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Mary Anne Velasco

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More and more people now don't drive. There are a few reasons for this, ranging from the fact that in many larger towns and cities it is easy enough to get around without a car, through to the higher cost of living meaning that the expenses associated with owning, running and parking a car are ...
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Mary Anne Velasco

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Making the purchase of one of the Seattle condos of your dreams is going to be enough to make you satisfied for a long time, but after you've settled in, you're going to need some things to turn your new condo into a home. Spending may be a little limited after a big move, but many items need to ...
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Mary Anne Velasco

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From sofas to desks, tables to chairs, your new home will need to be decked out to feel fresh, homely and new. Of course, buying a chair may sound like a walk in the park, but it shouldn't be a blind purchase. So, consider this post your all-encompassing furniture buyers guide.
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Chef / Kock
  • O'learys Söderhamn
    Chef / Kock, 2012 - nuvarande
  • Statt Restaurant /Restaurang Statt
    Chef / Kock, 2012 - nuvarande
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Sweden. Philippines. ❤ ❤ A chef. A pharmacist. ❤ ❤ Coffee freak. Happily taken. Animal lover. Dreamer. A fashion late bloomer. A self-confessed Dress-/Bag-/Shoe-/Watch-a-holic. ❤ ❤ Prefers flats over heels. Has a love-hate relationship with makeup. Likes to travel. Enjoys good food.
  • YrkesAkademin
    Kock ala Carte / Culinary Arts, 2011 - 2012
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MaxiVelasco, Mary Anne, Maxi Velasco, Ovah Coffee
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