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Secret Service Warns of 'Periscope' Skimmers - Krebs on Security via @nuzzel
The U.S. Secret Service is warning banks and ATM owners about a new technological advance in cash machine skimming known as “periscope skimming,” which involves a specialized skimming probe that connects directly to the ATM's internal circuit board to steal card data.
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One of the most shocking books I read — and it was decades ago — was Ellison's "Invisible Man." It haunts me every now and then when one of these incidents hits the media. Right in line with the pictures, but very subtle.
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Incredibly cheap way to play with SDN and OpenFlow.
Less than $75 for a 4 port switch, obviously not for production use but a really cool way to experiment with OpenFlow on your desk or in your basement ....

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My reaction when boss force me to give him root access because they "need it"

#Unix   #Linux   #IT   #Infosec   #Security   #Funny   #humor  
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Ponai ir ponios. Štai jau ateina sistemų administratorių diena - kaip pavasaris ir ruduo, kaip digitalinis randomų lietus, visai nerandomiškai taikantis į paskutinį liepos penktadienį. Byra skaičiai, sukas internetai, pasaulis tobulėja ir ši diena tampa vis svarbesne. Aš tikiu, kad po kiek laiko ji taps nacionaline švente. Išvis nedarbo diena, kaip Žolinės ar Joninės ar Kalėdos. [...]
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Not cool
Isis Agora Lovecruft, a core developer on the anonymous browser Tor, decided to leave the United States rather than talk to the FBI about an ongoing case.
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Let's encrypt ;-)
'Let's Encrypt' project issues its first free certificate
The project aims to make HTTPS implementation easier for small business/website owners.
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"Essentially I want to create the best – and maybe the only – drum & bass science fiction story ever told."
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