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Marty Mankins
Writer | Video maker | Scooter rider | Music lover | LEGO fan
Writer | Video maker | Scooter rider | Music lover | LEGO fan

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Metallica on the Howard Stern show doing "Master of Puppets"

Michael Flynn, who just resigned as National Security Advisor, was also part of the Pizzagate scandal.

I can't believe where things have gone in just 24 days of this Trump Administration. This is Make America Great Again?

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This is just sad. I don't understand the "sell off" is going to benefit the public. We must fight this.

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As a long time Depeche Mode fan, I am hoping this new album will be better than 2013's "Delta Machine"

New single out Friday Feb 3rd and new album comes out March 17th

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From Oct 2014. Still clever.

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Sad to hear this news. RIP George Michael 

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So very true. I've been frustrated with reading just about any article or news story.

Wait 2 mins for the entire screen to fill with an ad.
Wait another minute to find the small X in the upper right corner of the screen to close the ad
Close the page
Click the link again to read what I almost forgot was the subject of the article I was wanting to read.

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Snow here today. So far, it's nothing like this Snoopy experience

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Do you like Green Day? Do you like cassettes? Do you need a boombox that plays cassettes? Then this $250 deal is for you.

Act now... supplies are limited.

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Pre-ordered my Google WiFi today. It ships on December 6th.

Hoping to vastly improve the wifi at my home. I've lived with issues for the last year or more.

Time to retire my Apple Extreme Base Station from 2009.
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