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Your android is #Linux
Your ChromeOS is #Linux
Your Servers are based on #Linux
You are here because of #Linux
So where is the #gdrive for #Linux ??

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I don't think the real point here is whether someone else can write this client for Linux or not, the point is what this says about Google's support for Linux.

If Linux is going to be a 2nd class system with Google, then that seriously effects my future decisions when it comes to supporting Google products.

Anyone writing Google clients for Linux really shouldn't be writing for Google platforms at all.. if Linux developers have to develop clients to access Google, then they might as well be writing clients to free themselves from Google and provide "Google-ish" capabilities on true open platforms.
+David Landry My Opinion about Google and Google products changed since the last version of android and chromium License and of course Google Tracking used in Google Search ...
Google doesn't know anything about OpenSource and Freedom ...
and in this case, if I must write my own code for gDrive, I can run my own web Drive too, it's too simple, just buy a VPS instead of buying gDrive space ...
+Maseood Raisi probably a good idea .... I'm not ready to give up on Google just yet, but if the rumoured "1st week of May' comes and goes and still no GDrive Linux support, then I will start researching alternatives to Google.
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