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Mary Trigiani
Mary Trigiani. Growth. Traction. Digital branding. Content.
Mary Trigiani. Growth. Traction. Digital branding. Content.

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Congratulations Adriana Trigiani! THE SUPREME MACARONI COMPANY debuts as Number 10 on THE NEW YORK TIMES best seller list.

A Thanksgiving week quiz.

This is a recently posted job listing.  [If you have seen this and know the answer, this is the honor system -- you shouldn't participate.]

Read through to the end and reply with the years of experience you think this job would require.  Non-marketing, non-content people welcome.  Will publish any results I receive.  Thanks!

"...hiring a full-time, in-house ghostwriter in San Francisco to produce a steady stream of thought leadership, corporate communications, speeches, public relations and social media content for our digital media company. You will represent, and become an expert on, our brand "voice" and will develop a deep understanding of what motivates our target audience(s) and how they behave, making your ideas relevant and effective. You have the ability to turn ideas and stories into polished works and deliver print-ready text that is accurately sourced, grammatically correct and interesting to read. Our topics can be complex and we need to make them accessible and reader-friendly, but sophisticated. Experience in writing both short items and analytical features is valued. Specific Responsibilities: Work closely with senior managers to write articles that reflect the company's "brand voice". Create content that drives social engagement and followers. Thrive in a deadline-driven environment with the ability to manage multiple, deadline-driven assignments simultaneously Organization and the ability to track and manage a variety of content projects from start to finish-from inception with high-level stakeholders through multiple iterations, review, production, and delivery. Work closely with other creative team members and technical staff Represent and become and expert on the brand voice Desired: X years experience as a copywriter, journalist or marketing content creator A portfolio providing exceptional copy writing skills in multiple channels Journalism, PR, or Product Marketing experience a plus Comfortable managing up (CEO, COO, etc) to drive content approvals Ability to work effectively and efficiently, independently and as part of a creative team Education: Bachelors degree required. Master's preferred in English, Journalism, Communications or Marketing

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I completely disagree with Dave Eggers and Jonathan Franzen about social media. Digital expression promotes the written word. 

But I guess getting endorsed by Oprah is better for writers than building a community directly with your readers via social media, right?

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Marcella Hazan was an inspiration when we wrote "Cooking with My Sisters" in 2003. Here is the story of her life.

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Honest, useful, freshing guidance for startups from media expert Brooke Hammerling.  Every time a client pushes for press outreach, I'm showing them this.

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My comment about what is going on with "homeland security" and how it connects with the general lack of economic and social progress.  

Let's start looking each in the other eye again.
What good is all that Homeland Security money doing, again?

> Let's be clear about something: the federal government is cutting basic social services while funding SWAT gear for local police departments and building up a massive surveillance state ostensibly in order to prevent random acts of terror.

> But the secure arsenal of a major Navy base in the nation's capital is so poorly guarded that someone without proper clearance can simply walk in with a bunch of high-powered guns, or pick them once he's there? It's not like this guy was a Hans Gruber level criminal mastermind.

#ftw   #politics   #guns   #security  

SlideShare is the best resource for learning, brushing up and perfecting presentation skill.  It's also a phenomenal resource for corporate marketing content and how to package it.  Here's an example of SlideShare's usefulness for the beginner.

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@KellyOCG is conducting a survey about finding, hiring and training digital marketing professionals. 10-15 minutes.!

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Silicon Valley? Not a meritocracy. Face it. Misogyny, ageism, little user regard. By the latter I mean, in many startups, just try to have a discussion about marketing that doesn't begin with a founder wanting press attention for a product that isn't even finished and/or tested by users.  This WSJ article is just a start.  
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