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Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army private accused of leaking classified U.S. information to WikiLeaks in 2010, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Manning was arrested in May 2010 after allegedly leaking more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables, 400,000 U.S. Army reports about Iraq and another 90,000 about Afghanistan, as well as the material used in the “Collateral Murder” video produced by WikiLeaks. He was detained for nine months — first in solitary confinement at the Marine Corps Brig in Quantico, Va., and then at a medium-security military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. — for nine months before formal charges were brought against him last week.

Manning faces 22 charges in sum, the most serious is “aiding the enemy,” a crime punishable by death.

Is this Nobel Peace Prize nomination deserved?
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The Nobel nomination or the death sentence?
Question is unclear.
Answer is no to both, though.
Rob Go
There's probably someone more deserving. I'm almost certain.
Does the Nobel Peace Prize committee has something against the U.S.? It isn't the first time...
Whether it's deserved would depend largely on intent. Was his intent to sell out the US and aid the enemy? Or was his intent to expose corruption or evils committed by a trusted government?
I have not seen anything in the media about his stated intent.
Here we file charges and hold a trial for people thought to have committed treason - putting our people and our country in jeopardy. Elsewhere, they just shoot the person. Would they have nominated Manning post posthumously? The scary thing is, as a nominee, it could be possible (hopefully a long-shot) to actually win.
he's more worth of Nobel then Obama
Ian Huey
The credibility of the nobel committee needs to be questioned. Offering Obama a nobel prize for doing nothing, and now a nobel prize for illegal actions makes absolutely no sense.
the only thing that this man did was telling the truth
Does he deserve to be put to death? No.
Does he deserve to get the Nobel Peace Prize? Hell no.

Leaking those documents really did nothing looking back. There are so many more deserving people. Of course that could be said almost every year... At least Obama gave people hope (?), this guy just snitched lol
Umm anyone can be nominated. And putting classified cables on the internet doesn't make you an advocate of piece.
just remember according to our gov. if you say or do any thing agianst our gov you are a terrorist sounds like our own gov. in other counties
I undergo this cause. Propose Nobel Prize of REAL TRUTH, nominee
he was in a privileged position, a position of trust...i can't think of anything much worse than betraying your country. peace prize? no.
Obama seems a pretty typical, conservative (In action, not ideology) president to me +Ryan O'Neill, so yeah I guess a bit disappointing to people who were expecting more. However, when Obama got the prize and the year before it, he did make people really hopeful and optimistic. Peace Prize worthy? No, but I get where they were coming from I guess.
A rare case where the snooty self-righteous opinion of some dudes from Norway actually has some redeeming value, even if the prize is now equivalent to finding a toy in a cereal box after it was awarded to Obama.
I guess all traitors to the US get this cracker jack toy. Well, just 2 so far. What a joke.
Just an FYI to everyone commenting: Hundreds of people get nominated for the Peace Prize. Him winning would be a REALLY big long shot.
Just like a president getting one for simply being elected is a long shot. Oh, wait...
Nominating him is nothing short of a political statement by the Nobel people. The peace prize is not supposed to be about the committee making THEIR voice heard, but instead about recognizing the works of an individual. This individual is a traitor to his country. Nominating him is a joke.
haha +Aaron Smith I definitely feel you, but a president who was so hyped up and gave half the country hope for "change" is one thing... someone who was trusted in a country's military posting classified documents for anyone to read is another.
+Mark Koschwitz -- good point. I guess I'm surprised by fewer and fewer things these days. Seems like we live on a different planet than we did 15 years ago.
+Keith Hair -- how dare you tarnish MLK by comparing him to a traitor. MLK's message, life, and legacy deserve a lot more respect and consideration.
So this is where future Nobel peace prize winners are hanging out today. </sarcasm>
nobel prize committee - what a bunch of liberal morons!!:))))
If he wins, it'll be proof the Nobel Peace Prize is completely meaningless. He's a criminal, and that's that.
+Jake Weisz - That happened when they gave the prize to Pres. Obama after being in office 2 weeks. The prize is a joke.
It's not as much about that +Guido Sarducci as much as the fact that this didn't promote any kind of peace. Actually, it just made a big fuss in the news for awhile and has one guy with a bunch of charges tacked to his record.

There has to be someone better to give the Peace Prize to other than some guy that just posted a bunch of documents on the web. Got a buddy in the Peace Corps... there are people around the world risking their lives daily to make the world a better place. This guy shouldn't be in the discussion.
After Arafat got it, the only way they can select a less deserving candidate is to give it to Ahmadinejad or posthumously to Bin Laden. Or maybe one of the Kim dynasty of North Korea. So Obama? Excellent choice. Very peaceful man, comparatively speaking. And this particular person? They could do worse, and did.
The truth is like the Sun, you can shut it out as long as you want, But sooner or later the Sun/truth is going to get in, Besides the first casualty of war is The Truth if i am not mistaken.
+Travis Ellis I don't think Obama deserved it either, but he isn't a traitor. And if people actually knew anything about Manning, they'd know he was just a troubled kid who should never have been put in active duty. Personnel who served with him made that abundantly clear.
While I can understand the principle of exposing the truth in a revolutionary way as being something with far reaching consequences, I don't agree that those consequences further the cause of peace, only because it's too early to tell. I just cannot put Nelson Mandela and this guy on an equal footing. My only possible conclusion? The committee have lost sight of the goal.
Are military prisons as rapey as state ones? He put peoples lives at risk, I don't think he's deserving of a Nobel.
Shocker an organization based in a socialist leaning country, gives out nominations and prizes to people who do their best to hurt America....

I will now pick up my jaw from the floor and continue my day...
+Jake Weisz That's the question I had - how did this kid end up with access to TS/SCI information. <grumpy old man moment> Back in my day, intel was more closely watched. </grumpy old man moment>

But then we didn't have USB flash drives then either. I still shake my cane at him though /cane shake
should be quartered, tried and hung for treason
+Aaron Smith +Keith Hair The think with MLK is this; that he believed in an objective standard for morality and ethics out of which his life's work emanated and because of which untold scores of people benefited. And this kid? Only selfish and deceitful motives for which there is no immediate benefit and because of which put untold scores of lives at risk. No comparison at all. In fact, both their stories and legacies are about as antithetical as two individuals could possibly be.
I was hoping this would happen. Let's see now if they have the courage to give him the award. Obama's treatment of him has been shameful, what was released really shouldn't have been secret. Policies that cannot live in the light of day are generally not good policies.
Shameful! Shame on them. This was NOT a peaceful action! Shame!
+Nicholas Venditti Because Al Qaeda doesn't have Internet access... When you release something publicly on the internet all enemies can access it.
Bradley Manning's Peace prize nomination is a damned site more deserved that Barack Obama's that's for sure!!!!!!!

And its nice to know that the general public are considered the enemy, just about sums it up nicely doesn't it?
+Andy Hawkins Again, thinking that somehow only the public will see it, but not enemies of our country is short-sighted and stupid. The Internet doesn't have borders.
Not saying what this guy did was right or wrong, but consider this before you call for his torture/death. A lot of people thought (and some still do) Mandela was a criminal and locked him up for 25 years! 
Yes, while the 'truth' may set him free, what about all the people's lives he put into jeopardy??? Nobel NO vote for me!
What is WRONG with you people who say yes? Clearly none of you have every been in the military or had a loved one in it, then you'd know the fear of them not coming home or one day being 'paid back' for doing the good of helping other countries.
And 'just because something is illegal doesn't make it wrong', REALLY? Are you kidding me??? Maybe you should go live in Mexico now.
+Aaron Smith you calling Obama a traitor is the most ridiculous right wing rascist comment and thinking anyone can say. So a obama overcomes everything he has to become President and you people dont think he deserves recognition?! Morons! Bet you dont remember Mccain and his campaign using Obamas middle name Husein as an attempt to tarnish him? Howd that workout... Oh yea but hes a muslim, and joe biden doesnt know, and hes bringing down our country with the help of all the white rich folks who donate to obamas reelection campaign..sure....
+Andrew Charles Bishop He was young and mentally unfit for duty, I don't think he deserves death, and the Army is NOT seeking the death penalty (even though he did commit capital crimes). But he certainly deserves the life in prison for the damage he's done.
Seems like there are always two sides to the view or opinion ~~ what can you say ~~ however, nominated doesn't mean he'll get it .... wait and see I guess ~~ stranger things have happened and yes, Mandela was once considered to be a criminal and now a folks hero??
The only thing he put at risk was Government fat asses (and here i am not talking only about US, i mean the rest of the world as well) stakes in golden pot and his own............... lets get rid of couple things in our lives, politics, money, slavery ( it had not been abolished, it only took more perverted versions in our world society)............. lets work out new system, a system of reciprocity, cooperation, help, etc., I bet statisticians are quite capable right now to put an average price tag ( and i am not talking about monetary, or metal or coral or ears value) on every deed that one might do over life, and than if you are good, helpful, socially active you get credit for being yourself, and than you can spend it on anything you want.....(i bet it will be supper-dupper hard goal to achieve, but unless the world ends on the 12th, we have plenty of time)............. I would bet my finger that there won't be to many people in this world who at the death bed or being near that bitch, will think of how much cash he had over life time, or in how much wine he has attempted to drown himself or that he/she had torn a biker girl in 25peaces by driving bentley through her, ........... they will only think of those who once loved them, kissed them, hugged them, f..ked them, laughed with/at them................emotions, and personal experience, a smile in my direction, five minute talk with a stranger on a sunset in my world has more value than your paper or goodies on the store shelves and the last iphone........ There will be many G's in your life time, and if you are lucky ( and have been leading a semi-decent life) you'll have as many true friends as you have fingers on your hand..who might recall you sometimes when you are gone, and will give comfort and ease to those whom you will never hug or love.......

I am a believer, though a bitter one, there will be day when i'll be proud to call myself Human, and i hope so will you....
+sam wade Funny, I don't remember mentioning anybody's race -- that was you, actually. I have no problem with anybody of any ethnicity becoming president, unless that person's policies and actions are out of line with the Constitution.

Believe it or not, I can disagree with the president, even believe he has betrayed the country, without consideration for ethnicity. Unlike liberal hacks, I don't see people for their color, but rather I try to see them for who they are.
Yes for revealing his own governments oppression.
if you are wondering on which side of sex-filed i've landed when being chased by millions, than it is - Oy boy!!!
+Jake Weisz I never for one second thought only the public would see it but rather than sign up to the "all the lives he put at risk" spin that an embarrassed and arrogant government put on it, the same government that gladly put thousands of lives at risk in pursuit of oil and to protect people from weapons of mass destruction that never existed, I choose to acknowledge the fact that the documents were not sold to some foreign government for financial gain but made public. The public should be appalled not at the actions of Bradley Manning but at the actions of the an elected government that feels no obligation whatsoever to listen to give any consideration to the people it is supposed to represent, protect and to serve.
brian m
Manning is in jail because he leaked documents. The people who allowed him to get to the point where he could release the documents should be the people on trial.

His actions have led to no deaths but to an awful lot more understanding of the machinations and machiavellian nature of diplomacy.

His actions were heroic. The only reason he is on trial is to prevent others from exposing the truth, the public knowing the truth and covering the tracks of the ineptitude of those in power.

He is a scarificial lamb.
+sam wade Why is it, when anyone says something unpopular about the current President (whom I don not support, yet think his office still deserves the respect) it is declare "racist" come on.

The question here is not one of ideology, the question is of LAW. If he broke the law by violating his oaths and his contract, then he should be subject to the penalties thereof, not rewarded with a prize.

If he did not violate the law he should be freed...

simple as that.

It seems as though some would have the rule of law thwarted in an effort to push forth their own ideological agenda.
Tony B
Why not? What about the misunderstood leaders of North Korea, Syria and Iran? The U.S. should throw in the towel and let these crappy countries rot in hell. Then let Manning choose which one he want to live in.
Hmmm... private circle... I'm forced to steal.
He is a true Patriot and is being treated like a terrorist. He should be promoted to President!
+brian m "The people who allowed him to get to the point where he could release the documents should be the people on trial." ... WAT?

So... you think if I strangle someone to death with a rope, the store that sold me the rope should be on trial?
+Al T Dude... he is a kid with mental problems who wasn't fit for duty. He actually was in a discharge unit before all this happened, he was about to get drummed out of the Army. He has no experience in law or politics. He has shown severe disrespect for the law of the land... and you think he should be in charge of the most powerful country on the planet? With nukes potentially at his disposal?

... No comment.
@ Jake Weisz, i would blame your dead for spending that dollar on candies rather than condoms.... such a lame response to brian m's opinion....... and please don't get offended, i am just in that kind of mood :) .............oh and to be fair, brian m's point was lame as well....
@ Jake Weisz the comment was they should be on trial...not punished outright. They had a responsibility to protect the information, and it needs to be determined to extent they did their jobs; so yes a trial would be a reasonable request...unlike your apples/oranges compairison of your local store and your use of a rope
brian m
+Jake Weisz I think you should have saved your "WAT" for your own statement.

What he did hasn't led to anyone's death. Your comparison is nonsense.

What he did was in the public interest. Ask yourself why the establishment wants to make an example of him. If they didn't have a scapegoat you can guarantee that heads would roll for the security breach.

That they haven't, speaks volumes.
+brian m I would bet heads are rolling internally. The government is not going to publicize their changes to their vetting process, but I would bet they will be much more discriminatory about who they hand out Top Secret clearance to.
+John M Jake's rope analogy may not be too far off, after all look at all those cases where the bar owners and bar tenders get sued by the people who go out and get drunk and then decide to drive home or are too stupid to stop drinking and end up dying of alcohol poisoning.

Manning has become the scapegoat for the total lack of informational security and those that neglected that particular responsibility have probably been promoted
As Justice is Blind, building Peace over promoting Wars maybe the predictment by the USA Government.Thanks Mr Manning to let us know the land we are stepping on
+Scott Chatfield I to have spoken to Vets from Iraq, and I will side with them. Manning should be shot. As he has freely admitted his culpability in the release of classified documents from a secure area, for any reason.
It does not matter who the secrets helped or hurt, the fact is the items were secret. And Manning took oath and signed contract to keep them that way.

If we throw that out, it opens the door to abuses of our national security on every front.

The rules of the military are in place for a reason. They ensure the protection of our troops to the best of our ability.

The flagrant disregard for the LAW in this case is disturbing.
If you want the law changed, then elect officials toi change the law through the proper channels.

If the laws are to be disregarded because some good might haqve come out of this, then I reserve the right to steal from you everything you have ever had and ever will have, as some good might come out of it.

When you disregard the rule of law it opens up the flood gates, and all laws are then subject to review based on situational ethics, and justifiable by the ends that are created.
+Guido Sarducci Allow me to quote about Mr. Manning:

"He was harassed so much that he once pissed in his sweatpants," the officer

"I escorted Manning a couple of times to his 'psych' evaluations after his outbursts. They never should have trapped him in and recycled him in [to Iraq]. Never. Not that mess of a child I saw with my own two eyes. No one has mentioned the army's failure here – and the discharge unit who agreed to send him out there," said the officer

@Andy you just proved my point....he is being held as the sole individual responsible; while those that were above him have not had a public trial...while I am sure that an internal review was done, the fact is they failed the tax payer by failing to do their jobs; hence a trial to determine if/what extend they should be liable. In the Rope analogy there is no expectation for the shop owner to protect the public from your intents with a rope or hammer etc.
As far as dramshop theory, again apples and oranges with relation to this the topic; agreed compairison with regard to the shop/bar owners--on that point I say your' right.
+John M I don't disagree there was a failing of military policy, both in information security, and actually allowing Manning to remain in the Army. But they didn't commit any crimes. He did. And therein lies why he's on trial, and they aren't.
How about we ask the Afghan agents, interpreters, and informers who's names he leaked? The ones who are still alive that is....
A trial for the brass may be an over reaching, an investigation is underway without a doubt, some of the Generals, will want to know why this was allowed to happen so they can prevent this in the future.
little known fact. For what he's charged and guilty of, hanging is still an option. I vote hanging.
brian m
+Greg Johnson Care to inform us of anyone who is known to have died as a result of the information leaked?

Unlikely you can as there have been no deaths attributed to the leaks.
Actually he's being charged with fialure to protect classified information under the regulations of the UCMJ; something that his superiors failed to do as well if what you are saying is true .... allowing him to remain, entrusting him with info etc.
I'm not saying they are guilty of anything....innocent until proven guilty...did they do their part? if i follow your posts, then no and thus they should be held accountable; if they did due dilligence, then a trial would prove it and put the public (at least some of it) at rest knowing that this kind of screw up is the outlayer, not the norm. and people are held accountable for their actions
Adrian Lamo is an enemy of the state. Free Bradley Manning!
Bobby K
YES, finally sanity rules
+brian m Why does that make any difference? If I steal a million dollars and feed 100000 people a lunch, am I less guilty of stealing?
nope its still stealing yur a nice guy but its still stealing sorry
After Obama won a nobel peace prize, I'm surprised when anyone takes them seriously.
but, killing a civil family is less criminal than took and spread information? for US Army IT IS !
so for me its obvious what part is wrong
He should be protected under a whistleblowers act. He blew the whistle on Illegal activities doesnt matter who by. What is done by one side does not justify what is done in retaliation. He should be freed sacked because he broke his Army rules and left to get on with his life
Unfortunately +Simon Smith the US Military is held away from the mundane acts of congress on most issues, it was designed this way to avoid the congress from interfering (read using) the military for its own purposes. At induction you essentially relinquish certain rights, but gain others.

That is also why the military has the UCMJ...
+Hernan Cuevas The UCMJ is set up for that, not civil or criminal courts, even if I stop paying child support, the state does not come for me the Military does.
brian m
+Steve Temple So, who is getting charged or at least being held accountable for the security breaches? What exactly has he done to warrant facing life in prison. Did he kill anyone?

Did he steal or did he act in the public interest?

If someone commits a murder or murders, shouldn't those who know about it act on it?

Isn't that what Bradley did? Or are you saying he should have kept his mouth shut?

I think you should think again about who should be on trial, and for what.
Shades of Nelson Mandela.
His intent is immaterial. Being in the military and leaking secrets is called "TREASON" and is, and should be, punished by DEATH! End of conversation.
+brian m I am thinking, and I think once he agreed to serve, he agreed to not divulge secrets, and would be subject to military law if he did divulge secrets, hence it does not matter what happened with the information, but the security breach is the issue he is charge with.

Not real complicated, just some are jumping past the first most important issue in this case and leaping to something that has no bearing on this case in particular.

It is tantamount to you, cheating on a test at school, and on getting caught claiming the answers you cheated with were wrong... does not change the fact that you cheated...
+Guido Sarducci The fact that the Army dropped the ball by letting him in, is immaterial to the point.
So many people mistaking the government for the country.
Does showing what is wrong in a country make you a traitor?

If it does, we need more traitors.
+Steve Temple worst then, i dont know usa but in my country and others, i think that people can appeal for that thing, the state is more important than the army and his rules.
And the problem with this information its not about nacional security, maybe i could understand in that case, but he tell the world bad things about the US Army. i dont see he like a triator.
He showed war crimes, i think that soldiers on the videos were the traitors to the eyes of the world
+Kyle Turpin The government is what protects me, a citizen in this country, from outside attack. Comparing it to many other countries, it does a pretty good job. Why would I support someone punching a big huge (illegal) hole in the wall that protects me from attack?
+Guido Sarducci and your analogy speaks to your lack of understanding, getting yelled at and pissing your pants is odd at best, having artillery rain down on you and coming inches from death well that is well worth pissing your pants, i would probably lose a few pounds from the backside on top of that...

+Kyle Turpin In the USA the government is the people, as we vote the bums in and out, they are our representatives as long as we will have them
awesome! def more deserved than Obama's at the time at least.
brian m
SO, +Jake Weisz and +Steve Temple where do you stand on the real criminals here ie those involved in the killing of innocent civilians in the Wikileaks videos?

Or is it ok, they have caught the real culprit and the killers were only doing their job.

Is it ok to protect the state and those employees who IT chooses to protect at all costs? Even at the expense of justice?
+Jake Weisz well jake i think you know nothing about security USA, who attack USA? Obama, who was working for USA 20 years ago?
Irak? that your army gave them all the the staff to the war against Iran, maybe you need to see thinks diferent
+brian m Let's see, from a brief Wikipedia skim, there was an RPG among the group (which, if I recall, can take out a helicopter), and the title and editing were made for maximum emotional appeal, Stephen Colbert referred to it as not leaking, but editorial. And that was out of character.

+Hernan Cuevas I'm actually studying criminal justice and homeland security. Also, learn to spell "Iraq". With a Q.
One thing I love about American livestock is that they have this Stockholm Syndrome thing going on with their slave owners.
Wake up: no files leaked endangered ANYONE except the credibility of politicians, lobbyists and contractors. You cowards and pseudo-patriots would sooner punish someone for pointing out murder, rape and lies than the murderers, rapists and liars.
Cowards, hypocrites and sheep.
You have got to be frigging joking?!?!?!?
+Jake Weisz tell me then why you gave them the weapons they used against you? and sorry pal, the rest of the world call them Irak.
I think i found a young Republican
brian m
+Jake Weisz Let's see, I refer you to my earlier Guardian link

Civilians were killed.No one has been killed as a result of Bradley's actions.
So giving him that award would add value to Obama's prize or decrease such value? So much for the peace anyway
John Karl Nuttall - +fucking million man
+Hernan Cuevas Actually, I voted Democrat in 2008, and unless the Republican party gets it together, likely will again. Sorry, you're pretty much striking out as a fool on this, you've told me I know nothing about something I'm actively studying, and told me I'm part of a party I'm not a part of. Keep going though, you're kind of amusing.

+brian m Standing in the middle of a group of people with AK-47s and RPGs... that's intelligent. Dude, if you run in front of a bus, it's not the bus driver's fault. "Let's go run in front of attack choppers next to folks with RPGs!"
- Ok, wow. The general level of confusion here is disturbing. The kid's intent when he released the info dump is utterly aside the point. He knew he was violating legal and lawful (not the same thing) orders and regulations he was sworn to uphold. The mere fact that he tried to hide what he had done shows he knew he had violated his oath..

- Does he deserve the death penalty? Of course not, and he won't get it. Its fairly likely he's heading toward a vacation making small rocks out of large ones for the next couple of decades, just like everyone else who has leaked classified information for whatever reason for the last half century or so.

- Does he deserve the Peace prize? Again, of course not. But then a fair number of the winners of that prize didn't deserve it.
+arnold ballou +John Karl Nuttall +Hernan Cuevas

You three are missing my point by a wide margin.

I do not dispute that atrocities get committed in war, I do not dispute their are others that have committed crimes.

I say this, MANNING IS A CRIMINAL who should be prosecuted.

the others you speak of should at a minimum be investigated, and if it warrants it, arrested for the crimes committed.

One of you would call me a Coward for being on the other side of this issue, yet I am simply answering questions and getting beat up for it. Who is the coward?

One scolds America, because they armed a former ally who then turned on us, Being betrayed then yelled at is wonderful, yet shows no cowardice when I stand up for what I believe.

and One decries the loss of Justice, what injustice, we show more justice in war than many show in peace. surgical strikes, attempts to avoid casualties, while others blow up women and children on buses. Starve their own people, and scream hatred for the US that sends them aid...

I feel for the leftists and their blindness...headed home more later lol
Some of the responses here from the so-called 'patriots' are hilarious ... The leaked memos plainly show that your military and government were lying to you (not that you should have needed hundreds of thousands of leaked memos to know that,) and the 'traitor' is the one that exposed the liars.

If Manning can't have a Noble prize, then maybe the American 'patriot' can be giving an Ignoble prize?
You Americans are so ignorant, you don't even know that Manning exposed the truth about what crimes your gov is commuting in other countries. Ask more questions and make less judgements. 
+Jake Weisz think what you want, your an expert on something that your own country manage, your auto attack on the twin tower, you kill your own president by the CIA, you invade every country in the world and still thinking about nacional security, good luck with the study, you fight against drugs with the DEA meanwhile you gave money to narcos, i better think about that twice, maybe if you dont attack every country in the world you dont have to care about your nacional security.
Same with Iran you say they dont have right to have nuclear power and you have 1k of nuclear weapons
What are you talking about.
brian m
+Jake Weisz You justify mass murder with the argument that someone is carrying a weapon, in Iraq? At the height of the insurgency. You think any and all in the company of someone carrying a weapon should be eliminated in ANY circumstance? Even when it is PATENTLY OBVIOUS that there is no imminent threat of hostile intent?
Regardless of whether civilians may be part of the group? Regardless if they have already been incapacitated?

"All you have to do is pick up a weapon". Those are the words of one of the chopper crew, anxious to eliminate a man crawling on the ground after the initial killing spree.

If you think that is justified there is no point in continuing to discuss this. You are obviously a kindred spirit of that person in the chopper if you think that is in some way acceptable.
That's right, your so ignorant you don't even know what's happening ion the rest of the world, you only know what your gov tells you. Read up JoAnn
That's right, your so ignorant you don't even know what's happening in the rest of the world, you only know what your gov tells you. Read up JoAnn
Too right +John Karl Nuttall What we're seeing here is advanced cases of paranoia. The info was historically old and no one in active duty was placed under threat. Give one example that proves I'm wrong. More US hypocrisy, the same kind that your leaders have soapboxed about eg Korea's, Pakistans and Iran's nuclear threat. All this from the only country in the world that has detonated a nuclear device killing and/or maiming millions - twice. Effing hypocrites. Ooh look, they have a big gun, ooh, they might use it on us maybe, ooh we better get them first just in case.
Hey now, +Fred Eyre be fair. It can be statistically proven that the only people who have to worry about having atomic weapons used on them are those who attack Pearl Harbor.
Guido, its frustrating when so many people refuse to accept the facts in front of them or choose to be quiet about it. Especially when people choose to allow their patriotism to overshadow their humanity. We are all proud of when we come from but pride isn't the most important thing here. More people should speak up, not just Manning. Many people are afraid to stand up for what's right for fear of being victimised.
ugh, being on the same list as barack obama and yassar arafat? it'd be a bigger honour to be denied a peace prize
+brian m There's a difference between carrying a weapon in Iraq, and carrying Rocket-Propelled Grenades in the middle of a combat zone where US helicopters are under attack. CONTEXT, sir, is your friend. They matched the descriptions of people who had attacked US forces momentarily before, and they were carrying RPGs, which serve the general purpose of taking down helicopters (which, for the record, are pretty much all American forces). Intelligent and uninvolved civilians don't stand next to the insurgent with the RPG.
Bringing up Obama in every damned comment stream regardless of relevance is getting old. "I have nothing relevant to say but I thought of an Obama insult that I want to post. ZING!" For a while I thought G+ had a more elevated dialogue than some social networking sites but I'm losing faith.
+Hernan Cuevas Oh, you're one of those conspiracy theorist nuts... Got it. Ignoring from now on.
I don't think people here realize some of the things that are involved in competing diplomatically in the international stage, or fighting terrorism, or maintaining a stable military force. I think people are pretty naive to think that this stuff is somehow shocking and abhorrent, and that the US is somehow evil for being a part of it. Secrets are a part of government. All Manning did, was weaken our country and commit our highest crime. (Do not forget, treason is the only crime that is defined in the Constitution itself!)

He didn't accomplish anything. He didn't reveal some horrible occurrence. The Collateral Murder video was propaganda and misdirection, the context was missing.
+Guido Sarducci I don't agree with you on the topic, but I agree with you on that post from 4:10 PM.
Oh the irony ... Obama in 2009 ... Manning in 2012
@Guido Sarducci Apologies if I offended you, and I'll try not to generalise in future. Issues like this sometimes make me feel that once people have been "trained" to think in a certain way then there is no convincing them, no matter how much proof is available.
The disturbing part about this thread is not that people have differences of opinion, even strong differences of opinion, but the abysmal depth of ignorance with which some posters spout off, that so many people don't actually bother to read carefully what others actually write before spouting off, and that people don't bother to read replies and perhaps gain some knowledge before posting opinion.

The result is too many Google Plus threads about serious topics that seem more like high school girls arguing than informed adults discussing the issue of the day.

Walking away now. I am not the Jerk Whisperer.
+Guido Sarducci My issues with Manning? He violated his oath of service. Whatever he pretends his 'intentions' to be, the man is a liar and an oath breaker. He has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that his word means nothing.
brian m
+Jake Weisz How in the name of God is that video propaganda? Or out of context?

It is a US army video kept hidden from public view involving the killing of civilans.

That is murder. The actions are inexcusable. It was not in the heat of battle. People moving the wounded are targetted.

Cold blooded murder.
Every society has extreme groups, every extreme groups has arguments to justify their positions and beliefs. No country is totally right or wrong but every country has extreme groups (or moderate groups) pushing their own agenda. Some groups believe murder is OK, some groups do not believe in any type of aggression. But not all people or groups of any country believes or accepts the views of the extremes. Most chose peace, moderation, and accept the rights of others to exist and maintain their own beliefs (until those beliefs cause harm to others). History will judge each country, each group, each person. May God have mercy on us all.
Absurd. Why isn't there a dislike button? I hope this dude rots in jail with his precious prize.
+brian m Read the gosh-darn Wikipedia article, and then go check the cited sources from there if so inclined. When a brief glance at a site that will generally err on the side of anti-government given the choice calls it propaganda...
This private should be in the brig for treason.
+Guido Sarducci - I would challenge you to point out the oath taken by the average colonist citizen of the English colonies in North America circa 1776. Here's a hint that will save you a whole lot of time. There wasn't one.

- Manning on the other hand, actually volunteered and raised his right hand and took an oath to follow the orders of those appointed over him. Then, unlike the Rebels/Freedom Fighters/Revolutionaries/Patriots of the 1770s, Manning attempted to hide what he did.

- Did the Revolutionaries of the 1770s hide what they were doing? Come on, you're stretching for something to be indignant about.
I agree with those that think this man should spend the next few decades in jail, without such a prize
No he should not win the nobel peace prize!
+Guido Sarducci - What form, substance or motive? You said "that same sort of oath was broken by just about every man who founded the United States of America." when quite clearly, they did not. One of us is making stuff up, and the other (me) is not.
- My point is quite simple and pretty much hard to miss. Manning broke his oath of service, he deserves to and most likely will, go jail for quite a long time. Why? Because he is guilty of the crime he is charged with. Did he possibly have reasons to do what he did? Quite likely. This doesn't mean that he didn't commit the crimes he is accused of. Pretty much everyone who commits a crime can justify to himself why he did whatever he did... That doen't mean they don't go to jail for a very long time.

- Like the very bad character actor in a very bad television show used to say, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

and +Guido Sarducci, please, stop making stuff up, or at least man up enough to stand by your words. Thats the sign of a grownup.
its kind of funny persons like +Jake Weisz that thinks by protecting his army is a patriot, in real life, US Army led USA to the All Time World Champion of killing persons around the world.
This guy, knew that some soldiers kill inocent people and in USA is a traitor, for the world he did a good thing by bringing a little justice.
Tell me expert of invasions, behind what Universal Law your country can kill childs in Middle East? because they are gonna be terrorist?
+Hernan Cuevas The people who killed or injured the children in the video are the people who DROVE THEM INTO A WARZONE. I can barely understand what you're trying to say, but fundamentally, you're wrong. The simple fact is, if you throw your kid in front of an attack helicopter which is actively firing on targets... you're stupid. Those folks drove their kids into an active combat engagement. That's called bad parenting. Negligent parenting, if not outright reckless.
I think Obama should get it again.
+Jake Weisz well now by the things you say, the jews where responsable for being killed just for living in her own country? read what you are saying, your army is in a CIVIL CITY, where do you think will be the civilians? ON THE SKY?
+Hernan Cuevas If you watch the video, there is a attack helicopter overhead, dead bodies in the street, and these folks DRIVE THEIR VAN INTO THE MIDDLE OF IT? Come on, common sense dude.
Common sense for you is Guantanamo, and bombing all Middle East and get militaries for all the world, sorry but you dont have common sense
If obama can get it for doing nothing more than being elected, give it to this guy.. Who couldnt use the prize money..
+Nicholas Venditti I applaud attempts to provide humanitarian aid. I do not applaud taking your kids in to provide humanitarian aid. You don't agree it's common sense not to take your kids where people were recently shot and killed moments prior?
+Clell Harmon "He violated his oath of service." – Thank you. That’s it in a nutshell.

When Bradley Manning voluntarily enlisted he agreed to abide by the rules of the US Army. He then knowingly violated those rules. That is the issue here. If he disagreed with the foreign policy of the government he was free to not join the military.
The level of anti-american propaganda, and hatred is disturbing, A nation that has sent it's men to wars repeatedly to save the rest of the world, a nation that gives more aid to the rest of the world than any other group of nations. I guess it just goes to show, when America gets beat up the rest of the world cheers, when the rest of the world is crying America still stands up and comes to their aid...
Keep it going haters, eventually we wont be here to rescue you from the next tyrannical despot...
He deserves that peace prize, more so than obama ever did for doing nothing at all.
Manning had a chain of command, if he thought something was wrong he needed to use it. he broke the law. I say hang him as an example to other pansy ass punks who don't deserve to wear the uniform.
why would leaking classified documents warrant a Nobel Peace Prize. If anything the leaking of those documents cause unnecessary tension
+Steve Temple jajajajaj you are a joke, i am argentinian, tell me when you saved us? your country never help Latin America the only thing was being allied of militar anti democratic governments, placed there because of your diplomacy, you think the world is like in the movie Day of the independence, you like to save the world, but on the reality you dont save nothing, why dont you help Africa then? if you are defender of the speech of Freedom and so democratic.
There is not anti american propaganda, this is a truth your country is very bellicose,
You dont think clear, i am pretty sure that USA its a great country, but you are not the center of the universe, and i am sure that being such an agressive country its not one of the good things of USA
Mo Go
Why is that his action endangered lives? Whose lives are those? Are they spies that kills another opponent?
mamun you reminded of my mamun.
Never think that this would happen.
This bastard should be convicted of treason and executed. Don't reward him
and the dumbs that burned the Koran and with one match destroyed 10 years of hard work. When I think of all those who gave their lives and the hundreds more that will die because of stupidity.

What was it that Kennedy got shot for again? Oh yes...
"a government for the people, by the people and for the people."

Those were the days...
Hah, that's a very provocative nomination. And Julian Assange will be spewing!
+Dadhichi Desai Well, I believe in honor, justice, and democracy. I support our soldiers, and our country. Bradley Manning violated every one of those things I believe in.
To me it is one world...transparency is great..continuing to stand up for being "American" is very separating...only makes us look "righteous" the Wiki Leaks for showing the truth underneath it much is hidden from us...
The Nobel Prize lost credibility when it awarded the prize to Barack Obama for the amazing feat of being elected President; which apparently hadn't happened to anyone previously. The Nobel committee is now just another activist group pushing a political agenda. In that light, I suppose Mr. Manning is a perfect candidate.
Imho Wikileaks might be politically engaged project.
Don't give the man a prize, jail him if you must. Americans go and demand accountability from your government. I like your patriotism, open mindedness will help.

Yes the man did broke the law. But Why not address the more important issue raised by his actions. My penny's worth.
+Hernan Cuevas When did America help central or south america, Maybe when the USA sent millions in food and goods for aid, maybe when the USA built the Panama Canal,
There is no country on earth that people are desiring of being in like the USA, not many illegal immigrants to nations south of our borders.

We do help Africa, we have send more aid to Africa than most countries are worth every year.

In my lifetime America was the only country that sent more aid to the peole of southeaqst asia after the tsunami ($250,000,000) and was still bashed by other countries.

Hey when the American people decide the UN is broken and we pull funding, we will see how long that last.
Millions of Americans help Central and South America daily through the purchase of Marijuana, Cocaine, and Coffee.
+Aaron Smith u say obama is "out of line with the constitution" yet if u r talking about healthcare reform act you should wait until the US supreme court rules on it before you so carelessly call the President of the United States a traitor! Or what else are you referring to specifically?? because disagreeing with him is ok but like gingrich and santorum calling the president things he has been called all have racial overtones! Its time to get ready for another term for Obama folks cause its going to happen...
Also guarantee 95% of the people commenting on Manning have not read any of the cables at all!!
+sam wade There have been a few books written on just this subject. Try Amazon.
+sam wade It is funny how "racial overtones" are heard when discussing Obama but are never heard when bashing people on the right whether they are Caucasian, African American, or any other ethnicity...amazing how that is...

The Supreme Court has nothing to do with the constitutionality of the Health Care Reform Act, read Article 3 of the Constitution and you will find out, the Supreme Court has little to do with a lot of things they rule on.

Amazingly the American people let the Judicial Tyranny continue, The Judiciary has usurped rights and privileges the constitution never granted them, and the American people sleep. This is a problem for both sides of this argument, when the Judiciary has finished imposing their will they will begin removing your rights as well. This is the pattern of things, we have observed it throughout history, and it will continue here unless stopped.

But to a group of people who do not care about the constitution or what it says, only what they want it to mean, this will fall on deaf ears.
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