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A new study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that about 74% of smartphone users use location-based services to find out information about what’s around them. In addition, one in five (18%) are checking in to local businesses — from restaurants to movie theaters — with geo-social services such as Foursquare.
As smartphone adoption continues to grow, about 74% of smartphone owners are using mobile devices to get location-based information.
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Why wouldn't you? This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone...
This is just another example of how the Channel Agnostic Trend is not part of the future--it's here now.
This is meaningful, I think, because a number of consumers balk about geolocation features (especially if a feature is opt-out rather than opt-in or it's set up as an auto-default).

I personally don't want to be tracked based on my location most of the time. The US government has already taken broad steps toward surveillance of citizens and their communications, so why would I want to provide additional information on my personal activities, even completely harmless ones? I generally don't want to share my shopping or restaurant purchases (or song selections) with the world until I make a conscious decision to do so, usually on Facebook or Twitter (and occasionally on G+ too).

On the plus side, geolocation is probably very helpful in certain missing persons cases.
Hmmm. I wonder how many folks who are guilty of crimes have ever tried to use a FourSquare check-in as an allibi. Just hypothesizing for fun.
If 74% of mobile users are using location apps it can't be all bad...
Wow, shocking. (sarcasm) 
+Beth Beswick I get what you're saying, we are seeing an increase in use of location based services by smartphone users.
At least that would haver reduced the number of people asking stuff from random people on the street... although that may be better in terms of communication and humbleness towards each other...
perfect for men U know we don't like asking for directions.
Talking to strangers brings us together.
i turned off usually.. my phone lives 5-6 days with normal talk LOL
I always leave location based sevices turned off. Just turn on gps if i need directions. My phone knowing where i am all the time makes me nervous.
This is a BIG issue for those who think big bro always has an eye on them. 
I still periodically use the Garmin GPS when I'm on the road to find restaurants nearby. Same service with Google maps. It's a time saver!
One Great way for FBI/ Gov to track down Pervs and child molesters. You can't even pick your boogers in privacee. LOL JusSayin
only way to get off their radar is pull your batts. out of every cell phone and unplug every pc gps in all
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