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+Google Maps’s quest to create the perfect map has reached a new milestone.

Using a backpack-mounted multilens camera setup, Google employees can now record places and routes only reachable by foot (or ski).

The Android-powered device they use to map the terrain weighs 40 pounds and holds 15 cameras, a hard drive and enough battery power for a full day of exploration.

For more information, check out the story on +Mashable -
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Wow... tis is pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure this takes a bunch of man hours to accomplish.
Motorbikes would seem like a more efficient method of doing this in the majority of scenarios...
Watch out for the bears and other wild animals, will ya? Don't worry about the lions. They're harmless.
Finally, I'll never have to leave my house. :|
That's a great job for someone that loves the outdoors.  Get to do what you love all day exploring the wilderness and get paid doing it...
This will be great for those who love the outdoors.  It will allow them to plan ahead to locate places for shelter and hazards along the way.
no fat person can accomplish this job lol.. wonder how many miles they have to walk each?
It would be a great job for fat people - getting paid while burning the fats.
yea ,but they would just pass out and die within a mile i assume?.. they would lose fat and their life at the same time .. 0_0
and don't forget they cant run from any animal that attacks them either.. so they are royally screwed unless they have some Guns or some type of weapon with them. 
It's a great way to die as a fat person. At the gates of heaven and hell, when they ask: "what killed you on earth", you simply tell them you were trying to lose weight. It's a direct passport into heaven! 
Deberían de traer uno de esos a CR, porque el Streetview apesta por acá. Aparte de eso, correr con esa vara debe ser un muy buen ejercicio, muchas calorías quemadas xD
Wonder how one would go about trying to find openings for a job that facilitates this need?  The requirement for staffing is obviously extremely geospatially disparate.  I believe they would want to prioritize areas of interest (National forests, hiking trails, etc).
Imagine all the great sites out there that you can't make it to yourself, now you'll be able to look him up and see what they look like up close at eye level.
You've just gotta hope the forest monkeys don't fancy some new cameras and a hard drive!
Also got to hope that the job doesn't involve certain parts of the US where people might think it looks like a great practice target...! 
is he steve jobs??? O_o
PS: probably the only man in the world to be unhappy to be a google employe...
That's pretty awesome. He looks like a Star Wars character. 
I would love to be paid to go hiking!
So non-kenyans would have a chance to get paid for running ;)
Where do I sign?
GSV or whatever-view goes everywhere. cool. 
Will Apple be sending out armies of staff into the wilds in preparation for the new mapping service to be released in IOS6 too I wonder? G+
Yeah! Can you imagine that in some day Google guys with their apparatus run into Apple guys in the wild. The epic battle is about to begin.
Sounds like, Google is the first organization who's really exploring every corner of the world!
I doubt Apple's Maps will be anywhere near as comprehensive as what Google are already offering. You're talking years and years of data, images and technology that Google have built and collected; who are continually improving & remapping.
Thats' why I will be using Google Maps... Always improving ;)
One of their cars went through our neighborhood. It was pretty neat to see the cameras.
It's truly unbelievable how far we've come as humans. Not too long ago everyone would have questioned the point of this...

Now humanity demands the data that people like this are collecting...
I would be interested in taking part with this experiment. I am about to start my 3 year 15,000km trek from Beijing to London.

I am going to be doing live Google+ hangouts in every village and city, alongside producing a weekly web show about my life on the road.

...Seems ideal.
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