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Marty Labrado
Blogger, Brother, Son, and friend.
Blogger, Brother, Son, and friend.

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Hey guys. Just finished a guide on how to get your home based business online. It's over 6K words and covers everything from buying your domain name, to the kind of content you put on your website.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

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This is a wonderful post about the Direct Selling industry. 

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You guys should check this out.

Do you know AppLike? AppLike suggests new games and rewards you with coins and gift cards (Amazon, PayPal, Google Play..) for playing them! Install the app here and you will receive 4444 coins as an initial credit.

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Check this out. This is the work of my sister in law. This is a speed drawing of Katara from Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

She's improved her drawing skills so much in the last year.

If you appreciate art and up and coming artists, then give this video a view and let her know you appreciate what she's doing.

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Wishing you guys an awesome 2017. Keep on keepin' on. 

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Who do you give you time to?

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Hi guys,
Today's post is about Communication In The Workplace.

I don't have to quote all the research and surveys that have been done in order for you to know there's a serious lack of communication in the workplace.

Maybe you're not a part of the majority of people who feel that way and you have an awesome team at work.  Kudos to you!

For everyone else, this leadership training touches on communication skills and conflict resolution.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  If it resonates with then please consider giving it some love.  +1 that baby!

Let's start a discussion in here:
How often do you get/give feedback in the workplace?
Is there such a thing as over-communication and can it hurt the team?

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The surprising truth about communication in the workplace???  It's plummeting according to some studies.

But I don't need to quote any university research for you to know there's a lack communication at work.  You've more than likely experienced it yourself at one point in your career.

Check out my latest leadership training about communication in the workplace and grab yourself the 9 Questions Every Team Leader Should Ask Themselves PDF.

+1 if you get value from it.


~ Marty
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