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Marysia Kurowski
Worked at Author, Stage Performer, Emcee/Event Host, Coach, Trainer, NLP Coach & Master Prac, Artist, Online Marketing.
Attended Stanford University Venture-Lab
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Marysia Kurowski

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Ooh, look! (couldn't they have made the text an even paler grey so that it would disappear altogether, lol)

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The Green Party might not be getting all the votes they deserve, not only through voter apathy but also because of tactical voting. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't get TV coverage. They are, after all, the party with the third largest membership in England and Wales.

If you agree, please sign the petition.
Ofcom has given UKIP 'Major Party' status, giving it twice the TV coverage of The Green Party! (35536 signatures on petition)
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Marysia Kurowski

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Interesting. It's a more powerful tool than I thought.
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Marysia Kurowski

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The latest news on the #EUVAT Action Campaign. The campaign is for having the EU Digital VAT rules changed for tiny businesses outside the EU as well as those in it.
While we were in the European Parliament yesterday, following excellent meetings with over 130 MEPs, EU Commission Staff and industry leaders, we saw that some of them were already keeping their promises. Syed Kamall MEP and former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt MEP raised the EU VAT mess during ...
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Whoa - just bought Jeffery Deaver's The October List from a thrift store, and if I'd been considering getting it from Amazon I'd have looked at the reviews and not bothered:

He decided to write it backwards, as a challenge, with the last chapter first, the penultimate one second, and so on.  The amount and kind of explanation he's used to explain what's going on is terrible and  makes it clunky and completely lacking in characterisation or suspense. I don't know why he didn't just use flashbacks. For the record, I only got through the first 3 short chapters before deciding that life is just too short.

It's not an Amelia Sachs and Lincoln Rhyme book, nor a Kathryn Dance book.

Moral of this story ( :P ): for Pete's sake don't publish experiments.

#theoctoberlist #deaver #experimentalwriting  
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Plenty of main stream professionally published books are utter junk and sell very poorly
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I love Faig's work. He takes traditional rugs and then look what he does with them.
Is there no way to make Vimeo vids work right inside Google+???
More here:

#FaigAhmed   #art   #artwork   #vimeo  
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Resharing with the full and correct links.

Please have a good read of this if you sell digital products (eg photos) online from your own website.

"We are ready to share the French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Hungarian Surveys (and Polish and Slovak are nearly ready). They can all be found here (you can reach each language by clicking on the relevant flag):

"Here are the direct links:

"... Caroline & the #EUVAT Action Team"
#EUVAT2015  #EUVATdigital

Thank you +Caroline Flexman 
We URGENTLY need to collect hard facts on who the new EU VAT legislation impacts – and how. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and make your voice heard – wherever you are in the world. The results are going to be used, EU-Wide and Worldwide, to provide evidence for the campaign ...
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Searching in a community?

Of course you can search with the regular search function of Google Plus to find posts in the community. But there is also a search within the community page to do a search. 
This makes a lot of sense with private communities and if you want to search just in the posts of the community and not on Google Plus
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Photos by Jason Hawkes,@jasonhawkesphot on Twitter.

#london #londonphotography  
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Marysia Kurowski

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I love it!
More than 15,000 people in Londonderry attend the burning of a 70-foot carved tower called Temple on Saturday evening.
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Have them in circles
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Author, Stage Performer, Emcee/Event Host, Coach, Trainer, NLP Coach & Master Prac, Artist, Online Marketing.
Also broadcast performer, hobby photographer, economics & geog/environment grad, math grad, and attended Stanford University's Venture-Lab course in Technology Entrepreneurship 

I enjoy the creative arts and have been a professional artist, dancer, actor and poet. I enjoy reading suspense novels and fiddling about with numbers - if you know any mathematical suspense novels then please let me know ;-)

You might know me as Isha (short for Marysia).

I'm in the UK Photography Community.

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  • Author, Stage Performer, Emcee/Event Host, Coach, Trainer, NLP Coach & Master Prac, Artist, Online Marketing.
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