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Gmail question part two...

If you are down:

What browser are you using?
What OS?
Where are you?
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Eric M.
Chrome, Win 7, Atlanta, GA
Windows 7/64 bit; IE8; White Plains, NY
Chrome, Windows 7, Memphis, TN
Chromium, Ubuntu, Estonia
Chrome, Safari, CO. 2 accounts down, 1 working.
Chrome, OS X Snow Leopard, Memphis, TN
Sherlok holmes ... Chrome, Windows ... I forgot, 75024, multiple accounts, some setup in Europe, some setup in the US, some GMail, some Google Apps ... and BlackBerry as well
Chrome / Win 7 / Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Down on Windows 7 and OS X in both Firefox and Chrome. Also out on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Chrome it's up and Firefox/Safari (on iPhone) it's down.
Chrome, OSX 10.7.3, KL, Malaysia.
Gmail working fine here. Chrome, Win 7, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Chrome, OSX Lion (10.7.3), Findlay, OH
I am using IE8 (work computer not by choice) wife using Chrome (I think) San Diego CA, both using Windows 7 and both working.
Currently XP at work. Chrome Portable 17.0.963.83. Queen Creek, Arizona.
Mine is up. Chromium, Debian GNU/Linux, Italy.
brian m
Chrome, Win 7, Ireland
Positive note: everything is working perfectly here. Hope it will get fixed soon for everybody.
Google Chrome 20.0.1096.1 dev-m in Windows 7 @ Brazil
Firefox 11.0
Windows 7 Pro SP1
Chrome | Windows 7 | Lake Mary, Florida
Google Chrome on Windows XP at work in Colorado. Never had Gmail completely go down like this before. Any thoughts, +Mashable?
Gmail works for me
Firefox 11, ArchLinux, Vieanna Austria
Chrome / XP Pro / Michigan USA
Opera mini . Using J2me nokia phone , india
My Gmail is NOT down, but I've had it open since yesterday...
Chrome - Windows 7 - Arizona
firefox / Xp ,SP 2 Casablanca@morocco
Firefox 11
Ubuntu 10.10 (Linux 64bit)
White Plains, NY
I can switch to my apps accounts and they work fine. Only my default gmail account is busted.
Interesting. Thanks all!

It seems Gmail doesn't discriminate much...

- +Stephanie Haberman, Mashable Community
My Gmail on Linux ubuntu 12.04 Chromium is down, Android 4.0.4 still works.
Mine either... Not even on the cell phone!! 😥
brian m
Down on Android too
mine is still down and I only noticed when my iphone indicated the password is incorrect.
Chrome 19.x beta
Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) - soon 12.04 (Precise)
Ryan Ho
Firefox, Kubuntu, Taiwan
Can't access my Gmail. I'm using Chrome on Windows XP and am in Lansing, Michigan at work
Google Chrome 18.0.1025.162 m, Windows XP Pro sp2, Indonesia
My account is working, my wife's doesn't - same browser, same location.
Safari 5.1.5
Mac OS X Lion
South Africa
Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1
The problem seems to be solved (at least for me)
R ehb
now opera mini on mobile!
My gmail acc is working!
my wife suffered a small cut connection to gmail for 10 minutes, she just find his connection. Windows 7, Chrome (for sure), South of Paris,
My Gmail Froze for a bit ....
What browser are you using? Chrome
What OS? Windows XP (32-bit)
Where are you? Burlington, VT
Never noticed any problems: Chrome, Ubuntu, Tennessee
up and running now.

i was using chrome, lion, in milwaukee
up and running, never down, Chrome, XP
west coast
Running again: San Francisco, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, os 10.6, provider:
Ubuntu 11.10
Chrome, Ubuntu 12.04 Beta, Johannesburg (SA)
Joe T
WinXP; IE, Chrome and Firefox depending on the site and what I'm doing. Use chrome for tweetdeck and G services. IE for windows ohone, hotmail and exchange services and firefox when I feel like it. Upstate NY USA
Chrome, WinXP, The Netherlands
No problem. Working fine - Chrome Win7 - Brazil
No problem for me in San Francisco using Firefox and XP.
Chrome, ice cream sandwich, Bangladesh
working fine for me in safari, I'd use Chrome exclusively but it makes all of my google sites unusable with a black bar at the top that goes over everything else, anyone else have this problem? Mac OSX and Indiana
I'm using RockMelt. OS on my laptop is Windows 7, and I'm from Egypt.
Google Chrome, Windows 7, India.
Firefox 11.0; Ubuntu 11.10; Venezuela.
iPhone 3GS, Safari, sf bay area-east bay.
+Mashable Answer: Not down : now,,,, try more Google Rank,indexing and increase backlink ...

use - Firefox and Chrome
UK, USA, AU, NZ, CA, india
Chrome, Windows 7 and at Melbourne
Google Chrome
Windows 7 Ultimate
Saudi Arabia
Chrome, Windows 7, Melbourne, Australia
Never when down here in Massachusetts, US!... We have better servers! LOL!
Chrome, Win 7 UL, Mumbai, India
Google chrome, Windows 7, Pune, India
google chrome
ubuntu/ windows 7
Android ice cream/Lubuntu 11.10
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