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Database and gay marriage ;-)
So, I read a post in my stream about the complexities of poly marriages in the legal system, and was thinking that it was really about the database problem of poly marriages, with the legal system kind of the consistency checks for the human database... and went "I've seen that article, kind of".

So, I dug this article up, went to post it as a comment, and the post has been deleted. And I don't remember who had originally posted it. Which is kind of a pity and kind of a good thing because now I can post it on my own.

So, here you go.
One. Let's start with a few really dumb systems which nobody with a brain cell would ever use. How about this? males - id - forename - surname - birthdate - wife_id (foreign key references column , may be NULL if male is unmarried) females - id - forename - surname - birthdate ...
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Interesting tool ;)
Today, Facebook open sourced Infer, making its code freely available to any company or independent developer looking for new ways to debug their apps.
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;) some music
Esoteric Music Mix #1 - Nucleus
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Likin' It!
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"Lampert created a business model predicated on the notion that the invisible hand of the market would magically drive stellar results. With his belief in economic fairy tales, he managed to kill the goose that laid his own golden egg."
The invisible hand waves bye-bye to Eddie Lampert, whose business plan has run Sears into the ground
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A game ;)
Germs and Bugs on Japanese TV!
#lol   #funny   #japanesetv   #bugs   #insects  
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From 2008. How Toyota builds cars. Amazing insights. No computers on the production floor. Problems solved in minutes. 50(!) year plans. Take your time. Read this.
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Created by IPsoft, the virtual agent avatar can absorb in seconds the same instruction manuals that human employees spend weeks memorizing.
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Frozen memories ;)
Many animals can survive prolonged periods of exposure to freezing temperatures. To do this, they run a sophisticated ‘freeze’ program on the way into the frozen state, and another ‘thaw’ program on the way out. Although there have been advances in freezing and thawing animals that lack these built-in cold survival responses, it hasn’t been made clear whether important higher-level functions, like memory, would emerge unscathed. Two researchers, Natasha Vita-More and Daniel Barranco, have now proven for the first time that cryogenically-suspended worms retain specific acquired memories after reanimation.

To do this, the researchers first trained the worms to move to specific areas when they smelled benzaldehyde (a component of almond oil). After mastering this new task, the worms were bathed in a glycerol-based cryoprotectant solution and put into to a deep freeze. When the worms were thawed, they remembered their job and moved to the right spot when benzaldehyde wafted in. The researchers compared two different methods of cooling: The first one was based on the old-fashioned way to freeze cells or organs — a low concentration of cryoprotectant and a slow cool/thaw cycle. The second way was a more aggressive procedure known as vitrification.
While there have been advances in freezing and thawing animals that lack built-in cold survival responses, it wasn't clear whether important higher level functions, like memory, would emerge unscathed -- until now.
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Thought vectors ;)
Currently in early development, thought vectors may help AI master natural language conversation and make leaps of logic, two abilities that we perceive as distinctly human and that AI scientists have long sought to unlock.

Hinton said he even foresees AI that is so human-like that we will become attached to it, the way Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Her falls in love for his AI assistant.

Google has very practical applications for AI: currently, the company is using “thought vectors” to improve Google Translate, aiming to add a sense of meaning to the current dictionary-based translation algorithms.
Artificial intelligence that can emulate human reasoning and even emotions is within Google’s reach, according to a leading AI scientist employed by the company. Talking to the Guardian, Professor Geoff Hinton, an expert in artificial neural networks, said Google is “on the brink of developing algorithms with the capacity for logic, natural conversation and even flirtation.” Google is working to encode thoughts as vectors described by a seq...
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Tubes ;)
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Cat ;)
byron “von” rempel originally shared to Zombie Cats:
Here's another not quite #zombie #cat that belongs in this collection. It's my Eight Eyed Cat , which now resides in the home of +Andre Vandal and +Karina Ruiz Diaz ... and it watches everything
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