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It's a whale!

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That's the Auto-correct feature that is not effective
This is so bad that I have share.
(_8(|) - OMG its homer! (I saw this on google plus yesterday hah)
That's a cool whale. I would of never thought to do that!
Every-time I look at this, I just have to #Smile :)
Doug C
awwww lol i made some baby whales made out of paper today in english but my teacher took em up
i dont have an english but i got in trouble for txting whales one time but it was funny never txt ur teacher in class
That is Funny! Whale: .______.
Why the fuck is this on the what's hot? thing? This is incredibly old and constantly reposted. Lame.
The "What's Hot" list makes so much sense now...
.______________________________. hehehehe whales
-_________________________________________________________________________- my whale has issuses
how do u have friends hahahahah so funny
-__________________________________- whale on durgs
--________________________________________________________________________________________________-- my whale doesnt understand things
-_______________________________--- my whale do durgs lmfao
+Jessie Sanders: Fun can only be had once on the internet. Also, the subsequent memeification of this was funnier than the original post. If you go waaay back in my post history I reshared a bunch of them.
lol .__________________________________________________________________________________________. + '________________________________________________'=?
there was traffic dropping the kids off at school
i like sucking pickles out of jars
did u ppl hear that the bird is the wurd
i sed a bird bird bird bird is the word i sed a bird bird bird bird is the word! dont u know about the bird? yea everbody nows about the bird i sed a bird bird bird bird is the word bird bird bird bird is the word
idc were u lif im gona stalk u sinisters laugh
how about you all just suck my mother fucking thumb
Baby Whale vs. Baby Squid: Round One!
....___________o0O{Hakodate, yummy!}

<コ:彡 -< plz don et me! >
I would really enjoy your slide if I could pause it and flip at my own pace w/o a huge play button covering everything. :( Still fun though.
haha i do tht all the time... and somehow i have frends
that was corny man they need to get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is another whale:

8=====================> ~~
Yes, posted many months back. Still funny tho
but it was very funny and if u say it is r a corny u r funny
I always go on this site!!!!:)
+tarsken dukes Ghost whale
Evan H
Haha nice +_________________________+
I LOVE THE WHALE....wish i had an iphone to do it with though
hey i did that to one of my friends! :P

its a wannabe whale
Could be a jumbo sperm too...just sayin'
thats sooo cool hang out time!!!!!!!!
yeah that is sich so what do got for a blackberry?o_0
What would we be without auto correct? :)
Are you freaking kidding me? this is SO OLD. whatever. no affence though :P
what's up with no pictures Mashable. different would say
lol oh jonathan hutchinson how i love u so
my version of a whale.
Cannot resist to read it all over again...LMAO!
How about a tiny whale -__-"
awww i fell bad for him it's soooo cuit
Wow mander ur pop. GO MANDER

R. Pal
OMG that's the best ever...cute lil whale will never eat
I got this email because I had to for business purpose. Ido not intend to sit here and talk to everyone. goodby
Pretty genius. Baby well. Haha
It's a whale, it's a baby whale, no it's super whale!
La la la la la. It doesent matter.
...lmao! it took me a bit to get it. Lol. Very funny though.
--__-- not interesting at all
(._.) ( .___________. )
I thought they said G+ was a ghost town? Lotsa fun stuff going on here it seems...
You do have to wonder how nerds like me even get friends...
This is funny because it's just a period with a line with another period hahahahahahaha
My fiend did the same thing I couldn't tel cause my phone isn't an iPhone, so I was like what is that? She said it's a whale, we just laughed, hehe, it was really cute, too!!!!
. _________________.


.                                                                     .
ok baby and whale really hilarious 
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