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This is how you ruin two things at once. Not that I'm a huge fan of either Waldorf salad or peeps, but neither of them trips my gag reflex by themselves. This, however... just ew. 
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Oh, that is so gross. If you want a green soup for St Patrick's Day, you go with split pea soup. 
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I lurves +ThinkGeek. Too bad I am moving, or I would be buying a few shirts. 
First-world problems, sure, but do we have to suffer so many of them? Show everyone how you really feel:
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That comment compliments the post perfectly! Lol
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Still working on not being homeless next month. Meanwhile, I think we've worked out a way to have one home less. #moving  
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And he did it again! Lookin' good,  +David Hasselhoff. 
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Looking good! #Hoffsome
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Couldn't look any better! #Hoffsome
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Neat idea. I love the way that it helps more than one kind of family form. 
At a special housing development in Oregon, families who adopt foster children live side by side with seniors who volunteer their time in exchange for affordable rent.
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Marziah Karch

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Found out the Phelps cult will be picketing at the funeral of those poor people who were shot at the Jewish Community Center in KC. Ugh. They just suck. 
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I read an article a while ago that explained that the Phelps family/Westboro Baptist Church is really a business/scam. They're all lawyers, who know the limits of the law. They intentionally be as provocative as possible within the bounds of the law, trying to provoke people into doing something illegal, such as calling picketing funerals of soldiers and insulting the dead, hoping that someone punches them or makes a direct threat, at which point they sue. Apparently it's highly profitable, though of course immoral and unethical. And of course, being a "Church" lets them avoid paying taxes. Wonderful folks.
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Marziah Karch

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Is the Lego Mindstorms EV3 set boy-centric? And if so, what can we do about it?
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+David Hasselhoff  - eventually this will get old, but not today. 
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Anyone want to go to the beach? #Hoffsome
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Marziah Karch

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Another +David Hasselhoff photobomb! #hoffsome
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This should be on auto awesome always. 
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Education technologist, writer, grad student, geek
Instructional design, educational technology, e-learning, WordPress, Drupal, other database-driven CMS systems, Storyline, Flash, and clear prose
    Freelance Writer, 2006 - present
    I am a regular contributor and cover everything of and relating to Google with a combination of short blog posts and long-form content pieces. I also edit a weekly newsletter and any posts by contributing writers. was previously owned by the New York Times company and moved to in 2012.
  • Johnson County Community College
    Sr Education Technology Analyst, 1999 - present
    This is a job requiring a lot of hats. I'm a technology scout, instructional designer, technical support person, trainer, and project manager. I've created 3-D videos in Maya, administered a multisite WordPress, designed a sim in Second Life, and created more than one interactive learning app. I'm always up for a new challenge.
  • Apress
    Freelance Writer, 2010 - present
    I've written books as the sole author and co-author. I've also served as technical reviewer.
  • Wired: GeekMom
    Core Contributor/ Senior Web Editor, 2012 - 2013
    This is the companion blog to the long-running Wired:GeekDad blog and covered the mother's perspective on technology, popular culture, and lifestyle topics. In 2013, the blog moved to its own domain. I write about everything from Mayim Bialik's stance on vaccines to teaching kids how to code. I also am a site administrator and created the current child theme in WordPress.
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Portland, Oregon
Greater Kansas City - Emporia, Kansas - Jever, Germany
Technology writer, educational technologist, grad student, maker, and dangerous end-user.
I love technology, and I love explaining how it works to other people. I'm an education technologist at a community college, where I help faculty use technology for instruction. Some of this involves making things, too. I'm a writer for where I explain all things Google. I write books for Apress. I also wrote for Wired

I'm married to an awesome stay at home dad who bakes amazing bagels and lets me play on the computer all day. I have two extremely cute children.

I have a BFA in Printmaking and an MS in Instructional Design. I work at a community college that lets me take classes for free, so I also have technical training in interactive media, PHP, and 3D animation with Maya, but mostly I learn tech by doing. 

As if I weren't busy enough, I'm also a Ph.D student in Library and Information Science. 
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