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While there aren't too many people using G+ yet, it'd be nice to be able to search for people who live in, or who are in, specific places.
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Start typing something in the Search box at the top of the page. Before it gives you any results, press Enter. Then try entering specific locations. I haven't tried this yet but someone on my Nearby list in the Android version of G+ reported that it works.
That gives me people who have the location in their description - great one Garry - thanks! I don't know if it's also picking up the places that people have lived.
I've just discovered that that trick will get you anyone who uses the word in their Profile.
Here's yet another method, using a plugin:

1. Open URL: chrome://settings/searchEngines
2. Add new entry with following values:

(Search in posts)
- Column 1: Google+ Posts
- Column 2: post
- Column 3: {google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s

(Search for profiles)
- Column 1: Google+ Profiles
- Column 2: profile
- Column 3: {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&tbs=prfl:e

I got it from here:

Seems an unwieldy method to me.
I don't have chrome so I can't try it but if it is searching the profile page I wonder if it will pick up any mentions even in the post...unless it sees the profile as the ABOUT page.
It does say "Search in posts" in those plugin entries.
Yes, +Sheryl Loch it does see the About page as part of your profile. I think you can only see someone's About when you're in their profile.

Also, it looks to me like all those many results you got for Las Vegas are only people who mention Las Vegas in their profile, and not people who posted it in their posts.. I clicked on the bottom link for a few of the search results pages right back to page 100 (the last page in that search result), and they're all Profiles and they all mention Las Vegas in their Profiles. That's prolly because it's a place where a lot of people live & have lived. London's similar.

I started out this search thread when I was hoping to find people who mentioned small places that I've lived in, and I did find them for most of those that I tried.

But it doesn't work if your place is a common name, like Hackney.
Yes, the --- narrows it down to the "Where I have lived map" so that kept out most post mentions. Like you said when it comes to large is a hit and miss. I tried some small towns and got better results since fewer people had it listed.

I hope that at some point G will make it easier to search for different topics. I tried you & garys method for things like wild horses, and got pretty good results. I just have to hit the danged enter button faster. I must be getting old and slow!
I think it helps to put a little-used 1st letter into the "Find people" box. I used the letter "x".
Now I have just saved the code & replace the words -"east+richland+high+school"&hl=en-US&tbs=prfl:e

I also just sent the Hawaii list to my friend that runs a LOT of social media accounts there...she will owe me all her $$$'s. LOL!
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