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This past Sunday, amidst the sounds of banging pots, hungry cats, and curious spouses, +William Burdette, +Angela Bell, and I spent three hours making dumplings together on

Will just posted an amazing podcast on his site,, where he describes the experience that helped renew his affections for the world wide web.

One of my favorite quotes from the podcast:
"When we were hanging out online there were boring bits, and stutters, and there were silences. There were pots and pans banging around. There were moments of frustration and moments of joy when we tasted the final product. I'm just so sick of it, when people make these rigid distinctions between technologically mediated experiences and real life. It's all real life, people. It's all real. Technonolgy is a part of real life." -+William Burdette
Thank you, Will and Angela, for an amazing afternoon, and Will, for your brilliant podcast!
It's a fiesta this week, but we're partying Beijing-style. I had the wonderful opportunity to take an online cooking class from Mary Helen Leonard. She taught me and Harms Place food blogger A...
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Thanks, +Jeff Karpinski! By the way, I've been able to locate some good sources of sushi grade fish here in Austin, and am one step closer to putting together your class! While I'm figuring out the details, can you and your friend do some local research to figure out where you will buy your sushi grade fish? You'll need to make sure that it is sushi grade for safety reasons. I'd like to have tuna and salmon for the class. If you want any other fish, just let me know.
And, this quote from him about the experience he had at and it's paraphrased somewhat: "I left my kitchen kind of euphoric, and this is what, 10-20 years ago, when people talked about the promise of the internet, this is what they were talking about."

Great stuff! That made my day!