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In addition to purchasing 800 patents, Microsoft also gets licenses for AOL’s remaining 300 patents. By the same token, AOL retains licenses for the patents Microsoft bought.
What do you think this deal means for AOL and Microsoft?
AOL and Microsoft just made a deal that gives Microsoft access to AOL's entire patent portfolio.
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This is what old companies do, they make money from licensing their patents. MS is turning into IBM.
I think it's time to change the law. We all know that the intellectual property is valuable high enough but these lawsuits are insane.
Brace your self, here come the law suits.
Microsoft will start suing people left and right?
Microsoft appears to be collecting patents. This appears to be similar to what Google, Apple, and other tech companies are currently doing. I would guess that this is a way to reduce the potential for litigation during new product upgrades or launches.
Just like Apple did few years ago pretending to own everything and everyone. :)
uh ohhh time to sue Google
Does this mean that we need to start using Bing?
I see #Google & #Apple trembling .. .. Go #Microsoft
The tech industry gets more and more like Game of Thrones. I'm sure Microsoft will use this new portfolio to sue google.
+Joseph Brennan I would be willing to agree, except for the fact that they've already shown they are willing to use patents to extract money, as opposed to just defense.
Sweet... Now my Hotmail can chime "You've got Mail" whenever I log in... Just like my old AOL dialup account used to... Welcome back 1990's!
Argh great, more patent lawsuits less innovation. Is Google the only company out there that are innovating these days?
Apple Rules. They have something new in the making...
+Tyson Quick I am pretty sure Apple has that crown. Though i suppose Apple could be the Queen and Microsoft, King of patent trolls.
The purchase is great for any developer to be able to creat revenue, Unless Of Course there actions Infringe on the Original Patent Holders imageb, and the Enterprise is still in the marcket
I couldnt agree more. Inovation and independent thaught is what we need to change the demand on amercan supply there isnt any thing in the market that is revolutionary it has stalled. And developement of new concepts is the future
Looks like Microsoft are just bracing themselves in case Apple continue their ridiculous litigation over innovation campaign ie. how they treated Samsung.
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