Herios artifact event report from ENL Japan international communication task force

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これは、Helios Artifact eventでのENL Japan国際コミュニケーション部隊@wasabi0522の活動報告です。

ENL Japan国際コミュニケーション部隊とは?

ENL ロシアチーム
ENL 韓国チーム
ENL インドネシア・フィリピンチーム
ENL ハワイチーム
NOTE: 上記の各チームによって関わり方、担当範囲も様々です。例えば、私は、インドネシア・フィリピン方面については、導入部分のみ関わり、残りのほとんどの部分はDiscloWatchさんにお願いしました。

Artifact#28, その他複数個のArtifactのために、一部、韓国、ロシアチームとの交渉・スケジュール調整を担当しました。実はこの2チームとは、アサリガイ(Clam shell)がENLのTargetとなってから、一番長く、交渉を行いました。最終的に、Targetには入りませんでしたが、RESの方々のご健闘もすごいものだったと伺っています。

Artifact #40, #9のために、ハワイチームとの交渉・スケジュール調整を担当しました。日本から挙げられた複数のプランについて、ハワイチームに説明し、プランの変更連絡等も随時実施しました。特に、Artifactイベントの終盤では、Artifactの移動間隔が、1時間から30分、15分等に変更される可能性を考慮して、ハワイからの移動パターンを作成し、調整を行いました。ハワイチームには、両Artifact (#40, #9)のために深夜に活動していただき、無事Artifactは、高知県室戸岬を経由してTargetに到達させることができました。



- ENL Japan 国際コミュニケーション
--@wasabi0522{This report}

- インドネシア http://goo.gl/xxjIo8
- 韓国 http://goo.gl/3LEFZO
- ロシア http://goo.gl/jof7F1
- 東北, 日本 http://goo.gl/iMN5PU
- 関西, 日本
-- For Artifact # 40 http://goo.gl/hQf3ne
-- For Artifact # 09 http://goo.gl/oxr0b4
- エンドロール from ENL Japan

English version
Hi there!@wasabi0522 here.

This is the activity report of @wasabi0522 who is the member of ENL Japan international communication taskforce.

What’s international communication task force in ENL Japan ?
The team’s objective is to speedup/smooth the communication between Japan and other countries. We also worked for negotiation with other countries. And I participated operation planing team and some of operations as operator.

With respect to the teams which I worked with
As I’m the member of the task force, I communicated with following teams.
- ENL Russia team
- ENL Korea team
- ENL Indonesia and Philippines team
- ENL Hawaii team
NOTE: I worked with such teams more or less depending on the operation we planed this time. For example, I communicated with Indonesia and Philippines team at the beginning of our planing phase,@DiscloWatch take over my role afterwards.

With respect to the teams and the artifacts which I worked with
Korea and Russia team
For Artifact t# 28 and several other Artifacts, I was involved in schedule adjustment with Korea and Russia teams. Actually, it is long time for us that we manage the schedule of receiving these Artifacts. Finally, we could not kick these to Target. But I heard that RES made admirable defense work.

Hawaii team
For Artifact # 40, # 9 I was also involved in schedule adjustment with Hawaii team. I explained the plans suggested by Japan team to Hawaii team. And if necessary, I also contacted them to ask for change. Especially, in the final phase of Artifact event, considering the situation that jump frequency might be changed, I established/suggested several plans to fit that. Thanks to Hawaii team  contribution, such that  they sent the artifacts to Japan at midnight in their time, we could transfer the shards.

This was my first Artifact event. The most excited point for me was to be involved in the activity that all ENL got together and aimed at same goal. In private life, it was valuable experience to communicate with foreign people. It was completely new to me to play together with the people of different country/culture/climate via Ingress.

Helios was finished. Even if I was new comer of these event, I appreciate that Japan team assigned me to this team. And I also appreciate that some international team called me. I was encouraged by such kind messages by them. Thank you again.

- Internal communication task force in ENL Japan:
--@wasabi0522{This report}

- Indonesia http://goo.gl/xxjIo8
- Korea http://goo.gl/3LEFZO
- Russia http://goo.gl/jof7F1
- Tohoku, Japan http://goo.gl/iMN5PU
- Kansai, Japan
-- For Artifact # 40 http://goo.gl/hQf3ne
-- For Artifact # 09 http://goo.gl/oxr0b4
Credit roll of Helios Artifact event from ENL Japan

+Niantic Project +NIA Ops +Masashi Kawashima +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger  #Helios  
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