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Improve Website Load Speed by Optimizing Images

Today’s savvy website visitors will not wait around for web pages to load. If it takes more than a few seconds for a page to appear before their eyes, visitors will move on.

Load speed controls how soon visitors see your warm welcome message and stunning sales pitch. It influences how fast transactions occur on your website and is part of your brand’s customer service. It contributes to the first impression people have of your brand, so ensure you start off on the right foot by serving up speedy web pages.

There’s another reason to pay attention to website load speed; it’s a factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm.

For website owners, designers and non-technical folks who manage sites, image optimization is one of the easiest ways to improve load speed because it doesn’t require knowledge about your hosting environment or software coding skills. Managing image size is the low hanging fruit that rewards you well for your effort!

Read this case study that doubles as a tutorial where I share tools and techniques I used to optimize large images on my recent website redesign.

Thanks to +Paul Biedermann  and +MaAnna Stephenson who assisted me with the redesign. Paul ensured Digital Marketing Deva got a classy new identity, and MaAnna helped me keep the site lean.

#websiteloadspeed   #imageoptimization     #seo   
Image optimization is one of the easiest ways to improve website load speed. Learn effective techniques to optimize JPEG and PNG images.
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So glad you’re loving it, +Mary Iannotti — I find that people often grow with their brand identities (and vice versa) as they get more used to them. Sort of like wearing a new hairstyle or a new wardrobe, it can sometimes take time before you become completely comfortable — especially if it is something different than what you’ve had before. Personal brands are just that — personal. But if the style is right and fits the person, the relationship becomes a very natural one quite quickly. You wear it well! :-)
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Mary Iannotti

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Turn Your Website into an Asset that Grows Your Business

Are you interested in using your website to fuel a web presence that powers your business? Join this live event to hear advice from a panel of web professionals who are passionate about helping small businesses get extended mileage from their websites. +John Moore, +Marilyn Moore, +Gina Fiedel, +Mike Bayes, +Ammon Johns and and I will discuss the return you’ll get from turning your website into a business asset, and steps you can take to make that happen.

Check out the free event that’s happening on Wednesday, June 10.

#smallbusinessmarketing   #smallbusinesstips   #webmarketing  
Do you consider your website a business asset?

Did you have to pause a bit to think about your answer?  Or say  “why is that important?”, or something to that effect?

+David Amerland , noted analyst and author of Google Semantic Search , has many times remarked on how the web has “leveled the playing field” for small businesses.

“The challenges are the same for everyone in a web that seems to have become a very level playing field. Now the race ought to go to the swiftest to come up with implementable answers and ... implement them.”

So why is it that most small businesses treat their websites like a check box item on a list?  (Assuming they have a website at all, which is not always the case.)

The business world is changing rapidly and the web has moved from a business platform for the “big guys” and niche businesses to a business platform for “everybody”.  The really nice thing for small businesses is that the playing field on this business platform is quite level.

The thing many small businesses have not realized is that a web presence has become mandatory.

You have to show up, you have to take it seriously, and yes, you have to understand the why and how so that you get the most out of the web for your business, whether you have a physical front door or are an online business.

This month’s Small Business WebTech Show is the start of a series designed to help you understand the why and how of making your website a business asset as we bring in a panel of internet business marketing and web development experts to explore these issues with you. To begin the series we will attempt to address the following issues:

• What does a small business expect to gain in the effort?  

• What are the necessary elements for a website as a business asset?

• How does a business owner prepare and begin the process of building this asset?

For you, the first step in this process is to “Show Up”!  

About Our Guest Host

+Gina Fiedel  is the founder and owner of the web development company, Fat Eyes Web Development with her husband, Doug Anderson. Her company is based in Santa Barbara and combines strategic and sophisticated web solutions to create websites that offer better, more authentic and effective communication, sales and marketing tools for their clients.

About Our Panel

+Ammon Johns  is a well respected veteran of online marketing, highly regarded in the SEO industry.  Since 1996 he has worked with clients of all sizes, in all markets, and in every way (in-house, agency, and private consultant).

He’s as well known for his frank, no-nonsense, practicality as for the innovations he brings to the field, The testimonials and recommendations he has indicate the respect and influence he has in SEO.

+Mike Bayes  is the Managing Partner of My One Call, LLC  for the last 11 years. My One Call is a sales acceleration and business development firm. They specialize in growing emerging mid market companies' revenues using proven, intelligent systems and provide business development, in all of its many forms.

+Mary Iannotti  has spent over a decade developing successful marketing strategies for technology, alternative energy and healthcare organizations and has a graduate degree in Internet marketing. Mary focuses on showing businesses and organizations how to use current digital marketing best practices to grow their businesses.

How to join us for the show

For those that live in the San Diego North County area, the live event is hosted at the +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce   You can register for the event at our event page.

For all others, click YES or MAYBE to get this event on your calendar and queue.

A special thanks to +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce  for hosting the venue for the live audience and broadcast,  and  to +Richard Peat-Hanna  for his technical assistance.

#webdevelopment   #smallbusiness   #businessassets   #digitalmarketing   #smallbusinesswebtech  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by RightStart Websites. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Basics of Using Your Website As A Business Asset
Wed, June 10, 5:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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My pleasure +John Moore!
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Mary Iannotti

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Google's Shift to Site Name in Mobile Search Results

I like the change Google is making in mobile search because the site name and breadcrumbs look much cleaner than ugly URLs. This subtle change is a branding opportunity for businesses.

+Barry Schwartz includes schema markup that can be added to a website so Google displays these variables.

H/t +MaAnna Stephenson and +Zara Altair.

#websitedesign   #branding
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Mary Iannotti

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SEO Help Which Brings People to Your Business

+David Amerland explains how effective search and social media can be at transforming a small business into a powerhouse by linking what you do with an audience that is looking for it. These marketing strategies give businesses direct access to their audience without reliance on a third party, such as an advertising platform. Advertising is expensive and it's often difficult to track results past impressions.

David discusses how essential search and social marketing are for online businesses, but retail stores can also get qualified prospects from these strategies.

Read David’s article and buy his SEO Help book to learn how to successfully apply search and social marketing to grow your business.

#seo   #seohelp   #socialmediamarketing  
Consider for a moment the possibility of your online business becoming invisible. Suppose that search engines did not exist, social media platforms were not a thing and email had never been invented. How would you get people there? Why? These two...
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Super, thanks +David Amerland.
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Mary Iannotti

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Tips That Will Improve Online Conversions

Every element of a digital medium contributes to the ability to engage prospects and convert them to customers. +MaAnna Stephenson covers many of the elements marketers have to pay attention to on their website and social networks including:
> content
> navigation
> visuals
> layout strategies

Don’t assume your current design and strategies are working. Instead look at you analytics, test and keep questioning things. MaAnna and her community warn us not to fall prey to popular concepts designers and marketers spread around. Get to know your audience and figure out what works best for them.

Polish up on your conversion strategies by reading this week’s tips

#websitedesign   #contentmarketing   #seo  
Tips Tuesday – Designing for Mobile, Better Conversion
14 minutes of sheer site success
Read or listen:

This week’s tips:
- Big subscription changes to BlogAid News and Tips Tuesday
- W3TC plugin causing 403 errors, and how to check your site
- breadcrumbs – whether to use them on site or not
- 10 types of free content to give away
- a great Guide to the new Google+ Collections
- how to include images in RSS-to-email feed summary
- if share buttons are clicked on mobile or not
- how engagement leads to conversion
- whether or not your site needs a sidebar
- a top bar optin plugin
- new course for getting way more YouTube views
- making it easy for Google to crawl your site
- whether rel=author tag is still relevant or not

Thanks to +Yoast, +Robin Cornett, +Cyndi Papia, +Stephan Hovnanian, +Rob Cubbon, +Jay Baer, +Neil Patel, +Ileane Smith, +Mark Traphagen for their tips and inspiration this week.

#blogaidtipstuesday #tipstuesday #wordpresstips #seotips #siteseucrity #cybersecurity #contentmarketing #conversionoptimization

Read or listen:
Subscribe to BlogAid Posts
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Tips this week include: - Big subscription changes to BlogAid News and Tips Tuesday - W3TC plugin causing 403 errors, and how to check your site - breadcrumbs – whether to use them on site or not - 10 types of free content to give away - a great Guide to the new Google+ Collections - how to include images in RSS-to-email feed summary - if share buttons are clicked on mobile or not - how engagement leads to conversion - whether or not your site ne...
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Tuning into those stories is important and will help you effectively carve out your new direction +MaAnna Stephenson.

My analytics is making me look at areas to improve as well. I'm finding that keeping a positive mindset is just as important as making adjustments. Growing a business is a process, and the more fun we make that growth, the better our business will be.
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Mary Iannotti

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Google Image Translation Makes Designers More Valuable

+David Amerland distills advancements Google has made in translating complex images without loss of meaning. These advancements will propel many changes on the web. One of which involves Google Image Search. It can become a powerful driver of traffic for search queries that may not even be reflected on the word content on (a web) page. David predicts the web will become more visual and brands can now rely more heavily on using images to build authority and expertise.

This article reinforces why a visual strategy and quality designers will become a valuable part of a digital marketing strategy.

Read David’s article to fully understand the transition that’s happening and how designers can capitalize on it.
We used to have to put words on the web because computers could not see images. When all that a search engine had to go by was the alt text input by a human and, maybe, the text surrounding an image, understanding what it was exactly was a very hit...
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Mary Iannotti

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A Back-Up Plan is One Secret Behind a Flawless Presentation

Technology cliches can happen at presentations and I've faced a few as a presenter. Having a solid back-up plan will steady the nerves and prevent technology sidetracks from wrecking a presentation.

Get ideas for you back-up plan by reading +Scott Schwertly's article where he shares five essential back-up items he uses for all of his presentations. 

H/T +JP Enterprises for sharing these handy tips.

#presentation   #smallbusinessmarketing   #marketingtips  
5 back-up devices you should bring to every presentation, just in case

Via Ethos3/Scott Schwertly

#SlideShare #presentation #tech
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We love DropBox +Mary Iannotti because then we don't have to worry about losing anything.
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Mary Iannotti

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Mary Iannotti originally shared to Web Design:
Design Palette Pro - Easier Customizations for Genesis Themes

With this premium plugin you can customize Genesis themes without writing CSS. It works with Genesis alone and many of the child themes. It may be a good tool for professional designers who don't know CSS. But, it could also unleash more poorly designed websites from DIY folks who don't understand good design.

The plugin perks my curiosity but I'm weary to use it. I’m using a more sophisticated drag and drop tool on my website now but I'm moving off the platform because it's easier for me to customize themes when I have control over the CSS.

I’m relieved it’s a premium plugin so it’s optional.

#genesis   #websitedesign  
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Mary Iannotti

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Rising Above Publishing Good Unique Content

Competition and user expectations are a couple of reasons why organizations, who want to rank at the top of SERPS, must set a high bar on the content they produce. +Rand Fishkin sets the bar at 10 times better than the best results currently found in search.

Because content marketing is gaining popularity, businesses who are serious about SEO have to get serious about devoting resources that will produce exceptional content. They have to evaluate topics to make sure the information will satisfy the expectations of their audience, and not just promote their services.

Watch this week’s White Board Friday to learn about a process +Moz uses, and so can you, to create 10x content

#contentmarketing   #seo   #websitetraffic  
If we're talking about creating "good, unique content" and are hoping for it to rank in competitive SERPs, we're not setting the right bar. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand shows us what we should be going for instead.
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Mary Iannotti

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Convincing  Organizations to Invest in SEO

+Eric Enge provides tips that will enable marketers to convince organizations to adopt a smart SEO strategy. He explains how to set the right expectations, build creditability and educate decision makers on best practices that will deliver long-term results.

Read his article to learn how to provide a case for SEO which will build relationships with clients that will keep them re-investing in your strategies

#seo   #searchenginemarketing   #seoservices  
How to Make the Case for SEO with Your Boss or Client #seo
You know SEO would benefit the brand, but how do you get your clients (or your bosses) to understand the need to invest? Ahead of ClickZ Live New York, I h
View original post
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+Mary Iannotti - Using terminology businesses are familiar with, such as your PR example, is a great idea.
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Mary Iannotti

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Apple is Building a Search Engine

Perhaps the mobile search market is behind Apple's move to get into the search game. Apple's strength is user experience (IMHO) but they are behind the curve on collecting data. It'll be interesting to see how this evolves.

#searchenginemarketing   #apple   #SEO  
Apple finally confirms they have a web crawler, primarily used for Siri and Spotlight Suggestions.
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That's definitely a move in the right direction. You're right +Mary Iannotti, the loyal fans will grow.
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Mary Iannotti

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Species in Pieces:

This amazing CSS based interactive exhibition showcasing 30 of the world's most interesting but unfortunately endangered species — Their survivals laying literally, in beautiful mastery pieces of polygons.

Other Works:
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Aww thank you +Paul Biedermann! We're pretty fond of you guys as well. Nice touch with the #KATAWesome hashtag. Love it!
 +Mary Iannotti +Katherine Kotaw 
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I enjoy helping businesses discover and communicate their unique story through digital channels. I’m also passionate about teaching organizations how to shift their digital marketing tactics so they are successful in a new economy where trust will create prosperity. The days of talking “at people” online are gone. Now it’s time to meet, create relationships and build trust with folks through social networks.

Many businesses suffer from digital marketing chaos where poorly executed tactics prevent positive results. I work with clients to refine digital marketing tactics so they work in unison to create meaningful connections with prospects, provide quality service to clients and contribute to business goals. I share ways to transform digital chaos into marketing tactics that work on my blog.

I’ve spent over a decade developing successful marketing strategies for technology, alternative energy and healthcare organizations. I rounded out my experience with a graduate degree in Internet marketing. Now I’ve embarked on a new journey of feeding my soul by building my own brand. A brand focused on showing organizations how to use current digital marketing best practices to grow their businesses.

Topics I Like to Discuss on Google+

You’ll often see me sharing knowledge and engaging in conversations about content marketing, social media, SEO and website design. You’ll also catch me inspiring others to find their mojo so they can shine!


When I'm not marketing you'll find me rock climbing, snowboarding or doing yoga.
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The Organic Dish has new owners who are introducing new meals and deserts, and improving some of the old-time favorites. I had Gnocchi Jalapeno Pesto with Chicken. The pesto was fresh and full of flavor. Jen's Organic Chocolate is a good choice for people that like vegan deserts. It's creamy and has a nice hint of citrus from lemon zest.
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Lisa Jo Landsberg, an instructor at the Yoga Shala, is an outstanding yoga teacher because her students are the focus of every one of her classes. She choreographs her classes based on their needs. She also skillfully adapts yoga poses to help her students with their health issues. I rode my bike to one of her class which caused tingling in both of my hands. After class the tingling disappeared and stayed away during the entire bike ride home. Devoted to living as a yogi off of her mat, Lisa Jo inspires others by weaving yoga philosophy into her life and the poses she teaches.
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English This restaurant is a hidden gem. The food is very fresh and good. They serve the best gnocchi I have every had. That's coming from someone who grew up in an Italian family that made gnocchi. You'll be served by a fun-loving Italian family with big hearts. You'll also enjoy a spectacular view of La Forma (a town right next to Serrone). If you visit Roma, I highly recommend a day trip to lovely Serrone and stop off at Ristorante La Ciociara in La Forma for authentic, great-testing Italian food. Italian Questo ristorante è un tesoro nascosto. Il cibo è molto fresco e buono. Servono la migliore pasta gnocchi ho avuto ogni. Che sta arrivando da qualcuno che è cresciuto in una famiglia italiana che serviva gnocchi fatti in casa. Sarete serviti da un amante del divertimento della famiglia italiana con grandi cuori. Avrete anche godere di una vista spettacolare di La Forma (una città vicino alla Serrone). Se volete visitare Roma, consiglio vivamente una gita a Serrone bella e una sosta al Ristorante La Ciociara a La Forma di un'autentica, grande cucina italiana-testing.
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