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Mary Stovall
Marketing Tech. Google Focused. Outcome Driven.
Marketing Tech. Google Focused. Outcome Driven.

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Soggy Creatures
Poor little play mouse spent countless cycles spinning. Miss these kittens!

#ThreeLittleKittens #LostToys 

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Courses by

New and interesting. Looking forward to exploring the opportunities.



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And Now It's Time To Say Goodbye
It's been a month of joy, delight and snuggles, we are off to +Rancho Coastal Humane Society to find our forever homes


Personality The most joyful kitten ever!

Motto Let's Play!

Endearing Trait Serious need for snuggles when it's time for sleep.

Fiercest Capture A green pea. It took a while to tame that beast!

Favorite Game Kitten Wrestling


Personality Miss Independence

Motto I'm special.

Endearing Trait Stealthy love.

Fiercest Capture Dripping Water

Favorite Game Kitten Hockey & Capture The Bottlecap


Personality Sweet, smart, thoughtful.

Motto What, where, why, how?

Endearing Trait Looking deep into your eyes

Fiercest Capture Five little mice and a ball

Favorite Game(s) Kitten Hockey & Kitten Wrestling

#ThreeLittleKittens #FosterKittens #RCHS

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Left Alone In Tears
Don't let this happen to you!

Join the happy crowd that's already purchased 'The Sniper Mind' at the deeply discounted pre-publication price.

Order your copy here: 
Don't Let It Happen To You!

The pre-publication offer at more than a third off is still good! Spread the word - save people many tears. 

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Poway Farmers Market

One of the best farmers markets in the north county inland area of San Diego.

I often meet a friend for a cup of coffee, wander through and stock up on fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, fish, or salami.

The market is set up in the middle of Old Poway Park, a family friendly park with picnic tables, a railroad train and historic museums. Spend an hour, or spend a day, you won't be disappointed!

#Abundance #PowayFarmersMarket #Summer
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+Nina Trankova brings out such great memories of our experiences on Google+.

One of my favorites is the time I was up at the crazy hour of 2:00 a.m. and Nina and I had the most wonderful conversation. I often think of that moment and treasure the connection.

Happy 6th Birthday Google+! Thank-you for the opportunities to create lasting memories and deep friendships.

Starting on Google Plus
Crazy Hours Back in 2014

On the occasion of the 6th Anniversary of Google Plus +Mary Stovall answers the question "How did you start on G+?*

Follow Mary:

Mary Stovall is one of 34 people worldwide selected by Google as an official Google Business Advisor in 2016 and 2017.She teaches startups top optimize digital tools and technologies to increase productivity and online presence


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Google Attribution

Google's new tool makes it easier to see how effective the different parts and pieces of digital marketing campaigns are.

There is good advice in the article on how to get started, this quote is my favorite:

"Also, experiment with the product. Since it’s extremely new, there are bound to be quirks and potentially data that you might not fully understand. Spend some time reviewing and thinking about what’s being reported. It will not only help your own learning, but also help you justify your reports when the inevitable questions arise."

Google Attribution: What Does It Mean for Marketers?
#measure #attribution #analytics

"Google will now be offering a new reporting product, known as Google Attribution. The goal of this new product is to provide more sophisticated insights into overall campaign performance."

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Elsey, Elf and Einstein

Kitten 101 Skills: mastered to perfection

Kitten 202 Skills:

Elf Perfecting the side bop & flying from object to object at warp speed

Motto Yay! Let's Play!

Personality Joyful and Endearing

Einstein Pondering physics & engineering

Motto Thoughtful Curiosity.

Personality Contemplative & Warmhearted

Elsey Do everything well

Motto Prudence

Personality Confident. Smart. Secret Heart.

#fosteringkittens #caturday #RCHS

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Why I am on Google+

I've been pondering a post about my love of Google+ for quite sometime now. +Nina Trankova took care of it for me in a lovely interview for her Google+ Insider Collection.

Thank-you Nina! I'm honored and as always, it was great to chat with you again :D

Nina is a Google Collection Creator Extraordinaire.

I highly recommend reaching out to her for solid advice on making the most of your Google+ Collections.

One Thing I Love About Google Plus with Marry Stovall

+Mary Stovall is sharing how people and the quality of relationships on Google+ make difference. Her advice to new users on the platform is that they be themselves, explore and value the openness of the amazing people they meet on G+.

Mary Stovall is one of 34 people worldwide selected by Google as an official Google Business Advisor in 2016 and 2017.She teaches startups top optimize digital tools and technologies to increase productivity and online presence.


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Google Tools

This is a great roundup of some of my favorite tools for understanding the world of digital marketing.

I recently use the Consumer Barometer to develop a marketing strategy for a large bank as part of a +Squared Online project. I found it quite helpful and eye opening in the differences between the markets in the U.K . and U.S.

Google tools »

Inform and strengthen your digital marketing strategies with Google tools that help you explore consumer trends and insights:
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