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+Gina Fiedel adds icing to the cake on +Gideon Rosenblatt's excellent post on the rise and fall of Google+.

I'm shattered at the loss of G+ and grateful for the connections I've made over here for many of the same reasons both posts highlight.

I'm gonna miss this place. It's really difficult to build the same relationships and have the same kind of conversations on any other platform.

See you all over there somewhere....
Google Plus. The happiest saddest story.

I hate that this article needed to be written. But it did and +Gideon Rosenblatt has done a great service here telling the story of Google+.

It's a service to us, the users who are heartbroken. A service to those who were cynical and left in a fairly mass exodus over the last few years. And even a service to those who missed the opportunity to have lived and lost what for me was one of the most life-changing endeavors I've experienced.

It's such a bizarre sensation. To have been outlandishly fortunate to have landed there somewhat accidentally and met some of the world's most treasurable humans and developed deep relationships with people I would never have met otherwise. From all over the world. I have learned more than I will ever be able to measure or account for. But I am changed. And yeah, it was a platform. And no, it was the people.
The Fall of Google+
The Fall of Google+
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Google+ Shutdown: Migration
+Gideon Rosenblatt created a collection to capture the work of several people including him who are working tirelessly to help us retain the legacy of our time here on Google+.

Thank-you to all.....

cc: +Teodora Petkova
VCard Format and Google Takeout

Just wanted to share a little tip, based on a mistake I made. When you are downloading Circles or Contacts using Google Takeout, you have the option to select CSV or VCF format. CSV is going to be more useful down the road, but the one thing that VCF is good for is importing into mail and address book clients. If you go the VCF route, you will see a bunch of files, each named after a G+ Circle (or if you are exporting from Contacts, it will be the various labels you might have used). It will look like a mistake and that Takeout didn't actually export the contacts. But all you have to do is double-click on that file and your address book should prompt you to import all the contacts for that specific Circle or Label.

For example, I'm on a Mac and the below image was for my "Active Engagers" Circle here on G+. When I double click on it, the Apple Contacts app opens up and prompts to import the individual contacts for that circle.

I at first thought that the export was flawed because the files were so small and the individual contacts are obvious. They are grouped and need to be opened up by the contact manager.

I share this in the Google+ Mass Migration community, but figured I'd share it more broadly.
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I have a local gym and I love being there - awesome coaches, great workouts, nice people etc.. I've been supplementing those workouts for a few years with +DAREBEE Even better when I mentioned how cool the apps were to one of my favorite trainers, he said "Oh yeah! I remember them from when it was Neila Ray.

Great timing for this post +David Amerland as I'm looking for an accountability buddy after this weekend. BTW - you inspired me to do a five-minute plank for Planksgiving I made it to 3:40 last week and am inspired again to try for the rest of the month. #gratitude
Join the Hive - The Friendliest & Most Helpful International Fitness Community on the web!

If you need a support network, a group of like-minded people who just want to get a little bit fitter, move a little bit more and still have a life - this might be the place for you. The community is free (and always will be) and it belongs to a non-profit free fitness resource: You don’t have to do DAREBEE workouts to belong, we welcome everyone - whoever you are, wherever you are from, whatever your fitness level - you are welcome there.

We have daily dares, check in threads, cool profiles and awesome honor-based badges. You can pick a class (rogue, spartan, ninja?) and unlock achievements. Participate in community quests and take part in regular fun events - or just lurk, until you feel more comfortable to join. We are building a place we would like to see on the web and we invite you to be part of it.

No ads, no strings attached, to paid anything - we help each other because it’s the right thing to do, as a real community should.

Come join us at:
P.S. before making a decision look around, go through threads, see what we are talking about : )
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“A tous les temps, à tous les peuples” — for all times and for all people — an ideal that the new kilogram will now meet."

The science is cool, but the best part is the quote above from the scientists at NIST.

#goodnews #science #togetherness

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CA Fire Resources & Information

Thanks +Peggy K for sharing.
Resources for people affected by the California wildfires

There are several deadly fast-moving fires burning in California right now. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated and many have lost their homes. I hope all of you out there are safe.

Google's SOS alert pages have news, maps, links to local resources and an option to donate:

Camp fire (Butte County) Google SOS alert:
Facebook Crisis Response page:

Woolsey fire & Hill fire (Southern California) Google SOS alert:
Facebook Crisis Response page:

The latest from the Mercury News:
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Linux Debian 9 is now available in the Stable channel on higher-end Chromebooks including the Chromebook Plus.

Python3 is available as well as Jupyter and is running fine with the exception of Scipy.

The Reddit Crositini thread is quite helpful

Thanks +Coach G Moore for sharing!!!
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Excellent podcast with +Martin Brossman and +David Amerland exploring the nuances of Google+, trust, data, where we are, how we got here and what is next.

The Effects of the Google Plus Shut Down - David Amerland and Martin Brossman - Will google plus shut down? Yes and we explore what we loved about and learned about our experience the life of Google Plus.
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We all have plenty of time to explore different avenues for moving our circles and communities. Let's use this time constructively. +Sasch Mayer

Solid advice here as usual and a link to a (not so) bad idea on rebuilding.


1. Stop sharing your email addresses publicly
This place is being scraped by spammers and scammers daily/hourly/minutely. Any email address left lying around publicly will make its way to scam/spam lists causing you to be offered Penis Extensions and Nigerian Inheritances on a daily/hourly/minutely basis.

Share contact details, by all means, but do so privately, to the people you follow and interact with.

2. Stop acting as though they're turning off the lights at midnight.
The sundowning period is ten months. I know a lot of you won't head for Farcebook or Tw@ter under any circumstances, but there are in fact other alternatives available.

We all have plenty of time to explore different avenues for moving our circles and communities. Let's use this time constructively.

3. A few of us are having a bad idea.
There's a thread over in +Emlyn O'Regan's stream where different folks are toying with this idea. Feel free to go check it out and chime in if you have any constructive input.

Just all y'all calm down a cotton pickin' minute... m'kay? ;-)

Also... share this and put the word out. You don't want to subject your friends to Penis Extensions and Nigerian Inheritances, DO YOU?
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My heart is a little broken by the news that Google+ is shutting down. I'm sad and even so I know that the folks I know from here will still be in my life, somewhere down the road.

+David Amerland captures the Google+ experience with his usual depth and heart. Read on to understand why so many of us are here and how Google+ changed so many perspectives.

I'm a better human because of Google+. The people I know here are friends and mentors. All are brilliant in their own right and I'm grateful for the last 7+ years.

I'll be here for the next three months....

No Time for Tears

I am really sad as this space is winding down and I want to be angry. Yet this is the reality: it's a journey. It transformed us (me at least). I am glad I was here (still am). What happens next will be better because of all this.

I value you all, more than I can say.
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"...This makes us part of the evolution of search. What happens next depends upon the way we use it. Marketers often try to second-guess search engine development. In truth they just need to look at the way humans interact with technology and see what the majority does. It’s a paradox that is not often understood. Search, arguably the pinnacle of complex technology is more reflective of our humanity (and its failings as well as strengths) than anything else we have ever had." - +David Amerland

Reflecting on my past 20 years as a Google user, many of my best learning moments came from David, and this quote in particular is my favorite "Be who you are.."

It's a quote I carry with me as a reminder to be my best self online as well as offline.

David Amerland on Google
David Amerland on Google
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