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This new app, Fragile Earth, shows dramatic before and after scenes of areas that have changed over time due to issues like global warming and extreme weather.

“We set out to create an app that would convey the innate and delicate beauty of the world’s landscape, while highlighting the dramatic shifts that are taking place across the globe... Not only is the Fragile Earth photography stunning, but we’ve also included more than 50 satellite images which provide detailed ecological snapshots from around the globe. This information is invaluable to anyone concerned for the state of the Earth, or those who are merely curious about our environment.”

-- Jethro Lennox, Head of Publishing for Collins Geo, a division of HarperCollins UK

Learn more about the app here:
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I heard about this the other day, looks like an incredibly cool app.
Only for iPad? This is an interesting app. Want to check it out
If you are interested in connection with second chance +
Agreed..Ipad is for basic users..if you cant do anything more than swipe screens and manage icons that are an inch apart than I am sad for you. Android users walk their own path, not follow
Paul B
In other words you two are upset about yet another exclusivist app :)
Did it NEED to be an app? It seems it would be more served by a website .. or maybe just a slideshow. I know apps are cool, and all, but .. really?
+Paul B Honestly, there's no reason. Both platforms have their exclusive apps and they end up, sooner than later, on the other platform anyways.
Paul B
I was referring to Benjamin and Justin. I have an android and dont even own a tablet. I find the Android "interventions" tiring, overused and cliche. Because they are.
Looks very interesting! Nice that there are still people who cares about the changing climate.
Paul B
But we can do something about the squalor we live in more by the day. Floating trash island in the ocean, our own plastic refuse that has made it's way into the foodchain, destruction of ecosystems, mercury in fish, etc. Point is, we have to take steps to reduce our impact on the environment. The climate change debate is a distraction from all the other undisputed problems we are faced with.
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