Don't destroy buildings, cars, and each other. We can DESTROY THE ECONOMY with a Boycott for Justice without even leaving home. Over 30 #Baltimore‬  protesters were arrested the first day. Why add bond money and fines and perhaps prison profits to these elitists? Boycott 4 Justice! Don't buy anything online or in person except what is absolutely essential - food, gasoline, etc. #NYPD  already proved elitists will CHANGE for money and only money. NYPD stopped writing tickets and making unnecessary arrests for a few weeks, and they won the right to carry machine guns to peaceful protests and continue to kill Americans in choke holds when the mayor suddenly declared he would veto any bill against said choke holds. "A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry: but #money  answers all things" ~Ecc. 10:19.

Politicians serve their constituents - BIG BUSINESS. When businesses hurt, they will insist on improved justice, and Blacks will stop being killed like rabid dogs. FORCE Big Business to our side. Just stop purchases, and they will come . . .

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