+Google+, will you look at this, please? I went to my "Legal Victories" blog, and a box popped up warning me that my visiting that sight was NOT private, as though people need to be ashamed of reading my articles there. What on earth is going on around here? (Click the screenshot below to enlarge it.) I was just inviting people to the Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real show that begins at 9pmEST tonight, and I wanted to get the url to his premier show. WHAT IS THERE TO HIDE ABOUT READING LEGAL VICTORIES? It is a blog that congratulates lawyers for their victories that impact justice for poor and middle class Americans; it congratulates prosecutors, the government, and people who do reentry programs. I am so sick of being a censored Christian human rights advocate. These people make me out to be someone to avoid, when they truly fear you will learn about my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Please tell the people you already know about Larry Neal being secretly arrested and murdered in the USA in 2003, and his family being DENIED any records, excuses, or explanations, defrauded in court to "keep wealth from black hands" -- a CoIntelPro mandate. I did not even know that being black mattered much before Larry was murdered, so nobody can say I am some racist. There is no excuse whatsoever for the things that NSA does to block my First Amendment rights like they or some other hackers do. Please stop. http//LegalVictories.blogspot.com
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