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There's always that uncomfortable moment when looking at one of these bingo cards, when I realize that I've said one of the things on it. I encourage you to check it out and then double-check your own responses.
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Yeah, I'm guilty of some of those. But I won't repent of saying them if they actually apply. Not all those statements are bad in the proper context. Exporting Western values -- Jesus, capitalism, wasteful consumerism -- is quite often wrongheaded and self-serving. But sometimes it's objectively better, such as encouraging cultures to not kill their infant daughters or mutilate the private parts of women entering puberty. It's okay to say some things are objectively better, no matter what cultural stream from which they originate.

We reach a certain level of maturity and enlightenment when we accept Western imperialism isn't always the right way. And we grow even more when we accept that the West isn't always wrong. We need to be able to examine values objectively of their cultural origins and judge them based on their merit, and promote those that have a positive effect for mankind and the world. This is very difficult, true, but it's better than a binary good/bad perspective of the West or any other culture.
You seem to be basing your argument on something that's not on the card. At no point does the card argue that there is a binary perspective.
Well, no, if you want to be technical, that isn't on the card. =) But it seems to me that the statements on that card are meant to be cast in a bad light. And yes, every single one of those statements is bad... in a certain context. But at least a few of those statements can be good... again, in a certain context. Of course, a few of the statements are pretty bad no matter what; there's no real way to say "Whatever you do or say is the wrong thing anyway" at all and not be a jerk, unless you're kidding.

Personally, I consider colonialism/imperialism a bad thing in general. But I have to admit that in some (largely isolated) cases, some good has come of it. One example is that the practice of sati is now outlawed in India thanks to the British, assholes that they were. And the Hobbits were saved from Sauron by the Men of the West!

I'm not being contrary or confrontational here, just thought I'd weigh in with my perspective on an interesting topic. =)
You're also hitting several of the bingo cards points. I'm counting column 3 rows 2-5, column 4, row 2 and row 4.

Seriously, the point of this is not that the West is Evil, which is one of the bingo squares, but that these are all statements that people make to derail or diminish the conversation about the problems with colonialism. They are all ways of saying, "colonialism/imperialism is bad but..."
I'm happy to say that I've never said any of those, but that doesn't mean I've never said anything demeaning about another race or culture. Product of growing up in the deep south. But, racism and cultural imperialism are two different issues that overlap in some places.

The important thing is for people to realize that they need to improve their perspective and then actively try.
"People here are poor, but they are happy." While I was in India, I was struck by the contrast between Calcutta where people were trying to live the Western lifestyle and failing and were clearly miserable vs. the country, where people had dirt floors but seemed pretty cheerful. While it might be true, it's also a way of missing the larger conversation about how colonialism magnified the way in which the resources to be so imbalanced.
The only one I'm not sure about is "only US POCs are qualified to talk about racism; you're derailing us." Maybe I'm just not understanding the context there, but I can easily see why People of Color might want to discuss the discrimination they face in the US without wanting their conversation derailed.
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