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Mary Iannotti
Content Marketing | Website Design
Content Marketing | Website Design

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Are The Latest Web Design Trends Killing Your Conversions?

You work hard to create web pages.

You spend countless hours researching your target market.

You put a ton of effort into writing copy that maximizes website conversions.

Read my article to make sure you don't waste all that energy by using a design that looks cool, but stops visitors from taking the next step in your sales process.

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Message matching between your PPC ad and the top of your landing page is key. Many businesses are still not getting that right.

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Want more conversions from your content marketing?

Get a free assessment of your website's load speed and sales funnel. Along with copy, design, and call-to-action improvements.

Register for the webinar here ->

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Successful sales funnels are created after doing user research. If that's not possible there are plenty of other places where research can be used to optimize a funnel.

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Email marketing isn't dead. Most marketers are just doing it wrong so email is failing for them.

Here's brilliant advice few people know about that can make your subscribers love you. All backed by science.

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Spending more time writing content that's unique and helpful will give you a better bang for your marketing dollars.

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Never underestimate the POWER of good content. Changing up their content strategy improved Sermo's conversion rate by 197%.

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Receipts are POWERFUL mediums for conversion copywriting. Other forgotten tactics are revealed in the article. via @peeplaja

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Boost conversion rates with well-designed visual cues that guide visitors to copy that converts.

Here are tests that prove it.

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Confession from #UI experts > "Users are more tolerant of minor usability issues when they find an interface visually appealing."

I don’t advocate blowing off usability issues but testing proves that “designing an interface that’s attractive as well as functional is worth the resources.”

The Aesthetic-Usability Effect - Nielsen Norman Group
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