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Spring seems to bring the start of planning for next year's educational opportunities. In our blog,, we explore the ins and outs of finding money for law school. How do you get grants, scholarships, and loans?
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Maryan Pelland

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We're down to the wire. It's just days to the Feb 2015 #BarExam   and you're either prepared or you're not. If you don't pass, visit ReedBarReview and prepare for July. If you pass, heartiest congrats! We're here for you!
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Maryan Pelland

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Whether you're in marketing, business, school, or any other endeavor, this seems like how life should feel...and no, 'tis not my image.
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It may look impossible, but take that first small step and you will be amazed!
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View from my kitchen...I don't wanna go out.
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+sabato cuomo I had to go to school, but it asn't all that bad.
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I had great luck yesterday building a tall vase out of soft slabs...very soft. I used roofing paper (tar paper) to support the slabs. Great tool to save time.
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I'll be doing another soon, to show you the process, but I can post the finished work after our soda firing in two weeks.
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How to design a website:
Get real about keywords (get to know how they play into today's web presence and stop spamming them), write highest-quality content (originality, anyone?), design to attract humans (not Google), and offer value-added user experience. Oh yeah, and proof it.
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As you plan for your law school career or revise your plan for the coming semester, pay close attention to financial planning and budgeting.
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Speaking of social media and digital media, read this if you care about your family's and mankind's history. I was just telling my husband last week that his film photography will be a gift to the future...

Ten years from now, everything you have on DVD, hard drives, and thumb drives or on cell phones or tablets will be unreadable because technology will have moved on. If you have photos you want your grand kids to see, print them and preserve them!
Digital material including key historical documents could be lost forever because programs to view them will become defunct, says Vint Cerf
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I agree floppy readers, in general, are hardware to find and media does degrade as you say. My point was hardware to read specific media can be built if required but locked content can be harder to retrieve.

That said, most consumer grade media, be it paper, film or hard drives, degrade horribly and rapidly. Longevity of data requires either the know how, or putting out the necessary funds to preserve it. 
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Maryan Pelland

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This is a stick-built project my husband and I designed, planned, drew, and built. We cut and shaped the logs from pine, then stained them with tea, vinegar, and iron oxide. Scale is 1/12. Fireplace and chimney are hand built from clay bricks, grout, and moss. Floor planks are rough cut oak. Front door is a faux bear skin, made from faux fur yard goods, window is convered in oiled parchment. This was made for my 8 year-old grandson, a history buff who wanted a log cabin. It was fun. 
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IDK, +Connie Russell this was labor intensive and involved a lot of complicated staining and aging and shaping wood. I've though about damping it down and creating a kit, but so far just thinking. Thanks, though.
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Maryan Pelland

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If you are over 50, you really, really want to read this entire article for a whole new perspective on life. What lovely news! I encourage you to share this with your mature friends!

1. Creative is perking at our ages!
2. We have true wisdom.
3. You don't have to work out like a maniac.
4. Depression and cognitive decline are NOT foregone conclusions....
As We Get Older, Friendships, Creativity and Satisfaction With Life Can Flourish
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GIMP photo editor takes too freaking long to load!!!!!!
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It's awesome that businesses offer free coffee, dessert, or a meal to honor our Veterans. Even better when they offer Vet preference for jobs. But can we all continue to remember the high suicide rate, jobless rate, and homeless rate among our Veterans of ALL ages and do our part to fix that?  My wounded Veterans and I thank you.
LightBox asked 26 photographers, who are veterans of war themselves, to describe which of their own photographs of veterans had a deep impact on their lives or moved them a significant way.
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Mentor, muse, and resource for authors, writers, non-writers, and ghostwriters
I help authors, writers, ghostwriters, and self publishers make sense of the complications in our 21st Century book industry, with emphasis on ebooks of all kinds. You can see my home on the Web at and discover the Your Life Story project or tweet me - @mkpelland. Everyone has a book in their head or heart - let's find it!
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Since the expansion, management has fallen apaert and there is little to no concern for members' points-of-view. The fmaily pool is still too cold to take your fmaily to. The hallway between the family pool and the fmaily locker room is unheated, uninsullated and incredibly cold, with an actual wind blowing through it. The locker rooms are not as clean as they should be. The family pool is still crowded with lessons and swim team practices, so that open swim is limited to short hours in three half-lanes. Lifeguards spend as much time visiting with friends and flirting with memebrs as they do guarding lives. Management staff doesn't return phone calls and is mostly unavailable, blaming bad manners on "bad hires" of people to fill the pool director position. There needs to be some serious rethinking of the operations of that facility. Very unpleasant experience.
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Heartfelt high five to Geogia's restaurant in Algonquin where we had lunch today. They close at 2:30pm - shortly after that, they asked each guest if they'd care to take home some of the soup of the day so it wouldn't have to be discarded. Not at a discount, just as a gift. What an awesome way for business people to behave! I will go there every chance I get for the very friendly service and the perfectly lovely attitude. The food? We had mousaka and spanako. It's competently cooked, though, for me, it could be seasoned and flavored better. But at those low prices, it's fine.
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I went to the Barn because their past reputation was good. But I'm unhappy. I purchased, among other things, a package of something labeled "Fairy Mulch" for fairy gardens. About 2 ounces for $3.00. Turns out it's cocoa chips, plain old, which sell for around $3.00 for a couple of cubic feet. I used the stuff to make a path through a fairy garden that took hours of work and many good plants and collectible accessories. Next day (24 hrs after adding it to the garden) the fairy mulch had a one-inch thick coat of hairy mold on it - the entire path was a sea of mold. I am in the process of replacing plants and resetting the garden. I feel so ripped off and so gullible. A pleasant girl at the Barn said they have never had a quality issue. Well, guess what? Now they do.
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Quality: Poor - FairAppeal: Poor - FairService: Good
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I have icky hair - fine, flyaway. I always look for a stylist who has been in the business for a while. I called here, asked if I could make an appt w a stylist who has been in the business for at least ten years, they sd yes. When I came in, they assigned me to a very young girl who rolled here eyes when I told her what my concerns were as far as shape, texture, style. she called another stylist over who asked, "what's your problem?" She was cold and curt. I was embarrassed by this time and pretty sure I wouldn't get a great cut because they were annoyed already. The staff here seems to be easily annoyed - I wonder if they're overbooked and feeling too tired? Anyway, this isn't the place for me. I went to another salon that day, asked the same questions and expressed the same concerns. They couldnt have been nicer, and my hair ended up looking terrific. Ladies, listen to your customers!
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Had an appointment for grooming, but my mother-in-law died and I lost track of time that day. The groomer called me, I apologized over and over, said I'd come right in, and I got my a** chewed for being late. I'll never go back.
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This was, for ages, our favorite place, Mexican or other. Recently, we've observed some staff issues that are causing poor service and a loss of the friendly atmosphere. We seldom stop in any more, but we miss the good food, well prepared. Maybe they'll get it ironed out. (4-5-2013)
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Good
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