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Facebook just introduced a new Timeline feature that allows same-sex couples to declare their marriage status on the site with icons that best reflect the relationship, rather than the standard icon of a bride and a groom used for straight couples.

The feature was first noticed over the weekend when Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes married his partner Sean Eldridge. An icon of two grooms was added to Hughes’ Facebook Timeline to announce their wedding news.

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was among one of the 1,800 members that Liked Hughes’ update.

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Finally, a piece about FB that I can actually like.
Humorous. I'm generally fascinated by the obsession the gay-lesbian community has for somehow having complete equivalents to the "breeders" in their marriage experience. Marriage, as a whole (homo or hetero), should be avoided if having children isn't part of it. There are better contract arrangements to be had than "til death do us part."
They only add the feature when it becomes relevant to their own staff? Congrats to them, though. It's a step in the right direction. 
Gays are here to stay and if you can't deal with it you're in a world of hurt because it's going to get worse for you from here.  Sooner or later you'll have your little perception shift:  They are people, not gay, not straight, just people.
^^Probably meant to say against religion, not nature. Considering there are many other species that have same-sex relations. Marriage is a religious thing, not nature. Either way, it's no one else's place to say what feels natural to someone else.
+Sherif Kholeif as is wearing clothes. Were you born wearing any? As is using you? and cooking....and using medication to prolong life.. need I go on? Gay marriage is not even on the "Against Nature" agenda here!
You keep saying "bounce". I assume you mean "Bunch". Anyway, you were saying about the intelligence?
+Humayun Khan are you categorizing yourself as "intelligent"? I'm curious.. are you a troll from another social network?
Jebb Long
Always seems those obsessed with publicly hating homosexuals have deep guilt issues with their own homosexual thoughts or actions. Thanks for going out of your way to shine this light upon yourselves gay bashers. Meanwhile, the rest of us who are completely comfortable with our sexuality will treat this as the grain of salt it is and always will be.
so were okay with making nature illegal, but gay marriage is legal. if gays can get married I should be able to grow and smoke pot
Jebb Long
who has a brain - he knows 2000-year-old fiction when he reads it.
+Humayun Khan sure go ahead and fight for your right to grow and/or smoke pot. Why are you hating on others' rights to do what they must? Jealous much?
+Humayun Khan God? Which god is that? On last count there were more than a billion all around the world.
It's a human right not to be, well, de-humanized by a bunch of elitist bible-clenching, uneducated, ignorant, self-centered, expletive-shouting, raging people who think their condemning manners would somehow be better looked upon than peace, equality, and respect. 

In a few decades they'll be right where the racist pigs from the civil rights days of the 20th century were. It's their own legacy they're ruining.

A straight man, who loves equality.
+Jebb Long those who has a brain knows that they are old stories because the book calls them "fables" but has enough deductive resigning to derive a lesson which some people with just "a brain" can never see. just because you have a brain doesn't mean its working at optimal capacity. well no ones does but you get the idea
I think smoking pot sounds like an excellent idea for some commenters here. Anything that'll help you relax.
+Humayun Khan far be it from me to dive down to this level of argument... but a book on grammar and proper sentence construction might help.
+Loren Parker Unfortunately, being legally married is the only way to get a lot of benefits that people in legal unions can't get.  In a lot of places, even if you are in a legal union, you can't claim any inheritance and you have no say over what type of medical treatment their partners can receive.  So even if kids aren't part of the question, theirs a lot of benefits to being legally married.
Heh, I'm trying to impart knowledge to someone who is indignant and cannot spell. Always the norm, unfortunately.
All this hate and funny, I don't even think about heterosexual relationships.
Uh, good for them. So... why is this on Google+ again since it deals with facebook?
+Mark Liederbach you people need more discipline. if I have to smoke my weed in private and take my cigarette outside because its a "bad." Gays should not be gay in public because we the people or the public say its "bad" u butt fuckers need to take it inside and stop trying to make me puke 
Noooo I don't hate gay ppl - what I don't like is ppl trying to go against the Bible....
I'm having the absolute hardest time understanding your comment. Do you maybe want to rephrase that, perhaps spend a little time proof-reading. It might help to use a Word document to spell-check.

As soon as you explain what "fb have the icon bow I'll just simple block whoever is gay - NO RACIST - them what.?", I'll get right back to you.

Thanks, have a nice day.
don't really care its not that importentato dfgfdsgdfgdfgsdgf
+Humayun Khan So gay people need to have more discipline and not be gay, not because THEY have a problem with being gay but because you're really upset and can't control your emotions when you see gay people. That's really sound logic there. 
+Humayun Khan Tell me, when's the last time you saw two homosexual men having sex in public? Oh yeah, I thought so. Have a great day. Weather's nice, isn't it?
+Mark Liederbach , I'm kinda with you on that point. He does need to spend time with a word document and proof read. 
+Jall Kennedy  - um, "NO RACIST" deals with a person skin color, not a sexual preference. I believe the word you were looking for is "discriminating".
This is fun. Homophobic people are so under-prepared, illiterate, and ignorant. It's almost too easy to counter their arguments.
+Humayun Khan I highly doubt they are your friends. You might just be around them for their own entertainment. A bit of a laugh at what some people in society think is a good reason to condemn them for.
Seriously, though, how about that weather?
Wow, shocked at the level of hate displayed here. First I've really seen of this kind of juvenile ranting on G+. No one should be forced to agree with or support something they don't believe in. And you have every right to post differencing opinions. But can we at least do it civilly and without the caps-lock key on? 

Also, you can edit your comments and posts so feel free to go back and correct those typos!
Play nice, everyone. Hate speech will be deleted. This is no place for that. We're nice people, here!
"I spend majority of my free time thinking about religion and studying the sacred text. "
"Jesus Is who I brag about."
Pattern detected.
What about just a HEART for any couples!? Fb you missed a good chance to be smart...
+Corrie Davidson - I agree with you there. This is the first time i seen one too but i guess more of the above homophobic things, that like to call themselves "people", will be coming here as facebook begins to fall even more.
+Paschalis Mpeis If you don't like gay friendly companies then you should take down your little android and quit using google because they're one of the top gay friendly tech companies. Did you miss their logo during pride month?
You're right, +Humayun Khan. After all, Good use of English has no bearing on the level of credibility your audience perceives of you. Just as all world leaders say, "lol, my fb no joke had crapton likes omg lolwtf?!" Seems legit.

Oh wait.
I wish they would show the same courtesy to adoptive families 
just more proof that society is evolving more by the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but the beauty of it is that whether you like it or not homosexuality is very much a part of your world. learn to deal with it or live miserably, if we all had our say in how ppl live their lives im pretty sure earth would be non existent. Thank you FB, for being mature practicing human rights in a positive way. : )
+Humayun Khan  Oh I see. You're trolling. So, what ever I use in a defense is then thrown under the bus. Even if it's yourself. This is fun. Let's try something else.

You have brown hair.

So how's that weather?
Oh, you haven't puked yet? I thought you were off to puke a while ago. Let me know when that happens. Because your bodily functions mean so much to me.
I was going to try to write an erudite and intelligent comment that would also be pithy and amusing. But you know what, reading some of the lame brained comments put forward by parties on both sides of the argument I don't think I'll bother. Seems to me there are lot of people who want to have a wedding in a church. The marriage bit seems a bit of an afterthought. I can't wait for the reality show "My Big Loud Gay Wedding" to hit the airwaves. 
Haha, you're funny +Humayun Khan. Pretending to "go to the beach," and like none of the trolling rhetoric was your own. Have a great day! (I told you the weather was nice).
+Tod Anderson Just because you do not agree with people's opinions or the way they conduct themselves does not make them any less of people than you or I. Careful you do not fall into the trap of hypocrisy. 

I may not agree with the methods, language, bullying, opinions, or ignorance of other commentors, but I DO respect their right to disagree and voice their displeasure with a topic. Open dialog is very important. My hope would be that these discussions could be conducted as adults - without debasing ourselves in the foul tripe so commonly associated with trolling. 

Lets hope the moderators at +Mashable keep in mind the difference between "hate speech" and dissension when deleting comments as they have threatened to do. (I myself have flagged several as abusive.) It is up to us to maintain a community that we want to be a part of - and hopefully that means a diverse community populated with people of different creed, color, beliefs, and interests.

(And cheers +Ben Baugher on the adoptive family language as well)
Me personally. I am a private person on things like this. I don't care what someone else does in their private life, it is thier private life. They shouldn't be hated, I won't allow for that if I see or hear it but I don't want to hear about what others do in thier bedroom either. If 2 adults want to get married, let them who cares. It is not my right to stop them nor my buisness to know what they do.
This looks like a YouTube video comment thread. -1
Hate the sin, not the sinner.
+Seth Sevenyoln - yes, I do. I understand the religion for which i serve, which is Paganism. We do not judge or discriminate for we all are from the Goddess and God. To us, love is the greatest force that humans can have. We do not question or condemn a person's love and who they love. We  love and accept all people, save for those that will abuse the Power or practice Dark, just like the God and Goddess do.
Mark L.
If you reserve the right to "hate the sin, not the sinner," then everyone else reserves the right to "hate the belief, not the believer."
the bible is not a philosophical object, its a bible
Stan Wilcox well said :-) perfect :-)
We will, as you can see, move past various levels of discrimination as time progresses, it is the natural course of things as we become more aware of the needlessness of hatred of others. Be thoughtful of other human beings as human beings, approach all with kindness, and live and let live.

Plus, when you tell me people what Gd says, you are a prophet, then you tell people how to live their lives, you are a jerk. :)
that's gay. oh... wait..
+Claudio Romagnoli Facebook does the heart for relationships already, so the marriage icons add a distinction.
I love how lesbians always get upset when guys start talking negatively about gays, it is like they don't even understand the topic of discussion. (Wow, you guys are talking about food, i'll interject my thoughts on landscaping because you people obviously are ignorant on the subject. YES, IT IS THAT RETARDED WHEN YOU SPEAK UP) Hey ladies, it says in the Old Testament that if MAN lays down with MANKIND like he were a woman that it is an abomination. It doesn't say anything about women. Now I understand a few Christian preachers are dumb enough to say that G_d meant women too, but that is tarded, G_d sees the future as clearly as the past and if he had meant women too then he would have inspired the author to write that. He didn't, this is why Even Orthadox Rabbis won't speak out against lesbians, women were made different by G_d and sometimes have different rules, this is one of those time.

As to the Gay guys, I don't run around screaming about how many women I've had sex with, or how hot some chick's ass is, or putting bumper stickers on my jeep wrangler that I like women; why do you feel it is necessary to runaround screaming that you like it in the butt or telling me you like my Oakland Booty or having those stupid interlocked male symbols on the bumper of your jeep liberty. Hell, it is a Liberty, we already know you are gay because you are driving a liberty.......... or a Prius. Lol

And yes, I do have my prejudices, but I have had friends that fall into each of the categories of prejudice that I have (including gay men) because I am a mature adult that judges people as individuals. ((Of course none of those dudes ran around wearing pink feather boas, screaming in a lisp about how cute Ricky Martin is and swatting my ass, those dudes are asking to be run over by a Dodge Pickup.))

Have a nice day everybody.
is same-sex marriage or same-planet marriage.... still the same to me though
I think calling the use of a female bride logo on one's facebook page 'unjust' is an epic stretch.
Uh, I hate to say this, no I don't. Who cares? Really. It is the people on the far left and right if you will that make a big deal of it. Let it be and everyone can be happy. Not gonna happen because religious fascists cannot let people live their own lives.
What idiot would want to be gay and who would like this, anyway?  Seriously, read the bible.
yes, you should. love the one you're with and let Jesus take care of the details.
sawyer forton: an idiot is a person who blindly follows a book from an unknown author, and which has been changed across its history by politicians and clerics in order to reflect their wants and needs...
gives me an even larger reason to use it
Yep! If you wanna be an atheist - READ the Bible! Not just the bits your "preacher" tells you to read! Read it all..... If you think you want that in your life - keep on your medication and try not to hurt yourself.
+sawyer forton ,with bigoted morons like you around to harass them, nobody WANTS to be gay.  They just are.  Who would WANT to be a target of harassment by knuckle dragging fools with half their IQ?  
disguisting is not being able to type in your own language.
Actually your whole comment is a typo.
I'm glad the Zucky liking something is news worthy.
Whether you want to personally believe it or not, for many people...
There is no god - The bible is a distortion of fictitious stories.

Quit trying to impose your ideals on others for wanting to share their love. If you are one of those who "want to puke", don't worry about the gays. They all already know, you are a piece of crap and make them want to puke and want nothing to do with you too.

And Congratulations to the new happy couple!
It was easier to tell who wore the dress in bed b4 tho
There's a lot of people on here screaming at the top of their lungs and saying nothing.  So, to avoid the same fate, I'm simply going to stay logical.  One thing that seems to traverse all schools of thought is logic.  Here we go...

In discussing the question of whether or not God exists, let's strictly look at the question from the perspective of self-preservation.  A selfish perspective perhaps, but I'm going with it.  If there is no God, I'll never know it.  I'll simply die, decompose, and my belief in God will have amounted to nothing, but I won't know it.  I'm dead and gone.  If there is a God, then when I die I'll have to give an account for my actions to the Creator of the universe, which without His mercy I guarantee will end badly for me.  People are scared of that notion, and so don't want there to be a God.  Again, from a perspective of self-preservation.  So the scenario is this: if atheists are right, none of us will ever know; but if God does in fact exist, we all place our souls on the line in defying Him.

Ergo, for purposes of preserving yourself alone, it makes logical sense to believe in God.  Not doing so is the ultimate gamble.

I know this has nothing to do with the topic of this article, but the conversation seemed to evolve this direction.  Personally, I don't approve of homosexuality because the Bible that I base my life on doesn't either.  I see it as sin even as the Bible does, but I'm every bit the sinner they are.  I just didn't choose that particular sin.  For that reason, I don't condemn those who practice this lifestyle.  That's God's job, not mine.  I'm just happy that mercy is available through repentance to all, even one such as me.
They already had the feature that u can put in a relationship or married to someone of the same sex. An extra icon just seems like pointless publicity. Sorry mark, that ain't gonna help ur shitty stock prices.
Bickering over differences in values and beliefs get us nowhere. We have to accept each others differences so that we can move forward as a society. Every person has their place.
+Jamie Hobbs your theory doesn't take into account the possibility of a God that doesn't judge you on your sexual preference.
So +Jamie Hobbs what you're saying is - "Believe in god not because s/he's real...but because IF he just HAPPENS to be real - he's gonna whup ur a$$" !! Sounds blasphemous to me ;)
+Richard Borcsik Wait...there's an approved hole? Someone is actually sitting up in the sky approving which hole to put a penis in?????
this is just wrong. God made 1 man and 1 woman for A REASON!
This is FORWARD MOTION!!!! The first thing of FB that I like in a big amount of time!!!
Oh Jeez, I'm not often drawn into religeon, but if god made one man and one woman, how do you explain different races?

Congratulations boys, if it makes you happy, so what?
I can't get through all the posts. This is some funny stuff. If a person's sexual preference is that damned critical to how you live your life, you don't have a "life."
+Richard Borcsik If Eve didn't have girls, how could she have had girls by her sons? Not every birth by Eve was recorded in the Bible. Just the ones necessary to establish lineage.
+Jamie Hobbs Since you are approaching this topic in a civilized and logical manner, I'd like to discuss this topic with you.  In addition to your two scenarios, I'll propose another one to you: what if God exists and he's nothing like what the Bible describes and he's angry that you've been worshiping him incorrectly based off the things written in the Bible.  What then?  In my opinion, it's actually illogical to believe in an after life because  there's no way of knowing what exactly will happen after we die, since, as far as I'm aware, nobody has died and come back to tell us what it's like.  (I don't count Jesus here because using a figure from your own religion to argue about the validity of your religion doesn't count)  I don't want to dissuade you from or attack your religious beliefs, just curious about them is all.

As for homosexuality, I'll be perfectly honest, I grew up thinking that it was wrong and went against nature.  I've since completely changed my thoughts on it.  I completely support the LGBT movement and their fight for equality.  Why did my thoughts change about the subject matter?  Easy; it's because I stopped basing my beliefs on what other people told me to base it on.  I started thinking and feeling for myself.  I started putting myself in other people's shoes.  If homosexuality was the norm and heterosexuality was considered abnormal, I would want the same rights too.  Sexual preference is something that you are born with; I wouldn't let homosexuals change my sexual preference so why would I want to change theirs?  
God made all people the same, precious to Him and in His image. What we do with that life, is up to us.
Some guys just don't like women... Some women just don't like guys...
I figured people would take my post the wrong way.  Just the way it is I guess.  No, I'm not saying that we should believe in God just because it would be safer that way.  I was simply giving one perspective based solely on logic.  I guess I was wrong about logic transcending all schools of thought.  The key word in that sentence is "thought".  Don't just react through emotion when someone disagrees with your point.  Think, and reason it out.  As the Bible says, "Test all things, holding fast to what is good."

Some claim that belief in God is blind faith.  So, let's test that and hold to it only if it is good.  What is faith?  Faith, according to the Bible, is "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen".  That means that faith is based on "substance" and "evidence".  Belief can be without proof, but faith cannot.  Not in this definition of the word.  Therefore, "blind faith" is oxymoronic.  Faith only comes through evidence, as defined in the Bible.  So what is that evidence of things unseen?  Creation, for one.  "The universe declares the glory of God."  What is the "substance of things hoped for"?  Salvation, for one.  We hope for salvation from sins, and achieve it through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  I can have faith in Jesus, faith in Creation, and ultimately faith in God through evidence, not blindness.  What is blind is belief that there is no God.  There is no evidence to support that notion, only a presupposition.  If you don't want there to be a God, then you will choose not to believe in Him.

This may well start other threads of thought, which is a good thing.  But I ask that "thought" actually be included.  Please don't fling insults and slander on a whim.  It doesn't serve you well.  As the Bible says, "A kind word turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
Also, I noticed someone posed a question asking why God made gay people.  The short answer is that He didn't.  He made people.  People make choices.
+Humayun Khan - I think you should grow pot.  Let me know if you have any luck in this endeavor.
+Jamie Hobbs being 'gay' is not a matter of choice. Just like if you are a heterosexual - you did not have a say in it. It was not your conscious decision to do so. This is just the way your body and the chemicals in your brain work.
Roly V
Congrats to the happy couples!
+Jamie Hobbs with regards to Jesus Christ - He may have existed... but was probably a regular person with a great following. Steve Jobs was a regular person with a great following...I'm sure in 5000 years people may remember him (IF they remember him) as someone you created great technology out of thin air for the salvation of the human race... but you and I know this is not how it happened.
It is easy for the definition and description of reality to drift through time. 
I have to point out you are not basing your belief in Jesus Christ on evidence - but on blind 'faith' (taking the definition not from your referred text here).
LOL @ those here selfishly purporting to be the translator of their deity's wishes through words written by other people during times of incredulous superstition. You people couldn't possibly be a better embodiment of the selfishness that is religion (in any flavor).
hello how is everyone doing this afternoon
I believe that homosexuality is a choice.  I have seen no irrefutable evidence to the contrary.  The ironic part is that homosexuality flies in the face of both the secular humanist and creationist worldviews.  From a Creationist perspective, the same Bible that ascribes to Divine Creation also states very clearly that homosexuality is an "abomination".  Not my word, that's biblical.  So claiming the Bible and homosexuality is self-refuting.  The Bible claims it as sin, and sin is a choice.  God would not create a human that had no choice but to sin.  Therefore, homosexuality of necessity has to be a choice, based on the Bible.

OK, now what about the secular humanistic worldview?  This typically involves macro-evolution, so for purposes of argument, let's assume it does here as well.  Evolution is driven by selective pressure in the environment, enabling only the strongest individuals to survive.  The whole point of that is to pass along the strongest DNA, thus furthering the species into newer forms of life.  (Side note: I don't believe in macro-evolution in the least bit and there are a host of issues with what I've just typed.  But such is the tenant of macro-evolution.)  If DNA is to pass on, there must be reproduction.  Homosexuality halts that process.  Therefore, if it is not a choice, then it is a chemical defect, as it does not further the species.  Secular humanism, fueled by natural selection, would determine that this being is of no use to the human race.  Cold?  Yes, but consistent with the concepts of secular humanism and evolution.

The point here is that it is most logical for homosexuality to be a choice.  To claim otherwise indicates that gay people are chemically defective.  Who here is willing to make that claim?  In my view, they are simply people who have chosen poorly.  Similar to an alcoholic, a kleptomaniac, or any number of other habitual choices.  This is no different from the sin of everyone else, including me.  It's just different sin.  I hate the sin of homosexuality, but I don't hate the person who claims it.
what is that suppost to mean?????????????????????????????????????????
Oh, trust me.  I most certainly am basing my belief in Jesus Christ on evidence.  The Bible was written in 3 languages, across 3 continents, spanning almost 5000 years of time.  And in every book, Jesus is mentioned either in prophecy or history.  This isn't about religion.  I put no stock in religion.  This is about truth, and truth alone.  Religion twists truth, as many on here have accurately stated.  Religion has given rise to the most heinous acts imaginable, and all because "God told me to do it".  Jesus contended with the religions of His day.  It was the religious leaders who killed Him when the political leaders were wanted to let Him go.  Read the Bible yourself if you deny that fact.  It's not about blind belief, but about the proof of what Jesus did.  "Test all things, holding fast to what is good."  Jesus died for my sins, and everyone else's as well.  That's a fact.  He stated He would, and there's no denying that He died.  He also rose again, and it's THAT concept that has people running scared.  But it's also THAT concept that proves Him as God.  I can't force anyone to accept that, and I won't even try.  But in the dark of the night when you feel alone or in a moment when you've lost hope, just try a simple prayer.  Just try it, empirical evidence.  No one has to know.  Just you and God.  See if you don't find the proof that I found.
Everything is a choice, Richard.  You have been given free will by a loving God.  Use your will and choose.
+Jamie Hobbs +Ethan Hansen  Do you also believe that animals possess free will and actively make the choice to engage in homosexual behavior?  According to Wikipedia, "A 1999 review by researcher Bruce Bagemihl shows that homosexual behavior has been observed in close to 1,500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, and is well documented for 500 of them."  
First of all, be careful of claiming everything in Wikipedia as absolute fact.  But to your point, I'd ask what "homosexual behavior" actually means.  Is it defined?  What about "well documented"?  What does that mean?  Vague terminology doesn't help support your point.

Also, I don't put humans on par with animals.  We are the only beings created in God's image.  Even if animals were eventually shown beyond any doubt to have homosexual tendencies, which would be completely against the nature to procreate, that doesn't mean that humans are the same.  We're very much different.
As well, +Jamie Hobbs, having something written down in different languages across different continents across different time periods is not cold hard evidence.  Almost every ancient culture had some sort of concept about Earth being flat, and many of them based this knowledge on scientific "proof".  

Don't confuse a historical document for scientific evidence of anything.  There have been plenty of historical documents that were once widely accepted as truth, and they've been proven wrong.  
You're right, Allyson.  But the Bible isn't one of them.  That has been attempted since it's inception.  Yet it remains.
well crap... the hypocritical bigots are out...
Whatever. I am so sick of Facebook. Deleted my account a long time ago already.
Omar, you claim I believe blindly, yet I've given evidence upon evidence on here.  You claim I've been "imprinted with an image of reality", yet I've debated against dozens of others just today who would imprint me with their own image.  You even claim that what I believe "isn't the right thing to do", bringing my morality into question.  Who here is trying to change whom?  I am giving my points of view, and have been given no reason to change those.  I am not forcing others into a decision they aren't comfortable making.  I'm simply saying, that if you're searching for the truth and you can't find it anywhere, look to Heaven for it.  Maybe you'll find it there.
+Jamie Hobbs There are plenty of examples of animals having homosexual, bisexual, and nonreproductive sex. If you want to dive into the specifics, here are the sources for the Wikipedia article.

Your point was that homosexuality goes against nature, but there are plenty of examples of homosexuality IN nature, a nature that you believe your god created.

Finally, there is plenty of scientific evidence disproving events in the Bible.  Creationism?  Do people actually believe in the whole seven days thing still?  There's no evidence of Noah putting a bunch of animals on a boat either.  

I was raised in a religious family, and have some experience with the Bible.  I can see the value in parts of it, similar to Aesop's Fables, in teaching morality.  But to use it to unequivocally determine what is right and what is wrong -- well, that burden of proof is on YOU.  And so far, the only proof you've offered is that the Bible was written down at some point.  That's certainly not enough for me and for many others to accept it as the Supreme Guide to Living that people claim it to be. 
+Jamie Hobbs Please post more scientific evidence, then.  I can't be bothered to read this entire thread, but the only thing I've seen from you so far is that the Bible was written down and that people still believe in it.  That's not evidence.  The internet alone is proof that not everything written down is truth.

Can I also ask what your opinion on other religions aside from Christianity is?  Other religions have their own historical documents that have existed for thousands of years, and people still believe in those too, if we're going by your definition of evidence.  What makes your historical document more factual?  Because you say so?
It is truly fascinating how fiercely people fight against my beliefs, the faith of Christians.  Even to the point of insult and calling it "nonsense".  I don't force my beliefs on anyone.  I simply claim them and voice them.  It does make me wonder sometimes, if my faith is all nonsense, why do so many people have a problem with me voicing it?  And then I remember, they did the same thing to Christ.
Richard, are you claiming homosexuality is a cancer?
+Ali Aslam I was referring specifically to a comment that Jamie had made that homosexuality was against the natural order because it does not result in procreation.  I was pointing out that there is plenty of homosexuality present in the natural order.  But anyways, I believe in evolution, so though we are more reasonable than animals, we possess some of the same instincts that they do.

+Jamie Hobbs Nowhere did I refer to your beliefs as nonsense, I'm simply pointing out that some of your claims can be refuted with scientific evidence.  If you're going to present your beliefs on the internet as fact, you have to be prepared to have them challenged, right?  You're challenging mine.

I still would like to know what your opinion of other religions are.  You missed that part, I suppose.
Clearly we aren't getting anywhere here, and that's to be expected.  It's good to be convinced in your beliefs, as long as you can support them.  I do have to go now as I have a dinner date this evening, but I greatly thank everyone for their points and debate.  I'm on here a lot, so if you see my name, feel free to strike this conversation back up.  And yes, Allyson, I do believe in the Creation Week.  Though the universe was created in 6 days, not 7.  And yes, there are mountains of evidence in science for that too.  I teach a class on them in fact.  Please go to or for more info on that.  There's also the Institute for Creation Research which has some good articles.  Have a good evening, and God bless.
Ain't no homo going to heaven. 
+Arvind Gautam Do you mean "Us" as in the general population as a whole, or that people don't like Homosexuals and don't want to think of them as a part of society? I just needed clarification.

I am married to my beautiful wife, and have 2 wonderful children. I am gay in any way, but I believe in what my Father fought for in Vietnam, and what others have fought for in all the wars of the past and that is freedom for all. Black, White, Chinese, Japanese, Straight, Gay, or Martian are all free, and are free to make their own choices. I have no right to judge. I am not religious, but I believe judgement is left for those who are better than others, which means that when it is all said and done, there is no one left to do any judging.
+Dan Nguyen  That's because god, and therefore heaven, doesn't exist. That means you won't get into heaven either.
I like how Google+ just let's you choose married and other, no need to explain from straight or same sex marriages or if you choose to opt out to other with out the need to pry.
God does not like this.
First of all, Hamilton Kulchetscki - If you want to be understood - Type all you want to let people read in English - stupid.

Second, there is nothing wrong with being gay or bi -sexual. They are people too!
Wow. I feel like allowing people to express themselves openly touched a nerve, given the vitriol and bile left on this post...
+Loren Parker I'm not sure which "better contract arrangements" include all of the benefits that we have single-mindedly attached to marriage in this country, like tax benefits and visitation. Oh, and apply in more than a half dozen states. 
+sawyer forton Let us all hope that someday, you get a chance to realize there's a world full of other people who aren't exactly like you. Or, you might stay inside and read enough that you come around to practice what you preach, all that lovey stuff in between the grisly reminders of what happens if you step out of line. Both would probably be an improvement. 
+Jamie Hobbs I would just like to clarify were you said "it is truly fascinating how people fight against my beliefs." I'm pretty sure you came in here to do just that towards someone else's preference. Belief is meant to be kept to yourself, but just for shits and giggles try reading "the book of the dead." Its the story of your precious "Jesus" only a few hundred years before he was born. His story isn't original, so stop trying to persuade people with a book that has more contradictions than this thread.
If they feel happy let them be.  Congratulations.
+Heather Michelle "truth" is the exact opposite of what you claim. The bible says that "you" a woman is to be subservient to men, you have no rights and are pretty much damned from the start for eating an apple. By the way hell never existed in the original scripture, it was devised as a way to make people feel guilty and keep people on a "moral" path
Entering the convo late but just wished to add my good thoughts to FB for joining the twenty-first century with the rest of the anti-knuckle dragger society. I, however, can exhibit enough self control that you will not read my religious/spiritual beliefs here....would that others could do the is after all no one's business but your own.
It speaks to the values of those who use choice to demean that which is called good by our creator.  Proliferation of an agenda of elevating perverse behavior will most probably be judged by our creator as causing a neighbor to stumble. I pray there is repentance in the social media community. Please join me in my effort to help our neighbors' eternal component to not have to experience everlasting torment. 
Mr. Kulchetscki, You may enjoy upsetting people but in the war of words requiring intellect, you are bringing a knife to a gun fight. Come back when you are better armed. What a shame that so much energy has to be applied in such a pathetic manner. Ah, well, as they say, it takes all kinds. That last line, my friend, is called may not have recognized it.
Unfortunately gay marriage means nothing until DOMA is repealed.
If homosexuality is a "choice" then I should shoot myself for "choosing" to be persecuted, treated like a second class citizen, denied the same basic human & civil rights as the rest of society. Yeah, I made a great "choice"
I was BORN THIS WAY!!!!!!!!
The same people here who accuse gays of shoving our "agenda/lifestyle" in the faces of those who don't accept homosexuality are the very same people who try and shove religion in the faces of those who really don't give a rat's ass. Just sayin' Hypocrisy comes in all shapes and sizes!
Are we over it yet. If your not over it go back in the closet and stay there no told u to come out. 
congratulations to facebook for such an important update your stock will soar now
Mmmmm... How this specie reproduce ?
no reproduction! this gay thing will work itself out in a few generations I hope....
+Melvin Ponce we reproduce just like any other"species" Gestational carriers. Invitro fertilization, adoption. You know, those same methods used for STRAIGHT couples who are unable to have children "naturally" What concepts! Welcome to REALITY.
+Devon Sanders yeah, I'm pretty much thinking the same thing about this "straight" thing......
Anything other than straight is crooked!
Yup.....just like the straight couples who suck face all over in public that I have to put up with. J
All I can say is wow....the idiots from both sides are out. Both sides of this arguement should be ashamed of your nastiness. I have my own beliefs but BOTH sides are being intolerant jerks. One side cannot speak for tolerance while slamming the other side and vice versus.
I believe in God. I believe in the Bible. I also know that we as human beings do not have a Heaven or Hell to put people in. Everyone will have to answer to God on that faithful day. Not bashing anyone, just saying, there's no point to judge, because we ALL will go thru the ultimate judgment.  Don't try to counter me with hate speech, I don't care what you think about what I say. I'm just telling ALL ON THIS POST, EVERYONE will be subject to God's judgment.
Romans 14: it.
Everyone sins....there is no sin greater than the other. That's why there's no point to judging. We are ALL not clean. We strive to be, but we still fall short.
thats why we all need Jesus Christ who died for our sins.
how long before pedophiles can marry their love interests?
You can say SIN is overated, but when the wages of sin is paid will see how you underated sin, and regret every sin that was committed because spiritual Death and seperation from God for eternity are the wages of sin!
Jillian you a BIG Aman! The Bible says, " be sure your sin will find you out". 
+John Lambers actually the bible says a rapist is to marry his victim because he "humbled" her. They were all pedophiles back then, so the bible doesn't make much of that
“When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called a Religion.” see the problem with all of you bible thumpers is that you have a sense of entitlement and wonder why others can't see what you see. Truth is I'm on the side of "open-minded" because not a single one of you is special nor can you see something that I can't. We don't know the answers, nobody does. Your absolute certainty of judgement and "truth" is why you are a delusional.
"Open-minded"??? most straight people aren't open-minded but must gays aren't either. To have an open mind means to accept and respect other people's opinions, not just to accept gays. Gays must accept and respect that other people think different than they do. That is to be open-minded.
+Richard Borcsik +Christian Otterstein , as to the whole "Sky Daddy" thing(quoting Rich, you don't mind if I call you Rich do you?) I have studied several religions, even did some of that in college. Even though I disagree with stuff from every religion, since organized religions are run by men/women and not the G_d that those people worship, it is understandable and obvious that there will be something wrong with each religion; humans are fallible. However, that being said, it doesn't give cause not to believe in the deity or the general direction of the religion.

Now, I understand people who are agnostic, and even people who claim to be Athiest but admit that they just don't believe in organized religion or know which deity to worship (these people are actually agnostic but claim atheism, but I don't like to argue the semantics with them because realistically who am I to tell them what they are?) If they want to call themselves Athiests so that the local churchgoers aren't constantly trying to. "prove" to them that theirs is the "proper" religion, I find that understandable. I don't like people knocking on my door either.

What I disagree with, since certain people in the discussion, yourselves included, brought it up, is twofold. FIRSTLY True Athiests that think they are the pinnacle of evolution. You aren't. Most Athiests I have had the discussion with refuse to believe in any deity because they refuse to believe in anything that is in any way more advanced than themselves. Well, you people are so smart, read a science book and you might find out that ther are several creatures on this planet with brains MUCH larger and more active than any human brain. Studies on certain dolphins have found that in addition to their language having nouns, verbs and adjectives they also have something that none of the scientists doing the studies can figure out (no, it isn't helper words like most human languages have). They don't have thumbs, but they are smarter, so in at least one way, much better than you or I. And really, can you imagine any more childish reason for an important life choice such as no religion than wanting to think you yourself are the pinnacle of evolution and the center of the universe? Utterly crybaby like. SECONDLY Many Athiests are evangelists, I hate evangelists in my own religion, imagine how much I must hate someone that screams at me about how much I should NOT believe in a G_d, not any G_d. I can deal with people of any religion, and since my work makes me travel a lot I have; the only people from the various religions that I can't stand are the evangelists that think I should convert to their beliefs just because they believe they are right so I must be wrong, no proof, I'm just wrong. I belong to a religion that along with three other religions share the same diety (that's right, Jews, Christians {Cathilic, Protestant and Orthadox}, Muslims and Mormons all profess to believe in a diety that the others also claim [even though they have very different beliefs, will argue about it and say the others have it all screwed up]). So, with so many people believing in the same diety, why should I suddenly stop? I may or may not have the correct religion(assuming there is a correct religion), but to suddenly stop believing in any diety, no, that just isn't going to happen. I have seen too many wonderful things in my life that can't be explained by "Athiest logic," but might be explained by something more powerful.

If atheism works for you and you are actually happy with it, fine. If you are happy then you are happy and that is all anyone can ask for. When confronted by people that believe in a Holy Book and or a G_d, and make their arguments based solely on said religion I suggest instead of screaming that they are dumb for believing, your arguments after would carry a lot more weight if you simply said your beliefs didn't include said Religion or religious texts and tell the person to make their arguments without the use of religion. If they can't, then consider yourself the winner of the argument. If they can, argue that.

Or not. Whatever.

Have a nice day.
Obviously many here doesn't even know God so shouldn't try to say he is fake let alone ever read the bible so u have no clue whats in it if i DID ud know what it said about this kind of sin..animals doesn't even do this kinda of stuff but u got to answer for this not me!
+Steve Mayne God didn't make gay people. That is a choice. Satan is in this world. God didn't make the evil, Satan did. +Mike Dibble I totally agree!
+1 to that, Congrats to the homogeneous population, you can now declare your sexuality via Facebook relationship status.
Frankly, the bottom line for me is that there is plenty of people who choose not to live as Christ has told us to. 
Once again " GAY invasion " go away gays, go away gays, go away gays. Gays go home, gays go home. 
+Mary Weigel god said don't waste yours and other people's time on Google+ and Facebook. Go to church!
Giving fundamentalist religious nutjobs internet access is like giving a drunk baby a loaded pistol!
Even though I am against same-sex marriage.  I am for gay and lesbian individuals to make any other kind of arrangements that they can to have a comfortable and happy life.  I am, however, also against gay couples acquiring children from straight individuals or situations.  I think that if they can't procreate with each other they shouldn't be allowed to adopt.  If this were law, then many years from now (through attrition) people may better understand why different sexes in each species copulate -- so that life may continue in the normal scheme of things. Marriage is the institution that provides those guidelines for humans.  Obviously this is one man's opinion.  The fact that many people have children (planned or unplanned) out of wedlock is whole 'nother issue.
what dkhd...then why isn't America adopting them.
Read God's word and see the real statement on gays  discussing
+Steven Feinstein So true. the first time I stand and applaud at something facebook has done that makes sense. It was strange for me seeing same sex couples but after a while Im like ehh. Whats the big deal?
+Arvind Gautam I laughed at your post about the nut jobs and drunk babies. That was gold but true
Lots of self-hating closeted homosexuals commenting in here.
As I've read back through this, I see a number of misconceptions to address.  On both "sides of the aisle", as it were.  There really isn't room here to do so, nor is this the right forum, but if anyone does want to discuss the existence of God, Creation, the role of Jesus, what a Christian is and isn't, the truth of the Bible, or any other topic related to the above, please feel free to add me to your circles and we can discuss off this thread.  I don't know if this particular article is being monitored anymore or not, but I wanted to at least extend the invitation.  I do not judge, ridicule, or force anyone to my beliefs.  I simply discuss and enjoy feedback and debate.  Someone accused me of coming to this thread to attack homosexuals.  If you read back through this entire thread, you'll see that nothing is further from the truth.  I hate no one.  I simply don't approve of certain choices and voice it.  Not out of anger, but concern.  God bless you all and may He draw you to Him.  If He does, I pray you don't push Him away.
+Allen Turner "acquiring children through straight situations" Such as gestational carriers, invitro fertilization, adoption? The same "straight situations" that straight couples use who can't conceive naturally? Interesting.
As a matter of fact, there are many churches, many denominations who are now open and all affirming. Which for those of you who may be a wee bit behind the times, welcome and include us gays and lesbians in the church experience! There are gay and lesbian members of clergys. Openly gay bishops in the Episcopal denomination as well as others. So please all you religious pious zealouts, do your homework before you spew. Even some more liberal Baptists (they DO exist!!) welcome us! About the only ones who don't is the Catholic church. They don't have time to be open minded. They're too busy molesting young boys and covering it up. Not too much covert homosexuality there now is there?
And one more thing for those of you who may not be clear about this, G-d's love is UNCONDITIONAL!!!!! I'm just one little Jewish dyke. What could I possibly know about any of this?!!!!!!?????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and one more thing, all you gay bashing h8ters--- General Mills, you know the cereal and cookie company? Well, they have partnered (no pun intended) with HRC as proud sponsors of LGBT Pride. Stop feeding your kids cereal and cookies made by them! Eating their products could cause your kids to become gay! Oh no! The General Mills company is out to recruit your kids! Oh no!
+nanci wylde really!?  Do you honestly believe that?  Should we stop buying Ford vehicles because H. Ford supported Hitler?  Or Japanese cars because of the Fukishima radiation and WWII? Or The Ukraine because of Chernobyl?  that's like saying every corperate merger is a homosexual marrige.
If you read my previous.posts, you would know what my position is on gay marriage/gay rights!!! I'm making fun of all the idiots our there who actually believe shit like that!!
The world and its people are going mad gradually, can't believe we have reach this far by ignorance!
I never understood why people stress more about others than themselves. It doesn't impact my quality of life at all.
They look happy... exactly what the term gay means. 
So, when will they add the man+sheep icon?  No wait...THAT's just wrong. it?
I'm straight and I have nothing against homo....
+Brendan Classen Because two consenting adults is totally comparable to an adult and an animal that can't communicate.
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