
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Amazing how that happened given how ridiculously out of date the information presented, and how obvious of a money grab it is for Invisible Children. They just want to line their pockets. Want to make a difference for the children of Uganda? Join the Peace Corps and build schools and farms.
I still find it really amazing how dumb people are to share virus by their own will.
More like the incredible power of gullible people.
if 100 millions people can willingly listen to rebecca black, nothing else can be surprising...
Well, America Online in the late 1990s and the continued existence of California today go a long way in showing that at least 30 million people can be wrong at the same time about the same thing, +Frédéric Bruyère.
Whether there are a myriad of gullible people or not; without Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you can't expect such a spreading movement in any platform in such a short time. This demonstrates exactly the power of social networks no matter what is sharing.
Well, looking on the bright side, at least people are now aware of who Joseph Kony is, and that's a start...right?
I'm saddened by the lack of representation for sneezing panda . . .
I have only seen two of those... and don't really have any interest in seeing the others. Maybe I'm immune to the virus? :)
Thats cool to see Susan boyle up there, shes certainly cooler than the Biebers and Gagas of this world
Is it going to make a difference? What about Mugabe?
That list...the aliens can't wipe out the human race soon enough.
+Baker Kawesa If you want to share something you believe in, the best tools are social networks. There is no better choice to do it, by this means, it is not an actual cyber addiction, it is the using of the most efficient tool to your purpose.
+Paul Johnson well there can be so many ways to help people.Kony needs to be brought to justice and the African kids need schools too.How are they mutually exclusive?
+Saket chaudhary: What do you gain from a retributive witchhunt of a sick old man hiding in the African bush? There's far better things the money can be spent on.
+Wendy Fisher: You're heart's in the right place. But giving money to Invisible Children isn't going to help. It's going to make glossy propaganda videos and line paychecks stateside. If you want to make a difference, go join the Peace Corps. Spreading around a video, spreading "awareness," isn't going to fix the problems that cause the Joseph Kony's of the world to operate, or fix the aftermath (which is where we're at now). Building schools, securing farmland, and ensuring that the next generation is fed and educated enough to defend themselves against tyrants is.

Or you can just give a fish to the wrong person. But don't come crying when folks in Uganda are upset that all they're getting is fish heads.
Wendy, I'm apathetic or a dumbass because I am not interested in the laughing baby? I'm capable of finding my own news without having to line up behind the masses and watch every video that is going 'viral'. I don't think I was being negative, just commenting on how interesting it is that the most popular thigns on the internet in history include Justin Bieber, etc.. if not seeing his video is being ignorant, or negative, well... then... I guess I'm an idiot. :)
Too preachy for my blood. *Mute.*
+Saket chaudhary: I can Google. The information presented in the video is 10-15 years out of date. Furthermore, Invisible Children has a F rating with the BBB and 70% of donations received go to paying administrative salaries and fundraising efforts. For comparison, most nonprofits are under 20%, with the best being under 10%.
+Saket chaudhary "Kony needs to be brought to justice" - agreed, there is general consensus on this one. Follow up question - and how do you think it can be done? I don't want to spark any debate here, I just kept thinking after video went viral - bumper stickers would do the work? For me the biggest discovery made by this video is how many people don't have an idea of what is going in the world, the peak of Children of Uganda story was six years ago. Right now in the world there are several groups who still recruit children as soldiers (Colombia's FARC, for instance). How without incurring into all kind of casualties are you going to catch all bad guys?
Honestly, if you think throwing money at Invisible Children or changing a social media status line is going to bring that asshole to The Hague, I'd like to let you in on a ground floor deal for a wonderful piece of historic transportation infrastructure and a key landmark in the Brooklyn area. Email me for more information.
"Kony needs to be brought to justice" - agreed, there is general consensus on this one. Follow up question - and how do you think it can be done?"
This answer has changed over the years
1940's Tell people its for the good of man kind
1960's Tell people its to stop the spread of Communism
1980's Tell people them Falklands are British
1990's Tell people its to free the People of Kuwait
2000's Tell people it's to stop Al Qaeda
2010's Tell people it's to Stop Child Soldiers
& Never tell the people its about Oil Gas and Resources
ive seen that - its horrible!
Glad to say I haven't seen one of these topics until now.
Kony's LRA has been dead for quite a while, he won't be recruiting any kids for his army ever again, US special forces are helping to hunt him and the remnants of army down, Uganda has since found oil in that general geographical area.
A British geological survey found found tar deposits when it was a colony but ignored it circa 1930's its only cause Oil is becoming scare that the West is revisiting its past
It seems like if you dig anywhere on the planet, you might just strike oil, but it all depends on how desperate you are.
Wow, that Kony fella sounds pretty bad. I won't vote for him...wait...he's running for President in 2012, right?
+Simon Smith Surely if this was about oil they would be producing a propaganda video leading to the invasion of Nigeria? Personally as Invisible Children have been campaigning for this cause for a decade you would have to be pretty heartless to try and make it into something that it's so obviously is not. The amazing thing about this video is it shows humanity does have a voice and if a million people can set aside their own personal beliefs be that race, religion or political view and all stand together to shot out stop Kony then it should be viewed as a truly amazing event regardless of whether you agree with the cause or not.

+Omar Tavarez Joseph Kony is the biggest abuser of children on the planet and should be called to answer for his crimes, do you really need any other facts?
The Belgians found Cobalt and Nickel in their part of the Congo in the 1930's just when Chile etc where the Market leaders and (under their Fascist dictatorships cheaper) so was not exploited. Come the 1990's Chiles a Democracy wages go up and hello theres discontent in Africa leading to the deaths of Millions of people. DOES ANYONE SEE THE CORRELATION ??
+Simon Smith Yes, it is sad when real interests are taking form of "let's bring justice to a far distant place" (Old enough to learn that). What strikes me is the easiness with which young people think that all the horrible things that are happening in the world can be solved just by making a bad guy famous. From wishes to bringing somebody to international court - it is a process, it takes time, it takes money and eventually human lives. As I see some high-schoolers on this thread - just a piece of advise, read, read and read, this is the unique opportunity brought by Internet. And never forget that "Why" is the most important question in life.
I thought that thinking Kony 2012 is a scam was cool before it was cool.
+Paul Johnson I just want everyone to know that I was against the movement before everyone else was. Because im better than them, and everyone in Uganda, or Congo or wherever else, I only care about whats in my bubble.
Which now happens to be a big mac with supersized fries. mmmmmmm
+Irina Tcherednichenko we already have a forum of Justice in place and an Army to Enforce their rulings The African Union as a 45 year old we do not need to get involved let the Africans sort this out them selves and let our (my) country's sad heritage in this country rest and also you do not get anythng done by liking a FB Page
No matter what your stance on Invisible Children is, at least they got a lot of people to pay attention.
Patrice Émery Lumumba (The Greatest African) Don't weep my love. One day history will have its say. Not the history they teach in Brussels, Paris or Washington, but our history. That of a new Africa. And on that day...
and I still have not, will not watch that sh*t.
+Juan Kuyoc: Yeah, to them. You'd pay attention if someone grabbed you by the ankles and shook you until the money fell out. They just pulled the emotional equivalent.
I dont understand how this study is even accurate, because any one of you can just go to the video and see that its only at 74 million views right now
+Michael Dalbec: Well, there's the underhanded douchebags who take a popular video and upload it to their own channel to garner some ill-gotten watch count.
Its still the same video if it gets reposted to other sites, the only way it could have more is if it was uploaded from its original creator in multiple formats...i guess in like different video hosting sites or something
That list shows the stupidity of the human race. Forget the kony vid what about the rest of the list......vacuous bullshit and a waste of bandwidth
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the list of viral videos has more to do with when they were released than anything about the content. I don't know for sure, but it looks like the list is in roughly chronological order. Kony is a story that has an emotional hook, and it was disseminated in a very effective manner. It is a marketing event, not a purely viral phenomenon.
I'm all for peace and love...join the us military you can support freedom and democracy all day. Win win if u ask me 
Kony left uganda and he hastn't done anything in 6yrs
+Nate Hill Joining the military for peace and democracy is like fucking for virginity!
Mashable is doing really good recently, seems like
How many people do you think watched the entire 30 minute video? I'd bet less than 10%. Stop pretending you care, as you clearly aren't flying over to Uganda and fighting for their freedom, you're just looking for attention.
What are you going to do? Peacefully kill Kony? Responding to violence with violence only exacerbates the issue, and I doubt Kony is going to stop because 100 million people watched a video and "felt sad." But go ahead, I'm sure you're going to walk right up to him, right?. I'm sure he'll change because you visited Uganda in a tourist-focused area.
I have made no insults. I hope you do whatever it is you think you are going to do. I wish you the best of luck in your humanitarian efforts. However, I feel the entire Kony 2012 debacle is insincere and degrading, done much more for media interest and for people to grab attention saying "oh look I care about Kony omg guyz!"
+Amber Lynn Because Kony is the only bad thing that has ever happened in Africa to warrant your help, right?
Yes, in a tourist area, you will do so much help. I applaud you.
+Amber Lynn Why none of your heroic humanitarian efforts before when thousand were dying from AIDS and starvation? You only care now because you have jumped on the Viral bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, i admire you for helping, but i only hope you stay longer and help the bigger mess rather than just the glamorized Kony.
....wat about the problems we have in our own country? Shouldnt we be worried about that?
What a load of bollix. Some people will swallow any old bollix so along as it's aired with the cozily orchestrated background sound track which serves the purpose for which it is put. And it is put very well in that video.
+Nate Hill unless you're actually doing your part for those problems in our own country, don't you dare think of using them as an excuse to ignore or speak ill of a movement of people trying to do what they can for someone other than themselves. With all the different nonprofits out there for many different causes, paying attention to one more does not mean people are ignoring the others. I apologize for "going off" on you, but your ridiculous "question" was simply the final straw because you're not the only one putting up hilariously flimsy walls in order to justify not doing anything and I'm sick of seeing it.
+Paul Johnson I'm talking about the people who always have something bad to say about any organization trying to achieve an honorable goal. They usually have nothing but whining to say about said organization, but they never do anything themselves. 'Hilariously flimsy' had NOTHING to do with other organizations' goals. It had everything to do with the personal defenses people put up in order to justify their own choices of not doing anything selfless.
i don't want to live on this planet anymore....
+Omar Tavarez Get you facts right? Are you for real? try reading the only fact I stated to you and then tell me where I am wrong in stating that Kony is the biggest abuser of children on the planet. Regardless of whatever reason you are against the Kony2012 I am pretty sure invisible children have done a lot more than you. So If people think its a scam then don't get involved, if people don't wish to donate then don't but to criticise those doing something while you do nothing is little short of pathetic.
i am thinking about ... how can a community ... may it be the global community, the continental, the local ... whomever it may concern ... engage in peacefull ways to heal the reality of children being forced to do things they do not want to do.

recently i wrote about a fictional scenario, where a kind of neighbourhood understanding movement creates a fertile ground for the political decisions to abolish all armed forces everywhere.

i think the healing can be done at home, within me, within the community where i and you and we all live .... by understanding where we abduct our inner child every day and make it do things what are not good for it, by realizing where we in our community create conditions what drive some individuals to take other individuals hostage to reach a kind of satisfaction ..... i hope i phrase this the good way, i am not a native english speaker... and i am by far not advanced in nonviolent practice as well as i am only beginning to see the connections within scoiety, how conditions are being created what let crimes happen...

i find this kind of organization very advanced and would love to see financial powers being funneled to them
#youthink #right now we could lock #satellite to the person in that bum with the #microwave
If people want to blindly follow a group without doing their own research on it first, then shame on them, but that just means that they are completely missing the point, just as much as you people who want to
hate on the video for it's "propaganda" and "money hungry ways." That video may ask for your money but if you were smart and non apathetic you'd do you're own research and find out the truth for yourself... I can only give praise for something like that to happen in such a scale that is has become... As for the funding, well like I said, shame on you to give money away without thinking.
OMG! lol, look at the annoying orange.
Why am I not surprised by any of this...humans are an interesting much potential but so willing to be ignorant, simple, and easily swallow all manner of BS!
Wow, it is still on. For all young people here: yes, horrible things happen everyday and every minute on this planet, get used to it. You want to donate and wear a bracelet, do it, if your money will help Uganda's children in some way (schools, medicine, etc) - nice, nothing against it. But please understand that Kony is not sitting in some hotel waiting to be brought to justice, even more, he is not in Uganda anymore. To hunt a criminal is a complex issue, there are already many actions in place that started long time before the video, if he is not caught yet it is not because of lack of trying. We all want him to be caught alive (and without loosing other's lives) and judged in international courts;the sooner the better. Let's just wait and hope.
+Paul Johnson OK. My statement isn't exclusively about Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 movement. I was addressing a general trend that aggravates me.
Think about it this way what if it was you as a child there
For 10 years Invisible Children have campaigned to get Kony, I wonder how long +Irina Tcherednichenko thinks we should wait and hope? The viral video is not a scam or propaganda to get oil or a get rich scheme as some would like to say, a woman in Uganda did not have her ears and lips removed just to make the Invisible Children team rich. Another woman did not bite down onto a machete held by a 12 year old boy because she thought, hey this will make stupid people throw money away. What has just happened since March the 5th is 70 million + people have said they want something to be done about this and you can bet that those with the power to do something have been watching and listening very closely and I think this was the only intention on that video. If you think its a scam then simply don't bother getting involved, if you agree it needs supporting then support it. I really do not see why so many people seem to be so obsessed with telling people how dumb they are simply because they do not think its worth their time. if its not worth any effort then surely its not worth the negativeness either is it.
+Marty Caine: If it's not a scam, why does 70% of what you give them go to salaries and expensive propaganda videos? Also, did you know they took gullible out of the Wiktionary?
+Paul Johnson From the accounts I read supplied by Invisible Children in response the many shouts of scam, it looked all pretty clear to me, where they have spent the money but that so called propaganda video is the very thing that has brought you here to talk about it so I guess it actually worked huh. No one is begging you to get involved are they ?
Original video? People repost shorter videos and I bet those views are never counted.
+Marty Caine: No, but I really hate to see other people get duped. Underhanded organizations like Invisible Children give all nonprofits a bad name.
+Paul Johnson but how do you really know you are not the one getting duped? If I donate to Invisible Children will it make your coffee taste any different in the morning, no it won't. While you test the coffee theory think back on what you have been doing for the past 10 years while IC have been acting underhanded ;)
+Marty Caine Just two last words: 1) How long? - as long as it takes ( or are we going to buy tickets to Uganda to help to find him?). I'm not advocating not paying attention to world's problems , what I do say - don't run into oversimplification when it comes to have things actually done 2) there are too many teenagers (almost kids) on this thread to continue discussion. It is good that social media was able to capture their attention to the real world so they can grow up as sensitive human beings.
+Irina Tcherednichenko I should imagine there will be little need for me to try and find him, I actually think he will be captured or killed before April 20th but that is a completely different story. Interesting though your concern for children on this particular topic. I'm just pleased that I have witnessed 70 million people coming together for a common cause regardless of race, religion or politics. You all have to agree it is pretty impressive?
Sad..We are in the 21st century and they still dont get it...
No matter what we think of the Invisible Children organization, they have made Joseph Kony a household name, who can say that's a bad thing? I shared the link and it didn't cost me anything but time, the same time everyone else is spending hating on them.
haha rebecca black beat justin beiber...... tho i dont think that was the point.....
+Chris Miller Haven't you seen the multitude of commercials showing starving kids/animals suffering? If you don't remember them, I think that proves the point as to how ineffective they were since they did exactly what you're suggesting and have been terribly ineffective.

If you do remember them, can you tell me if their videos went viral? Did anyone even LIKE any of them? Did you donate money to any of their causes? Almost certainly not. I, and everyone I've ever spoken to usually respond by wanting to change the channel in response to the horrible sense of guilt they gives. That's what the response is when similar groups take your suggestion.

Contrast that with this completely opposite approach you're disapproving of. It's created the most viral video ever, inspired the American people to know that we CAN influence our leaders, and created an unbelievable level of awareness toward a particular problem.

Those are just the facts. As for my opinion, I think that IF a video focused on the children could theoretically gain similar virility and awareness, then Kony would have been just as alert in response and created just as much of a "greater threat" in response as you're suggesting. Either way you're letting Kony know we're on to him and want him stopped.
i love it, hope it will b successful
The graph really shows that more people are on the web than ever! Duh! Apparently, society has nothing better to do but check out youtube vids. It's ok every now and then :)
The list is not completed. There are other videos that achieve 100 millions views in less than 467 like Don Omar & Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro. However, it's incredible how Kony 2012 achieved 100Millions views in just 6 days, JUST 6 DAYS. I think the best marketing campaign ever, and, probably, the easy product to sell ever.
What a great chart. Very interesting to see how videos go viral and at what speed!
With 100 million views Why hasn't a mercenary group gone after this putz and killed him ?
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