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Google has started notifying users in China when they use search terms that are censored by the Chinese government, the company announced on its official blog.

“We’ve observed that searching for [ ] in mainland China may temporarily break your connection to Google. This interruption is outside Google’s control,” a warning might read.
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I think this message will be showing up a lot on the coming Monday
They are out of their mind.
+Ambrose Twebaze - And I suspect that chinese people using VPN thereby nominate themselves as suspicious.

+Zahir Gudiño - The [ ] is merely a placeholder indicating that some search term triggered to informative message.
I tried searching Google for [ ] - got nothing at all LOL!
Perhaps a Google sponsored "Hide My Ass - Chinese" would be a good idea?
Oh boy, the chinese authorities are not going to be happy about google intentionally poking them in the eye (even if they deserve it).
Rich W.
Good on ya Google!
Nice, expanding collective consciousness...
Even a vpn IP address can be blocked. Better choice would be TOR.
Hmm! So Chinese leaders are not as stupid as other dictators such as Islamic Fascists who rule Iran and Iranians with an iron fist, would block Google altogether, and try to create a #HALAL internet.
google should make a new function so that any search terms in [ ] would be encrypted and not initiate a block
Chinese users have to assume that all of their Internet traffic is analyzed, and I suppose that any detected encryption (or other evasion attempts) would ring the alarm, in the same way as specific "subversive" terms.
Unfortunately, the people that live over there, consider the "limited" freedom they have, is much better than what they had 10 or 20 years ago. I have a sizable # of friends who are from China and have lived here in U.S, for 10-15 years. And they continue to believe 'limited' freedom is better than no 'freedom' at all -- whether it is freedom of speech, internet, transportation, wealth creation etc. 
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