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Handig. Met een berg Linux servers en deze info ben ik voorlopig weer van de straat. 
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Marvin Vek

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"Say goodbye" lunch at the Grand Café (High Tech Campus Eindhoven) with presents, from the NXP Semiconductors R&D Apps team.

NXP Semiconductors R&D Apps: thank you very much for this, and the lovely experience in my time being a part of the team and working with you all!

Marvin Vek

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 A realization that I recently came to while discussing the whole systemd controversy with some friends at the Collab Summit is that a lot of the fear and uncertainty over systemd may not be so much about systemd, but the fear and loathing over radical changes that have been coming down the pike over the past few years, many of which have been not well documented, and worse, had some truly catastrophic design flaws that were extremely hard to fix.   For example, I still have the following magic installed in /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/dont-bug-me.pka:

[Don't Bug Me]

I added this because Network Manager insisted on popping up a window and asking me to type my password whenever I tried joining a new network.   And figuring out how to make Network Manager not do such a brain-damaged thing was so painful, that after going through reams of poorly documented XML schemas, and 50 language translations interspersed with actual configuration in various XML files, I just gave up and used the Big Hammer to make policykit just Completely Go Away.

I could tell similar horror stories about dbus when I had to debug various suspend/resume failures, which is something else which is similarly opaque and impossible to understand, but the point is that many of these failures have caused many people to want simple shell scripts, instead of having to crawl through badly designed XML schemas, or someone else's complex C or C++ code, just to figure out what the hell they did and how to patch around their design fail.

It's not entirely fair to charge all of this to Systemd's account, but I think one of the reasons why this happens is because +Kay Sievers and +Lennart Poettering often have the same response style to criticisms as the +GNOME developers --- go away, you're clueless, we know better than you, and besides, we have commit privs and you don't, so go away.

That being said, I recently did try moving my laptop to systemd, and I was pleasantly surprised by the Debian's integration --- it didn't blow away my rsyslog configuration, or do any number of a things that I'm worried about.  +GNOME  may start depending on more and more of systemd's features, and thus make it even harder to configure away its design failings, but that's +GNOME's problem, not systemd.   And besides, this is why I'm using XFCE and not GNOME.   :-)

I do find it very difficult sometimes to figure out why a particular systemd service gets started, and when I tried putting together a battery target which would automatically shut down various daemons that I don't need when I want to save power, it apparently somehow caused the brightness keys (fn-F5 and fn-F6) to mysteriously stop working --- and as I expected, it was impossible to debug.   So instead of using a systemd target, I'll just hack together a shell script that runs the necessary "service <foo> stop" instead of using a systemd target.  If things start breaking horribly, I'll file debian bugs, and try to find ways to work around the brain damage.   The fact that I won't be able to edit shell scripts to work around brain damage is still a little anxiety-producing, and the fact it's much more difficult to create a runlevel which is "just like runlevel 3 but without certain services running" is unfortunate, but I'll give it a try and see how much pain is involved.

At least with Debian, it's relatively easy (at least at this point) to roll back to sysvinit if systemd proves to be intolerable.   I figure I might as well try it now before I'm forced off of sysvinit and then discover all of the things that break and which can't be easily worked around.
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If you don't understand why #Facebook would buy #OculusRift read the ultimate text on it by Raph Koster
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Marvin Vek

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With all the Brouhaha, Flames and rants over Debian, systemd, upstart etc. please never forget: It's the price Debian pays for being a truly open and transparent project. Yes, joking about it is cheap and I have to pull a Mea Culpa on that too.

But that doesn't in any way change the huge amount of respect I have for Debian and its people. They are navigating the wild seas of F/OSS in a truly great way. No matter what is ultimately decided in this case, they are doing an awesome job at keeping the Debian spirit alive.

Let's never forget that in all the flames and rants. A lot of distributions died along the way, but Debian is here to stay. And that is a Damn Good Thing.
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Marvin Vek

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This just popped into my head while waiting for a delivery...

Angela Merkel dont pick up that phone
Angela Merkel you're not quite alone
Now Barak Obama has stopped so he said
I'd check all the places you've not looked instead

Angela Merkel your bits are not safe
Angela Merkel its a total disgrace
The British are out there to keep up the hacks
Perhaps it is time that their membership lapsed

Angela Merkel they've got you on file
Angela Merkel but keep up that smile
For someone unlucky has spent quite a whle
Listening in on Berlusconi's mobile

Angela Merkel don't send that email
Angela Merkel your crypto might fail
While checking for backdoors go kick up a stink
It's time you ran Linux, now what do you think ?
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Marvin Vek

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Mmmm, that was good.

Didn't know butter could or would explode in the microwave, at least not this fast ;).
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Marvin Vek

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Eindelijk!! Haha
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