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Mary Stovall
Marketing Tech. Google Focused. Outcome Driven.
Marketing Tech. Google Focused. Outcome Driven.


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Leadership and Hope

A lovely post on leadership, overcoming obstacles and understanding how to wrangle it all together when you've been derailed.

Thank-you +Errol Doebler for introducing me to a new way of learning.
Meaningful behavioral change is hard. The key is understanding the concepts of why we get derailed, why we fail to pick back up and carry on, and the fact that if we persevere and grind a little our brain will more than cooperate and allow us to achieve things we never thought possible. Thanks to great minds like +Marshall Goldsmith and +David Amerland we can understand and overcome. #leadership #behavioralchange

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The Always Up To Date SEO Checklist

#SEO #Checklist h/t +Tim Sweeney
Looking for this? Bruce Clay's #SEO #Checklist covers everything from mobile to onpage to how your page will be shared in social media.

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Connection, Curiosity & Humanity

How to really connect with your content, online or offline.

Thanks for the guidance +Teodora Petkova
Emotional tone and voice framework

The Why and the How are in this article.
" Beyond basic, tangible needs lie powerful connections to humanity and desire"

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There was alot of pondering and group work over six months.

Worth every minute.

Bonus: I made a new friend and colleague.

Thank-you +LaShaun Ramdin​​ for all your support and your friendship.

Let's go out and do great things!



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The Small Business Easy Guide to Semantic Search
Ten simple steps for small businesses

Google provides a wealth of tools and resources to help small businesses, and I am immensely grateful on a daily basis for support from Google that enable me to help a business grow.

I speak to this topic in classes I teach, in my community, and in my professional world.

And, for every interaction I have regarding marketing, SEO and "how do I rank for this.." my go to response(s) are:

Online search has changed. Here is a book that will help you navigate the new world of SEO:

And, for those who want to go deeper, or who's interest may have been piqued by my head spinning mention of "semantic search" I recommend this book.

Just Start Here
Easy Steps

Back in 2014 I brought this out, a little ahead of its time :) Now it's more pertinent than ever.

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The +Equifax hack is beyond pondering.... here are some solutions for the immediate term...

h/t +Kevin Dinino

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Key Measurement Points

Digital analytics to optimize user experience in real time
Audience-level data to personalize customer experience
Customer-level data to segment and reach individuals
Attribution to evaluate how channels work together and to allocate budget
Download the Econsultancy/Google report: The customer experience is written in data. This new research study reveals why and how the most successful brands put data at the center of marketing strategy: #measure

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Taking an hour over the weekend to plan the week ahead makes a huge difference in how my week goes.

I keep a three month journal with goals and daily tracking - it's super helpful in maintaining my sanity and also looking back to see what I actually accomplished.

Tracking food and exercise and sleep helps too.

Happy Saturday!
"When you fail to plan your week ahead, it's the same as aimlessly wandering in a forest without a compass." Here's one activity you can do each weekend that will change the way you work →

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Love them or not, it's worth paying attention to the deeper sentiments of your customers.

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I'm looking forward to using the new version of Search Console... super helpful.

h/t +Tim Sweeney
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