Please welcome our newest moderator, award-winning author Brian Burt, who joins the team along with myself, Charlene D'Avanzo, and Jessica Groenendijk. Brian's trilogy Aquarius Rising (Double Dragon Publishing) is a climate-themed eco-novel in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. The first book won the 2014 EPIC e-book award, and the second book is also now published. The third is on its way. Brian brings to our team a background in various forms of speculative fiction: science fiction, horror, dark fiction, and fantasy writing. He is also a moderator on the Green Group at Goodreads. I have known of Brian for quite a while; we sat on the climate fiction panel at Science Fiction and Fantasy World (SFF) last year, along with Claude Nougat. I think Brian's background will bring some interesting diversity to this group. Please welcome him.

For more about Brian, please see his blog at For more about all our moderators, please see our Community FAQs at

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