Will young people register and vote in 2012? Here in Florida, the GOP has pushed for new voter laws that discourage voting: The League of Women Voters is not even willing to risk the new $500 fines in place if a volunteer's work is challenged. Registration is down by 80,000 compared to this time in 2008 leading up to the presidential election.

I just did a 2-hr training session to become a "state-registered registration volunteer" via one of the few third-party groups registering voters: +Organizing for America - Chester County (OFA - Florida) and I am part of a team that is registering voters at colleges, since many teachers are not offering voter registration forms to their students this year (thanks to the new restrictive laws.) BTW, here in Florida there are currently more than 11 million registered voters, inc. more than 5 million Democrats. 2.6 Independents and a Republican minority. So if +Ron Paul is not a choice: VOTE OUT ALL US CONGRESS - except those who vow to Reform Elections & Banks, and get $$ out of politics. UNPLUG & REBOOT DEMOCRACY - KEEP VOTING THEM OUT UNTIL THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!
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