Website Design Begins After Content Development

Recently I designed a website before content was created, before the mission statement and unique value proposition were confirmed. I told the client six months prior to website design about these necessary pieces but the client couldn’t deliver them. I was challenged because the graphic designer came up with a logo without these marketing pieces, so the client couldn’t understand why the website had to wait.

I explained that creating the site before content was developed knocked the project out of scope so the initial estimate no longer applied. Fortunately for me the client was fine with these new terms. This turned out to be an expensive decision for the client. The website was triple the cost because it had to be redesigned twice due to changes in business strategy during the design process. 

What do you do when clients won't agree to these terms? In this article +Visnja Zeljeznjak arms website developers and designers with tactics that may convince stubborn clients to take responsibility to deliver content in a timely manner and before site development begins. I like Visnja's strategy of including money in the price to assist clients with content planning and creation. This is something I’ve left out in the past but will begin to sell on future projects. I believe clients will value the help.

Read her article for more strategies and resources that will help you make money and keep projects on track when clients struggle to deliver content.

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