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#dogbehavior #dogsmarts  

Think you know how smart your dog is? Try this and see -- free =) Rejoice, there are no dumb dogs!

Advances in understanding dog's minds, various intelligences used in problem-solving informs training applications, deepens your bond with your dog(s).

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Marty Essen's award-winning book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet, is just the book to read this Earth Day weekend =) He shared some great photographs for this interview!

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#petinsurance Do you, don't you, will you, won't you?

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#dogbehavior Dr Nicholas Dodman and Dr James Serpell are conducting the largest study of its kind on how human behavior and personality affects dog behavior. And you & your dog can join in!

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Got "dog breath" in the house? This will help you enjoy dog kisses again =)

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#petfood #humangrade

Super-Premium human grade USDA Certified raw frozen dog food from was a breeze to handle and serve -- check out the photos of Tashi and Kiki and hear more about how this brand works to keep pets safe...

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Good message you may wish to consider =)
Want to make a difference? Save a pet from deathrow. #FosteringSavesLives

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So fuuny when they won't take their eyes off the prize, even as the intended target gets close to the mouth! 

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Smart kitty...
So cute kitty miauuuu
I love you kitty
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