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If you use an Apple computer, we highly recommend running a system update.
More than 600,000 Macs -- most in the U.S. and Canada -- are infected with the Flashback trojan virus, according to an antivirus company.
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Welcome to the party Apple. Android is next.
probaly were placed on the machines pcb memory foward function, by a team mate at the time of aproved prototyp!? and the anwser is what they want!? Secret question, why?
1 malware is more news, than million malware a day.
So does this mean that Apple 'puters are no longer worth the high premium price one has to pay in order to have a Mac?
I recomment running a Linux system, FTW.
Maybe people who make these things could be encouraged to make something cool rather than something destructive. Maybe we should start a campaign which would educate - starting from about 10 years old. A few good games could help get out the message in the probable problem age-groups.
Actually a good thing to be in the spotlight. Not the mallware itself, but killing the "we have a Mac, we are secure" myth.
Wait, I just had a thought.
When Mac owners Google how to fix this, are there going to be fake fixes that infect the machine more?
Prolly. They don't know how to fix it.
OMS, This is too funny. Why do I find this so funny?
Assuming one is immune from viruses and malware because one is using a less dominant platform is much like assuming one does not need to worry about STDs because they only date Asians.

It's just a bad idea all around. Protect yourself people!
I.e. interact with a smaller group than the general population.

Feel free to replace Asians with any other subsection of humanity.
Gee, that's a surprise. I thought Macs were immune to malware.

Yes, Sheldon, that was sarcasm.
OMG?! Can this be true?! Can something be Magical and be infected with Worms?!
I'm annoyed by people dismissing counterpoints to Apple's security vulnerabilities through the use of the 'fanboy' moniker.

You MUST accept the fact that a Trojan is much different than a virus which exploits security vulnerabilities to propagate without user assistance. A virus that exploits an Internet Explorer security vulnerability to install itself automatically is far different than one that requires the user to naively install it. Because of this I think most rational people would understand the Mac platform to still be superior in security aspects.

Computer platforms aren't football teams. This isn't about which 'team' is better. It's just about the facts.
but i thought "nothing ever goes wrong" with your apple? mwahahaha!
tell that to the apple clowns...good luck.
OH and I thought you patsies said Macs don't get viruses. XD

This is what happens when the reality distortion field disappears.
Viruses are the least important of the security flaws. Trojans and Worms do far more damage, and no technology is immune. Remember Y2K? Users are idiots sometimes. Oh and Linux is the best. Haha
no no no no not apple !!!!!! :(
ha ha ha... mac is now gettin to be like windows!! bahahahaha.. ps go linux.
Ralph H
Alas, my newest Mac is a Mac Mini from 2004, it's PowerPC based.
No system updates for me.

(I quit buying Macs about the time of the Intel transition, after Apple took the word "Computer" out of their corporate name. My stance was reinforced by Apple switching to the "App store" model for software. I am a committed Open Source/ +Open Hardware person now.

That may be a hidden blessing, but people don't really write CPU-specific virii any more, do they? It's Javascript stuff and Adobe vulnerabilities and OS vulnerabilities being exploited.
I use OS X because my Windows 7 partition (via bootcamp) has a nasty habit of nuking itself. I've had to reimage my bootcamp install once so far because I ran into a problem where Windows 7 automatically reboots itself after about 60 seconds of runtime, no matter what I'm doing. I could not find a way to fix it except through reimaging.

Otherwise I agree that Windows 7 is just as every bit as secure as Mac OS X, which is to say not at all. Security is an illusion nowadays. Now give me a call once you figure out how to get this damn worm off my thumbdrive, it's been there for over a year and through about 4 virus scans/removals. I'm thinking reformatting it with OS X is the way to go.
Craig, the post about Macs says Infected; Not Paralyzed Like Windows Always Is.
And by the way, the number one cause of malware is users. Pay attention folks.
+J. Arthur Lee a couple of years back there was a month long vulnerability a day blog series about Mac os. No os is perfect, and most people who pay attention (and who believe people who don't wear turtle necks in the summer) realize this.
No more security by obscurity. Besides, people that buy Macs probably have more money to steal, and less savvy to suspect wrongdoing.
One of the reasons Hackers left apple alone was because steve jobs himself was a hacker of phone lines when he was young. Now that he is dead...... Written on a Macbook Pro using Lion
Besides, Apple In Q3 2011 (alone!) sold 3.95 million Macs. So what’s only 600,000 Macs when Apple is likely averaging 15,000,000+ Macs purchased (owned) per year?
+Fuller Stallworth Those sales numbers are inflated because it's actually the same 1 million people buying a new Mac every time they spill coffee on their keyboard or Apple announces a newer model.
Yeah right, and Anti-virus companies have never been known to inflate virus proliferation numbers. Not that you shouldn't apply updates in general, but this kind of FUD isn't unusual from those guys.
Have fear because these malicious hackers have conquered the world of Windows users, the FBI, the federal govt just to mention a few in the US so that leaves hmmmm oh yes MAC users cause they are bored with the rest. Pray that I'm wrong, cause I use mac, windows, android etc. but only for personal enjoyment and to keep my life organized.
+Johnny Waid I do think that a platform that has less virus exposure is more secure. Would you not agree? If Windows has 40k+ known malware and Mac has 300 (rough numbers) wouldn't you say that the Mac is more secure? I do agree with the comment that NO platform is immune from malware, but having less exposure is fundamentally in one's interest.
As all the windows flaws are quickly fixed. But do users apply the fixes ?
Hey, I suppose now we know why Apple no longer loves Java as of OS X Lion. ;)
MAC's "awesomeness, security and innovation" never stopped me from running NOD32 on it anyway...
I was planning on buying a mini mac, but after reading about this stupid fiasco, my gut is getting a bad feeling.
Does one wart an ugly hag make? I guess jeering is about the response we'd expect from the geek crowd, and we're supposed to be the smart ones.
+James Nennemann That's just the point I was trying to make. There is some security in obscurity, but relying upon that solely is foolhardy.

Plus, a sacrifice of utility is often made by choosing the obscure option.

I could virtually ensure my home box is immune from any sort of malware/trojan/virus/<insert exploit label here> by coding and running my own unique OS or heavily modifying another's distribution, and only running software I have programmed.

Which sounds fine, until I decide I actually want to, say, watch a movie from youtube.
I'm not a pretentious twat or graphic designer so I don't own a Mac
Mac Users: so stupid that they don't know what "System Update" means.
+James Nennemann I would argue that it gives users a false sense of security. No platform is secure and every user should assume so whenever they're connected to a network/internet or connecting a disk/thumb drive/external drive.

+J. Arthur Lee I'm sure those comments have nothing to do with smarmy "we don't get viruses" comments or Apple ads with Justin Long in them. Or in other words check the hypocrisy at the door.
FYI, It has been explained to me by my Mac friends, (both of them, lol) that Mac's do not get virus's or malware, and that this article is completely false.
+Forrest Robinson does web search not work where you live? There are quite a few stories regarding Mac virii including on Apple's support site.

It's that mentality that helps propogate malware on any system.
Mac OS X uses a process called sand boxing to prevent software to infect other application or the system.

The infection could be possible by Internet browsers.

But still a good precaution is to have a av installed 
Mac's Moto to virus protection has always been, "security through obscurity"

For the last ten years macs have always been the first to fall at speed hacking conventions. One instance I read mac was beat in 30 seconds windows took 2 days and linux never cracked at that particular convention.

Bottom line is, Mac's aren't secure at all.
Some times these articles are false made by competition to change the market before a release of there own product 
+Murray Robertson Malware/viruses/trojans are constructive, usually to someone else's wallet or cause. Sorry for your hard times, but I really needed your monies.
I'd say the bottom line is the "600K" number is completely made up. No one has shown any data that proves that number of Macs are infected.
+Alex Ver Elst every modern os sandboxes, and most browsers do too. Sadly that by itself doesn't prevent malware because users still click "ok" without thinking.
Lol these threads are funny! Mac vs PC, who will win? Who can come up with the funniest insult?
Mac users will always defend their Macs and PC users will always defend their PCs. Surprise!
Me, I love my PC and have been building and using them forever now. It's so much less expensive than Mac that I have never understood why someone would spend so much on one. Everything you want to do on a Mac, aside from the proprietary software Apple insists on making incompatible with the rest of the universe, can be done with a PC.
I suppose if you enjoy paying 5 times as much for a computer, and are okay with not being able to upgrade it, then enjoy your Mac...
Yes defo on that what people do , I was once a IT administrator for a large high school ... Teachers installed al kinds of fake anti virus's etc all the time 
With my experience mac last longer than windows for people that are clueless , so best to have both operating system on the same machine like I have on my MacBook pro ( OS X and windows 7 ) 
+James Nennemann Less exposure isn't a good thing. You aren't more secure through lack of having been breached. You are more secure through being unbreachable. All your logic leads to is a small subset of people/hackers/organizations involved in such things have a free-for-all leveraging your assets for nefarious deeds vs the alternative of a large subset having an exceptional time beaching you (given you do realistic things like updates/firewalls/etc etc). In short, more exposure does not mean more breaches, it means more resistance.
+Alex Ver Elst that's reasonable and I know quite a few people who have done that.

I can't mentally justify the premium price for the same hardware with more screws, so I dual boot windows and debian, and have a Mac mini I rarely use.
+J. Arthur Lee on mobile hit the menu.. No idea where it is in the browser app but a quick web search should solve that. Even Safari can do that ;)
+Jeffrey Hamby You could just triple-boot windows/linxux/OS. Those screws don't make much of a difference, it's still PC compatible hardware now and nothing more.
i hate viruses and anything that make my computer go slower
Update your Java with the last.....update ( ....excuse.... ) and the flashback becomes the flashnever......
wow, I guess apple CAN have viruses....LOL
I've got to laugh at the fanboy +J. Arthur Lee freaking out over the good name of apple getting tarnished... Dude, go outside. Take a break. It's just software.
+Kory Blackmore true, but Apple prohibits installing their os on anything but their own hardware. And yeah, none of my laptops have fallen apart :)
I have never had a virus on the windows pc's I have been owning and operating since 1998. If you do get a virus, it's most likely because you did something foolish. Don't blame platforms for obvious user error.
Its all the stupid college kids who think they are invincible because of the little fruit symbol on their computer
+Jeffrey Hamby I think he means there is a lot of nether between us and him.

And yeah, apple forbids lots of things. But hey the only way to get a decent phone out of them is to break TOS, why stop there?
+J. Arthur Lee I suggest you re-examine how worked up you are getting over what is, essentially, an argument over whether Ford or Chrysler makes a better car.

It is important, however, for Mac OS users to realize they are not immune to the bad things out there on the internet simply by virtue of picking the lesser-targeted OS, regardless of whether the trojan/worm/virus/exploit is aimed at a vulnerability in the OS, ancillary programs like Java or Flash, or even the user themselves.

Heck, the same point can be made about the different antivirus software distributors.

It's healthy to think about internet use in the same light as one might think about casual sex. It can be a good time, but for everyone's sake, please be smart about it and protect yourself!
A trojan that installs itself through Java. Easily removable without bloating your computer with protection software. The Java exploit is now fixed. Wait for the next time a hacker finds another hole in another plugin to exploit in a couple of months before comparing it to Windows.

Not that Macs are impenetrable obviously, but I'm more irritated by haterboys than fanboys.

PS: A trojan is not a virus.
K Cloth
Lol- apple and java are both jokes
LMAO @ +J. Arthur Lee raging! What happened to "sit this one out" buddy? I think Mashable secretly stomped his puppy to death and he's out for revenge.
Its about time people became aware that Macs are not the invincible entities that Apply fan boys consistently think they are. I will admit, Macs are capable. Their just really restrictive to keep you from screwing them up.
Matt V
If you hate people based on what computer they use, then you are a childish asshole. Find a real reason to hate. 
Ok just gonna throw this out there...
Any OS can get a virus it doesn't matter if its OSX, iOS, Windows, linux, or Android, but tell me which one has the most. Its always the one who has the most users. Why does Windows have more users? Because it isn't limited to a specific hardware, and most new PCs ship with it pre-installed. Microsoft is a much bigger target, but Mac is slowly catching up, and as more people realize how great Macs are more viruses will be developed for it. There are some good anti-virus programs for Mac just as there are for the PC.
+Matt V +1

+Scott Mannchen If you said malware instead of virus, then sure, but no, viruses do not exist on Linux, OS X, iOS or Android. The article here talks about a trojan, which is a different thing. The only reason viruses still exist is Windows.
+Matt V why hate anyone first of all!!! Everyone has their own choice...but yes its correct that hating someone on basis of what OS they use is all abt being asshole
+Jeriel Tho In most cases this is true. However, this is one of those rare cases where the trojan doesn't require user interaction, apparently. I wouldn't say it's Apple's fault, unless you want to blame them for supporting Java.
+James Nennemann "I do think that a platform that has less virus exposure is more secure."

That's like saying the local McDonalds computers are more secure than the Pentagon's because fewer people try and hack into them. Just like McDonald's Apple can get away with a lower level of security than the Pentagon (or Windows) simply because people are less likely to try and attack them.

Mac users might be safer/less likely to be attacked but that doesn't mean the OS is more secure.
+J. Arthur Lee Point taken, but hopefully now you'll realize how often this happens in the other direction. I hear constantly about my virus ridden PC and virus ridden Android phone from the Apple fans, neither of which have ever had a virus of any sort. The press and the anti-virus companies like to paint a picture that simply isn't reality.
+Kory Blackmore it's a pretty litigious company :) Besides, I can get the Mach kernel free with a bsd distribution and use any number of UIs of my choosing.

To be fair the only reason I bought the mini is due to Apple preventing submission of apps to their app store unless they're compiled on a Mac.

From a technical standpoint I'm underwhelmed by their os... And think iTunes is one of the worst written apps I've seen. Apparently quite a few Mac owners agree with me, although I feel certain +J. Arthur Lee will suggest that's completely fabricated.
+J. Arthur Lee I'd link the IBM study showing Apple sitting on top of the list of vendors with the largest number of un-patched publicly demonstrated vulnerabilities, but you seem like the kind of guy who thinks it's impossible until it happens to you. So what's the point? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
+Jeffrey Hamby Nail on the head... Users are a major problem, in fact, every single person that I know that has had a PC Virus has had it because THEY installed it.
the thread on the +Mashable site is awesome to read, if you're a Mac or a PC fan...
+Kevin Burger I'd forgotten about that, and that vulnerability a day for a month series on Mac os.
+Jeffrey Hamby They certainly are, especially after signing contracts with patent trolls to help them out. Somehow as a consumer I feel invulnerable to their reach.

Requiring apps to be complied on their OS is slightly outrageous, but such is the garden of appleden.

If you think itunes is bad on a mac, try using it on a PC! My dad took out his .45 and blasted away his iphone because of no support and no functionality. This was after I spent a few days trying to get it to work (I'm relatively skilled at such things). Some PC's it ran on, others no.

I think he's packing around a GN now, very happily.
hehehe. Get owned Mac! Just because no one has tried a virus on you before doesn't mean that it isn't possible
Sean G
and here we go... soon as they became big. Assholes must make viruses. Had me worried... liked it when Apple & Macs weren't Trendy
so finally macs joinin' the great trojan fuck list;-)
It's true folks. +J. Arthur Lee has mastered the art of burying his head in the sand, and use of the nah-nah-nah-I-can't-hear-you technique, previously only found in political debates.

Interestingly enough neither of those have been added to the common fallacies lists.
Nav H.
holy sheep.
LOL, +J. Arthur Lee everyone stopped paying attention to you the second time you said you'd mute this post. - it's free, it's loaded, it's read-only (can't get viruses) and it reads most data files created in windoze and/or mac applications - get the live DVD
+cristian david definitely handy. I have a bootable thumb drive with Knoppix, but admittedly haven't used it in a while.
Someone ought to do a, welfare check in +J. Arthur Lee

I'm no doctor but I believe he's exhibiting symptoms of a stroke.
Yes I have a MacBook Pro. I am running Ubuntu 11.10 though so will it matter?
hi jillian tosi how r u
AWESOME! (Gets a mac to download the virus on.)
Wait a sec. Do macs come with Jave pre-installed? Is it built into the OS? How long did it take before there was a patch? Does Windows also use Java? Have there never been Java exploits for PC? Just some questions to ask yourself before you bash people for using a Mac.
Yikes! And people tell me to go Mac because they're safer than PCs?
+Max West Only in that most of those coding malicious programs seek to affect as large a target as possible, which in this case is PCs.
i want a apple bad so i hope you had fun
The reason why Macs usually don't get viruses is because the malware distributors care too little for Macs. When someone actually does make a Mac-compatible virus, it completely ruins the computer.
This just in... Coca Cola states it is safe to drink and no longer gives you cancer. Ford and Chevrolet claim your combustion engine automobile is now good for the environment.


This fucking idiot... J. Arthur Lee - Dude, get medicated. Seriously. You REALLY need help. If an operating system is so important that you're willing to make a blabbering incoherent fool of yourself in front of the world because someone said that operating system was found with malware on running it, you really do need to seek serious professional help. "Shut down a thread"? Seriously? You really think you hold some sort of sway over this thread? You think you control a thing on here? Your feelings of inadequacy and lack of any real control in your personal life are driving you to the point of a raging insanity wherein you "run things" in an imaginary world you're creating through your computer. As many others already have, I'm off to ignore you so I'm no longer notified of your childish tantrum. Again, seriously consider professional help.
I see the G+ troll is around widening the Apple/Microsoft divide with baseless ramblings. Both Macs and PCs have one weakness, and that's the sack of flesh at the control of the mouse and keyboard. Microsoft viruses are fixed near-instantly with the help of a wider community of anti-virus programmers and Apple viruses are fixed near-instantly because Apple programmers understand where the vulnerabilities lie. Can we not put these senseless discussions about which OS is worse when none are as good as Linux?
Perhaps you should delete? Obviously for security reasons, not because you type out non-sense. It's not worse than racism, but if you want to say silly things then continue. I will now cease to feed the troll.
Agreed +Titan Rain Google+ really should consider an ignore feature which works. I'm sure I've ignored his account on several occasions and reported him for harassment (he threatened to kill users because they didn't agree with his incoherent babble).
Apple needs to be worried because no system is perfect. Since it's becoming popular, it's going to be targeted more often.
+Ryan Winham Does he really keep creating new accounts all the time? Either way, blocking him is quick and easy. :)
Hmm, seems to of worked this time round +Kevin Burger . It used to unblock him after a while - or he was creating new accounts.

I find it sad people can get so obsessed by consumerism that they become hostile and see a company as a philosophy of life. No one thinks he is weird for buying an Apple product, but his behaviour makes him seem like a hostile fan and therefore weird in his own right. People dislike him purely for his behaviour towards them, not for the company we apparently hate.
go to sleep (google helps)
It's a UNIX based OS for sure, MAC dev team can easily eliminated this treat.
"... are infected with the Flashback trojan virus..."

A "trojan virus"??? That's like saying a Honda Toyota. While Hondas and Toyotas are both makes of cars, they're different makes of cars. Trojans and viruses are likewise different types of malware. No Unix-based system(including OS X and Linux) has ever, to my knowledge, had a single wide-scale exploit (i.e. virus) in the wild. But every OS is susceptible to trojans, since they exploit the users' trust, rather than the computer's vulnerabilities.
hahahhahahahah Take that Apple fan boys hahhahahahhaha
Awww Awww..... I see one lone defender of the kingdom here... Where has all the rest gone to... Ohhh wait... They have all been taken down by one malware... One lone survivor defending it.
Amazing :O
Most of the Mac users I know wouldn't know it if they had an infection. Wouldn't know how to check, much less report it, simply because they think they never have to deal with it. So they don't learn such details of their system.
"If you use an Apple computer, we highly recommend to stop being a follower and get a higher spec'd device for half the cost"
I am enjoying this, Mac users feel they are impervious to security threats, that is scary, that is arrogant , well back to my Windows 7 :)
Sure....that, and Apple only has 12.9% (as of Q3 2011) of the marketshare. Would you write a virus that effects so few, or one that takes out 87.1% of PCs out in the wild?
I thought MACc were better than PCs because there weren't any viruses. Weird... 8-P
+J. Arthur Lee you're prime example of apple's arrogant zombie. Look in the mirror cause your comment is spot on "Not an issue of's the people that operate them". You must be dying inside cause Instagram is now on Android. Widows Phone next..

Btw, Mr. Hip Ultra Creative, your Latte is getting cold.
Don't feel bad for me cause I'm laughing at you +J. Arthur Lee. I write software and i prefer Windows/Linux/Android. OSX is nice but can't stand Macs filesystem. To me it's a piece of hardware/software. You on the other hand? Whoa!!

Piggy Bank "A" has $10. Piggy Bank "B" $1,000,000 (that's one million if you're having a hard time counting zeros). First come first serve. Whether it's Macs or PC human greed will kick in...again I'm laughing at you.
Do some people ever get way to emotional about consumer electronics?
Well, now that he is blocked all of his rambling trollishness (real word) is gone from this thread, and it is much easier to read.
My guess, not based on any facts at all but just conjecture, is that as more people use Mac and iOS products, we will see an increase in malware aimed at Apple products. I would also bet that in the short-time it will have a greater user impact than an equivalent PC malware. I say this because, good or bad, PC users and software developers are somewhat used to these attacks. Most PC users have programs installed, Microsoft and others consistently release patches and so forth. A sort of immunity, if you will, from prior infections (to continue the virus analogy). I would take a guess that most Apple users are lulled into a false sense of security that makes them more susceptible to future attacks.
glad I didn't find any traces on my system. it pays to be a mac owner that still thinks about security. :-)
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