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What, a felon with a gun, this can't be he knows it is against the law for him to have a gun, in California no less.

Do not buy Rust-Oleum Restore for Deck and Concrete, I did my deck with it 4 times and the garbage is coming off. They ignored my emails so I will ignore all of their products.

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No doubt.

Why can't anyone admit that the economy has to stop somewhere, because you are all afraid? Does it keep going until the bottom half is making a hundred bucks an hour and everyone is paying a million bucks for a house, I don't think so. Nothing can be fixed without realizing this, and that won't happen.

More mail today that isn't mine, talk about incompetence.

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We are such a racist country that today there are 45 million people here that was not born here, but at least now you know why there aren't any jobs. No one ever considered the 800,000 to 1 million we take in every year, not counting refugees. 

Being harassed by my mail carrier continues today, I sent back yesterdays mail that was suppose to be delivered to the next box up the street and she just drove right on by, of course she did leave me another neighbors mail in return. I think it is time to end the postal service. These corrupt people that belong to corrupt unions can no longer be aloud to exist. What is really laughable, they don't see what they are doing and what it leads to the day they leave this earth. But hey, that is on them.

Here it is the first again and the teamsters stole my little 200 dollar pension.

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