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In a blog post about Twitter's birthday, the company also boasted that its network sees 340 million tweets a day.

“That’s more than 1 billion every three days,” the post reads. “However concisely, it turns out there’s plenty to say.”

Are you on Twitter? Do you think it's here to stay?
Twitter celebrated its sixth birthday on Wednesday by dropping an impressive stat: The network now claims 140 million active users.
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of course, 141 is not allowed!
Never bothered.... don't plan to.
We are on Twitter and tweet plenty. I think it's just like any other social platform, here for a while. As long as Twitter can continue to adapt to meet its users demands, it will stick around.
i turn to twitter for the latest in everything...quite often other information sources are way behind most of the important stories & breaking news...twitter is here to stay...happy birthday!
I would say the VAST majority of those tweets are nothing more than automatic bots distributing content from blogs, Facebook, and other sources. That's not to say it doesn't have some usefulness but it's never going to be a competitor to Facebook or Google.
I use Twitter, but I do so passively; I try to follow only a few local news networks and some local government agencies that keep track of traffic reports and severe weather warnings.

That way, I can react more quickly if there's an accident on the road on my way to work, or know if there are roadblocks, or heavy rain warnings ... stuff like that.

It is surprisingly effective, doesn't consume my mobile bandwidth that much and has improved my life ever since I got a smartphone. I think cities should actually try to build on this initiative. Brands and products can do their marketing on Facebook and similar, but the rapid-response and KISS nature of Twitter makes it an excellent online emergency broadcast system.
I love how I turn to twitter to confirm a piece of news.. or to get a more recent update. It's way faster than any other medium!
Happy birthday, Twitter! We love you as a resource to connect with an engaging audience.
It's quite amazing how twitter has changed the news world. Everyone wants to be the first to "break" the big story, but so many times stories are now wrong or infactual. I really like Twitter, but it's amazing how it has changed the world of news and information.
It's here to stay but who owns it will change. At some point someone big will have to buy it.
I wonder how many members they have, surely it's more than the 140 million users?
The company also boasted that its network generates zeros of dollars of profit every single month.
ya wright
i dont beleive that
who"s with me?
Twitter also claimed that its 140 character limit and 140 million idiotic users is no coincidence.
I have an account but I never use it...think I just signed up for a contest. As for's possible, every advertisement I hear and see says "follow us on Twitter".
Considering it seems impossible to distinguish between users and accounts it seems realistic. I personally am 1 user but have 8 Twitter accounts. Property management companies would be the same. They would have 1 account per property so they may have 30 account handles.
Interesting that no one is seeing the G+ co-relation. With over 100 million users in six months G+ should catch up and surpass twitter's entire user-base in a few months. Seeing that G+ shares pretty much all the features available to twitter and has a LOT more features, If I was twitter I would be concerned.
Who else joined Twitter just to get more space on Dropbox?
Assuming this is 1 (US) billion twitter posts, then 999,000,000 are total pointless crap.

Not really a relevant statistic to boast about
I am not on Twitter. Everything i need to say can be done another way. Besides, no one is that interested in the warblings of a low ranking Joe Bloggs working in a town most will never have heard of, unless it suddenly gets struck with an earthquake or is invaded by aliens. Or is Twitter: "low rank dudes get no love. unless #earthquake strikes"
irish d
good for breaking news, too short form for everything else. it's just not for me.
Tried it but seldom use it. Though it does have an interesting process by which the banal seems urgent and in need of a response.
I prefer Twitter. Far tighter community building there in my experience, far less sinister data collection and intrusiveness than FB and G+. Downsides as well, of course.
I am not on twitter yet, but I did watch The Facebook Obsession the other day and DO NOT LIKE the way FB collects and uses data from their users!
I don't tweet and never will!
I don't Twit, but if it's anything like texting an social media posts, more than half that number must be LOLs and OMGs, and not real info.
Twitter is the best thing that's happened to Social Life.. ;)
Nope. Never cared much for the mainstream! That's why I'm here!
What do you like most about g+? I'm just starting to use it more.
+Stephen Sheridan I haven't social media'd until G+, and I'm still enjoying it because it doesn't suck. Also, I'm enjoying your quote.

+James Patrick For me, I like it because I don't have to be highly social to enjoy it. I'm typically not very social, so I can sit back and enjoy the interesting posts in What's Hot without having to interact. Or, I can jump into a conversation anytime I want, and type away. And so far, things don't get completely defaced by people being jerks.
Totally agree Chris. I've been watching and learning so much from all the interesting posts. So far, I appreciate the fact that it seems so much more secure than Facebook.
Twitter eh? I get tweet alerts from corporations that I follow only because I set them up for alerts. Among them is MASHABLE. But take that away, I'm left with an OUTDATED form of social interaction. Who needs twitter when you can have Google+?
If all the Corporations are here on Google+ instead of just sending their interns here to represent them, I'm almost positive Twitter will become a GHOST-TOWN. Twitter lacks the fun of commenting on lacks the sustained interest that G+ gives you.

Prediction: the next big thing in SM will be how to determine real users from automated spew.
Yup, still don't have a Twitter account.
Twiiter great for the news 1st,dont tweet at all but follow a few for football scores etc,downside is its full of people promoting blogs and such.. Never used FB but a fan of Google+...
"However concisely, it turns out there's plenty to say." Yes, Twitter, like who is in line at the coffee shop, who is taking a dump, the cash in someone's pocket, would-be whimsy, and millions of other useless details that nobody actually cares about... #jadedbyuselessapps
What is their definition of "active" user?
I think the fact that people tend and like to still make jokes about myspace, points right to the fact, that those people are still nostalgic about myspace, but don't want to say be straight about it.

I for myself would love to see myspacy back and facebook fade away for good. Actually that's what is gonna happen, eventually.
Twitter is a pulse, and people have a tendency to follow those trends. In the case of FB, it attracted tonnes and is maintaining that growth due to the way it works - it is multi-feed.
Twitter offers 'snippets' for busy people. I don't see the trend for Twitter lasting, as +David De Silva mentioned - G+, FB, and others are catching up with the 'one liner' and 'news feed' style. As for MySpace...i even think i still got an account along with Windows Live Messenger!?
Here we go, the next one jumping in on myspace.. People still talk about it (a lot!). This is interesting to me. I think myspace will survive, while facebook will sink into complete oblivion when the hype is gone.
Aren't these guys supposed to tell us when they post a paid advertisement?
Never tweeted, never will.
Since Twitter declared it was going to sell the last 2 years of everybody's tweets to 'interested' companies, I quit!!
So Google+ has, within a year of launch, about two-thirds the users of Twitter?
definitely Twitter is a great platform and will be out there :)
That's the increase of use on social crunch;)
In all fairness, a lot of those tweets are retweets.
Interactions are like touch points, they matter!
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