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I just shared a new post on my blog featuring a recipe for some deliciously boozey marshmallows! Why drink your manhattans when you can toast them over a campfire? Am I right?

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New blog post! I just shared the recipe for my entry in this Sunday's Mac and Cheeze Takedown. Tickets are available at Come out and taste my crazy mac n cheese ice cream as well as sweet and savory entries from a whole bunch of other great local cooks. Viva mac n cheese!

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Pizza Pizza! What's your favorite New York style pizza in Austin? I rounded up my top picks in my latest blog post. 

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It's grapefruit season! The folks at Texas Sweet treated me to a cooking class all about the Rio Red. I shared my favorite recipes from the day on my blog.

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I've been chowing down on yogurt lately. Check out this post to find four recipes to jazz up your yogurt while keeping it high protein and low sugar.

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Time for a little sponsor love - The folks at New West Knife Works are rocking my sidebar this month with a pretty sweet giveaway. You can register to win a 7 piece set of knives on their site. 

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It's Pancake Day! Take a walk outside the buttermilk box and into Sriracha territory with some delicious okonomiyaki!

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I love me some soup, especially when it's full of almond butter. Posted the recipe for this beauty today. Enjoy!

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I'm competing in the Mac and Cheeze Takedown this year during SXSW. If you love to eat I highly recommend coming to check this out. Feast on mac n cheeze, get your party on, and vote me to cheesey glory! 

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I will see you there, +Mary Helen Leonard!
Do you like egg salad? I sure do. Check out my latest blog post to find a recipe for classic egg salad, plus four wacky variations.

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Hello Google Plussers!  It's nice to meet you all.  I'm a cook, culinary instructor, and blogger from Austin, TX. My true loves are food and music, but I'm pretty much a fan of anything creative.  If it involves making something with my own two hands, I've probably tried it.

I'm one of those people who starts to sound crazy if she starts listing off all of the things that I like, or even just the things that I do.  Bullet points to the rescue!
Ahh. It's all so simple now.
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Conan's is known for their deep dish pizza, and wacky South-Austin vibe. Though deep dish pizza is not my personal favorite, I thought Conan's pie was as good as I'd had it anywhere else. The Conan the Barbarian artwork on the wall, and charming in-house folk singer made for a lovely evening though. I hope Conan's will remain a South Austin fixture for years to come.
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Imagine everything you loved about Elio's as a kid, then having all of that magic translated into really, really good deep dish pizza. That pretty much sums up Via 313. It starts out with a deep, puffy crust that is just greasy enough to provide a delightful crunch on the bottom. That tasty pillow is smothered in cheese that pushes all the way up to the edges of a square pan, burning it into a thick, crispy cracker. Gobs of sweet, chunky tomato sauce are plopped on the the pie after it finished baking, turning your whole idea of pizza upside-down. In short, Via 313 is unlike any pizza you've ever had, and it rocks.
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Lately it seems like sausage is the new taco in Austin. Though Easy Tiger still reigns supreme in my book, it's neat to see another specialty sausage and beer house open up. We came here to meet up with the Austin Drink n' Click gang one night, and were impressed by the sheer volume of beer taps. Banger's has a huge draft selection, perfect for curious beer drinkers. Their sausage and sides were fun and tasty. The service was a little confused, but when we visited the place was still fairly new, so I'm guessing they might have worked out a better system by now. At the time, we shared one paper menu between about a dozen people, and waited eons for our orders to come out. Banger's has a dog run in the back, which I haven't had the chance to take advantage of yet. It seems like a cool idea, and I'd be curious to see it in action.
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Austin Java is a little pricey for my liking, but their coffee is always good, and their morning glory muffins are delicious. The location on Barton Springs also has a great patio that is perfect for lounging on a lazy afternoon.
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Woodland is one of my very favorite places in South Austin. They specialize in Southern favorites, like meatloaf, chicken pot pie, and shrimp n' grits, all of which are well loved by my family. While their dinners are wonderful, what really sets Woodland apart is their pie. Cream pies seem to be their bread n' butter. It's worth visiting the Woodland just for the pie alone, so if you visit, make sure to leave room.
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I'm glad that Austin has Magnolia. This diner-style restaurant serves up a massive menu complete with everything from breakfast tacos to pasta alfredo. Though the food isn't always extraordinary, it's always pretty good, which is just what you should expect from a casual neighborhood place. Beware the Saturday and Sunday brunch crowds, as you could be stuck waiting for a table for some time. Instead, try stopping at Magnolia on the way home from a night out. Migas, home fries, or queso will help you sober up.
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Recently I was invited to a tasting at Hyde Park Bar & Grill's south location. Their new chef has updated the menu with a whole bunch of new items, including a few things that I was pretty wild about. I had only been to Hyde Park's north location before the tasting, and I remember trying a couple of different sandwiches, and of course, their famous french fries. The new menu contains some much more exciting options, like sour cream and onion rings, modernized meatloaf, Ten Tomato Pasta, and vegan cauliflower steak (my personal favorite, served in a bed of spicy lentils and topped with mango and cucumber salsa). They are also rolling out a new vintage-inspired cocktail menu. All of the drinks were on the sweet and sour side, designed for patio sipping. I was treated to this tasting, but I honestly enjoyed everything on the new menu, and look forward to trying it again, especially the cauliflower.
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